How Long Do Valorant Refunds Take

A tactical game by Riot Games, Valorant, keeps getting attention from the public. It keeps increasing in popularity. Even though it is still considered news as it was just released a year ago, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular games nowadays. The popularity of Valorant is really no joke. It tops the Twitch stream charts.

It seems like Riot Games knows that the market has a thing for the first-person shooter that combines tactical gameplay with individual character abilities. The combination of the tactical shooter from another popular game known as Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO and the hero mechanics make the players want to try every agent of Valorant to find the one that fits with their style. In the game, the players may keep unlocking the agents and the other contents of the game just to find out later that they do not really like or need these.

How Long Do Valorant Refunds Take

If you are one of these Valorant players who regretting your choice of life in purchasing the items that you do not really like or if you want some but they are far from your expectation, the good news is that the developer of Valorant named Riot Games has a clear refund policy for those who are looking to exchange their unwanted unlocks for something that they really want.

However, it is important to know that not everything is able to be refunded. It means there are some other ones that are not able to be refunded. What are the items that are refundable and what are the ones that are not?

According to the official website of Riot Games, there are a total of 16 items that can be refunded, including   in game premium currency (just like RP or Valorant Points), champions, skins, ward skins, individual chromas, emotes, rune pages, summoner name changes, summoner icons, chroma packs, recalls, baubles, arena skins, Little Legends, cards, and card styles.

It is worth noting that rune pages, summoner name changes (if the previous name is not taken), summoner icons, and chroma packs cannot be refunded through the client. It means it is only possible to get a refund by sending a ticket to the Player Support. As for the skins, the ones that have been used or have been upgraded cannot be refunded.

Then, what about the ones that cannot be refunded? Just like the items that can be refunded, there are also a lot of items that cannot be refunded. These kinds of item include gifts (it does not matter if it is sent or received), boots, account transfers, chests, bundles, promotional items, esports summoner icons, Hextech inventory (such as chests, keys, and shards), Poro Coin content, event passes (including the Premium Battle Pass and Premium Battle Pass levels), earned content, character contract levels, weapon skin levels, in game regular currency (such as Radianite Points or Star Shards), Little Legends Eggs, and Booms!.

Apart from making sure that the item is refundable by checking the information above, you will also have to make sure that the item must be the one that is considered as unused. Besides, it should not have been upgraded. There is no way for you to refund the one that has been used or has been upgraded.

In addition to these requirements, another one is that the item has to be purchased in less than 14 days ago.

Once you are sure about everything, it is time for you to follow the guide to refund something below:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is to go to the Riot Games Support.
    2. When you are there, you will be able to see the list of the game. As you play Valorant, then you will have to select the Valorant option.
    3. By selecting this option, you will be taken to a new page where you have to choose the Purchase History option. This one is the first one from the left and the last one from the right. It is located next to Useful Error Codes.
    4. On the Checking Your Purchase History page, click the Log In button to log in to your account.
    5. After logging in, you should be able to see your purchase information popping up.
    6. Then, find a specific purchase and then click on the Refund button that is located beside it.
    7. If the item that you want to refund is available to be refunded, the Valorant game client will open and you will get a refund.

How long does it take to get a refund in Valorant? For everyone who is wondering about the same thing, according to some sources, it takes about seven business days to process your refund request. If you do not get your refund after seven days, something might happen.

The first possibility is that the item that you have is not refundable. Even though it says successful when you submit a refund request, there is still a chance for the system to get it wrong. In the process of giving a refund, Riot Games or the system may realize that the thing is not right, that’s why they decide to not grant your wish to get a refund. The second possibility is that Riot Games has a lot of things to do and delays the process of giving you a refund. Actually, no one knows what happens exactly if you do not see something wrong or if Riot Games does not notify you about the situation. In this kind of case, it is better for you to ask the Valorant Support directly by submitting a ticket. If you have no idea how to submit it, first of all, go to Valorant Support. Then, click the /Submit A Ticket button. On the Submit a request page, select a request type. After that, log in to the site. Once you are logged in, follow the rest of the instructions.

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