How Many Radiant Players in Valorant

Radiant is the highest rank in the Valorant Ranking System. The Radiant and Immortal have only one sub-tier each, unlike the ranking below that has three sub-ranks within them. Radiant is the final rank that you can reach after working through every tier and sub-tier below.

Every player may already know that Radiant rank is designed to represent the most elite players in the world. Certainly, there’s a number of requirements to reach the Radiant rank, one of them is the number of the players. So, how many players are in Radiant? Find out the answer in our post below!

How Many Radiant Players in Valorant

The Amount of Radiant Players

According to a tweet posted by @ProjectVALORANT, currently, there are roughly 20-150 Radiant players per region that depends on the population size. However, the amount of players will probably go up or down later.

Talking about the amount of players to achieve Radiant rank, there are a number of sources that revealed the top 500 players in each region will have a chance to reach Radiant rank. Then, roughly 1% per region will reach Immortal rank. It means that if Radiant players do not perform, they will stand to lose their title to the next up and comer.

If you played in the beta version, you might have noticed that the top rank in Valorant has been renamed. Today, the players who reach the top of their game will be called Radiant, rather than Valorant.

The leaderboard for Episode 2 Act 2 actually shows 9 Radiant-ranked players on one page. Well, a total of Radiant players will come up to 10,071, with there being a total of 1119 pages as of this writing.

Moreover, a reddit user estimates that there will be around 52,000 Radiants in the game, according to the data available on the Tracker Network and Esports Tales. However, it is possible that the data available on the both is taken from different samples, so take into consideration that it is only a rough estimate.

How to Reach Radiant in Ranked Mode?

Just like a lot of online multiplayer shooter games, Valorant also has a casual mode that the players can choose to play in non-competitive mode. But, this is the game’s ranked mode where the players will be queuing up to prove themselves mastering the game.

Valorant uses the ranking system where there are at least 8 tiers in its system. Except for Immortal and Radiant, each tier has three sub-tiers. Both have only one sub-tier that are the top two in the ranking system. The final of the tier is exactly Radiant.

For instance, if you begin in the lowest tier, that’s Iron rank, you may have to get through Iron 1, Iron 2 and Iron 3 to get to the next tier. It means the Bronze rank. Certainly, you can continue to work your way through each tier and sub-tier until you get Immortal rank. As you know, the Immortal Rank is the second to the last tier in the Valorant ranking system that only has one tier before reaching Radiant.

Overall, you should work through 20 ranks including tiers and sub-tiers in order to reach the top tier in the Valorant ranking system, that’s Radiant. To skip over sub-tiers completely, some players may earn enough points and win enough matches.

Keep in mind, that’s not an easy way to reach, as there are so many obstacles that you may encounter ahead. You may also need to prepare for a lot of blood, sweet and very real tears when you attempt to make your way up the ranks.

Some Tips and Tricks to Reach Radiant Rank

In order to help you minimize a number of obstacle ahead, you may need some tips and tricks that can assist you to get the Radiant rank easily. So, what should you do?

    1. Your accuracy is everything

Just like most competitive games, to win the games is such an essential thing that you need to reach in Valorant. You may already know that the Valorant’s ranking system takes how you win or how you lose a match into account. It means that the more definitive the win, the better off you can be and to advance to the next level.

    1. Make sure to take the time to warm up

In this case, you may need to identify how often you jump into the matches once you log into the game. Here, you may need to take the time to warm up, which is very integral in any competitive environment, whether it be an FPS shooter or a soccer game.

You can take a few runs around the practice range and ensure your accuracy is up to par or practice moving around an environment in order to reach your head in the game. Aside from that, you’re also able to use the Deathmatches or DMs to warm up if you would like your targets a little more ‘lively’.

It’s important to note that you desire to keep a casual mindset if you are using DMS as a warm-up tool. Then, the last thing that you want to do is to enter a competitive match with a negative attitude, as you did in your DMs poorly.

    1. Go deep when removed angles

The two important strategies  in the Valorant matches are peeking and working angles. If you take both strategies, you may have to take it one step further especially if you want to reach the ranks to Radiant.

An esports member of Dignitas, Jackson shared some working tips and tricks about working angles on YouTube. In the video, he suggested the players work deep angles when they are peeking around corners.

He also showed an illustration in his game clip where more of the player’s body will be exposed when they are peeking out to take out an enemy. In this case, the further you stand back, the less of the player’s character body mass will be visible while they are peeking.