How Much Have I Spent on Valorant Skins

When you play Valorant, you may buy skins several times and you may want to know how much you have spent on Valorant skins. Here, you will find the way that you have to do to know how much you have spent on Valorant skins.

Checking How Much You Have Spent Your Money on Valorant Skins

If you want to know how much you have spent your money on Valorant skins, you are able to check it on your Purchase History in Valorant. It can be done by accessing the official website of Riot Games and then you have to login. What do we have to do then? Here are the complete steps for you to check how much you have spent your money on Valorant skins according to Steel Series For Glory site.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to access article in the Support page of Riot Games website or you are able to use this link here.
    • When you are on that page, the thing that you have to do is to log in so that you have to click on the Log In button available there.
    • After you log in, then you have to click on the Check My Purchase History.
    • Here, you need to wait for a few moments for it to load. Checking Your Purchase History

What can we see in the Valorant Purchase History? In the Valorant Purchase History, the information that you will see, as explained on Steel Series For Glory site, includes the date of purchase, the amount of Valorant points which are added or subtracted as a result of purchase, the payment method and also the dollar amount which is charged.

Buying Skins in Valorant

If you are new in playing Valorant, you may still not know how to buy skins in Valorant. As explained on Hyper X Gaming website, if you want to buy skins in Valorant, you have to access the store. You are able to access the store by clicking the tab which can be found at the top of the main menu. In Valorant, there is a rolling store and it changes every day. There will be one main collectible available and there is also a selection of individual skins below that you are also able to buy. If you want to buy skins, you need to buy it by using Radiant. Radiant is a premium currency in Valorant.

However, it is important for you to know that even though the most skins can be obtained by buying them, some skins can be obtained for free. Hyper X Gaming explains that there is one skin owned by each Agent in Valorant and the skin is associated with them where it is usually unlocked when you reach level 9 in their contract. The skins can be viewed by clicking the Collection tab on the main menu and then you have to swap to Agents. You need to click on the Agent that you want to see and then you have to select View Contract. Then, you are able to scroll over to level 9 and you are able to inspect the skin.

kins can be obtained for free

If you want to begin a contract, you have to choose the Agent on the Collections tab and then you have to choose Activate to start working to that goal. Note that all XP that you earn will go to the contract. So, you have to make sure that you complete your daily challenges when it is possible. Swapping between contracts freely without losing any progress can be done by you.

About Weapons Skins in Valorant

According to Valorant Wiki, here is the explanation about weapons skins.

About Weapons Skins in Valorant

In Valorant, weapons skins are categorized into cosmetics and these modify the appearance of weapons. As a Valorant player, you are able to buy weapons skins from the store by using your Valorant Points. These skins are able to be upgraded by using Radianite Points to further modify appearance. You are also able to buy them from an active Night Market and some of the skins are able to be obtained by completing Contracts or Battle Passes.

According to Valorant Wiki, now there are 324 different weapon skins. How to obtain skins in Valorant? There are some ways to obtain weapon skins in Valorant. The skins of Agents are able to be obtained when you complete an Agent Contract where you have to reach 10. Skins are also able to be obtained by Battle Passes. Every act has a new battle pass which has skins for 13 weapons. Each skin of weapon will come from one of three skin collections unique to the battle pass of the act. Since IGNITION: Act 3, there are variants in one of these collections and you are able to unlock them with any Radianite Points that they have. One of the skins can be unlocked soon after buying the pass. The rewards after reaching 50 are the same, namely the Free Track which all players have access to, awards a sidearm skin and players how have purchased access to the Premium Track unlock a melee skin.

Besides those ways, weapons skins are also able to be bought from the store from daily offers or the featured bundle. How much is the skins? It depends on the edition tier of the weapon. For Select Edition, the price is 0,875. For Deluxe Edition, the price is 1,275. For Premium Edition, the price is 1,775. For Exclusive Edition, the prices vary where it can be 2,175 or 2,675. For Ultra Edition, the price is 2,475.

There are a lot of weapons skins in Valorant and here are some of them according to Valorant Wiki.

    • Collection: Luxe
      Weapon: Ghost, Spectre, Judge, Vandal, Operator and Knife.
      Price: The price of each weapon skin above is 0,875, but Knife is 1,750.
    • Collection: Aristocrat
      Weapon: Sheriff, Stinger, Bulldog, Vandal, Ares
      Price: The price of each weapon skin above is 1,275.
    • Collection: Galleria
      Weapon: Classic, Bucky, Guardian, Phantom, Marshal.
      Price: The price of each weapon skin above is 0,875.
    • Collection: Rush
      Weapon: Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Phantom, and Ares.
      Price: The price of each weapon skin above is 0,875.

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