Valorant Game Changers Sea and Bracket

Riot Games Southeast Asia announced the launch of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers Southeast Asia. It was a new series that would make new chances and exposure for women and other marginalized genders within the Valorant Southeast Asia esports ecosystem. Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers SEA would supplement the ongoing competitive season by providing a pro player circuit which reflects the diversity and global nature of the Valorant community and the talent of player in the region.

What is the VCT Game Changers Sea Series?

In cooperating with FSL, SEA’s premier women gaming circuit, Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers SEA would be a monthly series that aimed to make new chances and exposure for marginalized genders within Valorant to participate in the highest level of competitive play. For your information, the first tournament started online. It offers a monthly prize pool of US$5000.

Valorant Game Changers Sea and Bracket

NA VCT Game Changers 3

Apparently, the women’s Valorant scene is heating up more and more, particularly in North America. It culminated in a highly anticipated NA VCT Game Changers 3. In some weeks leading up to the VCT Game Changers 3, some rising esports organizations such as XSET and TSM have already jumped into the female Valorant scene, joining popular organization like Cloud9 White, Gen.G Black, CLG Red, TSM, and Dignitas.

Some of those teams are competing in the VCT Game Changers 3, an event with an eight-team double-elimination bracket, and another $50,000 prize pool up for grabs. There is one team in the sights of the rest of the field, the team is Cloud9 White. The two-time Game Changers champion has lost only one map in this entire series of events and is looking for three elusive tiles.

Participating teams

    • Cloud9 White
    • Shopify Rebellion
    • Dignitas Female
    • Gen.G Black
    • CLG Red
    • TSM Female
    • XSET Female
    • Polaris

Bracket, Schedule and scores

Need to know that all matches are best-of-three, except for the grand finals, that is a best-of-five. All matches would be played on Patch 3.06 version with the Fracture turn off.

All times listed are CT, and subject to change or delays.

Upper bracket quarterfinals (Thursday, September 30)

    • Dignitas 2 – 0 TSM (2pm CT)
    • Shopify 2 – 1 CLG (2pm CT)
    • Cloud9 2 – 0 XSET (4:30pm CT)
    • Gen.G 2 – 0 Polaris (4:30pm CT)

Upper bracket semifinals (Thursday, September 30)

    • Cloud9 2 – 0 Dignitas(7pm CT)
    • Shopify 2 – 0 Gen.G (7pm CT)

Lower bracket round one (Friday, October 1)

    • XSET 2 – 0 TSM (2pm CT)
    • CLG 2 – 0 Polaris (2pm CT)

Lower bracket round two (Friday, October 1)

    • XSET 2 – 0 Gen.G (4:30pm CT)
    • Dignitas 2 – 1 CLG (4:30pm CT)

Lower bracket round three (Friday, October 1)

    • Dignitas 2 – 0 XSET (7pm CT)

Upper bracket final (Saturday, October 2)

    • Cloud9 2 – 0 Shopify (4pm CT)

Lower bracket final (Saturday, October 2)

    • Shopify 2 – 0 Dignitas (7pm CT)

Grand finals (Sunday, October 3)

    • Cloud9 3-1 Shopify (4pm CT)

The VCT Game Changers Sea Series consists of 4 stages

Here are four stages of the VCT Game Changers Sea Series:

    • FSL Open

A monthly open group stage tournament where 8 teams would advance to the playoffs. In the playoffs, the teams would compete in a best-of-three double elimination format with the finals played in a best-of-five format. The teams would obtain points and be placed on the FSL Open Leaderboard. The top 3 ranking teams would qualify for FSL Elite.

    • FSL Open Overtime (September 2 up to September 5)

The teams who place the fourth up to the nineteenth on the leaderboard would be able to compete for three qualifying spots to FSL Elite.

    • FSL Wildcard (September 25 up to October 3)

This FSL Wildcard stage open for the teams who have not qualified for FSL Elite. Also, this stage open to the teams who new to the circuit. The top 2 teams would qualify for FSL Elite.

    • FSL Elite (October 23, 24, 30, and 31)

The final tournament on October 23, 24, 30, and 31, where eight of the top teams in the region are going to play to get US$25,000. The winning team will crowned as the first VCT Game Changers Southeast Asia Champion.

Valorant Game Changers SEA dates

Registrations have started for FSL Open IV. It would be closing on June 24. For those who are interested in participating would be able to register. The teams were able to register to compete for qualification into the group stages. The dates for the VCT Game Changers SEA Series are as below:

FSL Open IV:

    • Registration: June 10 up to June 24
    • Open Group: June 26 up to June 27
    • Playoffs: July 1 up to July 4

FSL Open V:

    • Registration: July 6 up to July 15
    • Open Group: July 19 up to July 21
    • Playoffs: July 29 up to August 1

FSL Open VI:

    • Registration: August 3 up to August 12
    • Open Group: August 16 up to  August 18
    • Playoffs: August 26 up to August 29

FSL Open Overtime:

    • September 2 up to September 5

FSL Wildcard:

    • Registration: September 9 up to September 19
    • Group Stage: September 25 up to September 26
    • Playoffs: October 1 up to October 3

FSL Elite:

    • October 23, 24, 30, 31

Valorant Game Changers SEA eligibility

Here are the Valorant Game Changers SEA eligibility:

    • The players who are currently residing in Asia, except Japan, China and Korea, are allowed in this tournament.
    • Only women are permitted to participate in this tournament.
    • The players who participate in FSL Valorant have to at least 16 years old.
    • The players have to make necessary arrangements to join a group video call when playing the tournament.

To get further information on participant eligibility requirements, you are able to visit the FSL Game Changers rules and guidelines.

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