Easy Fix Surface Pen Not Working from site microsoft.com

Surface Pen by Microsoft is such a great tool, but a few users reported that it is not writing while the buttons on the pen work well without any issues. The situation looks strange, luckily, there are some fixes that you can try.

Fix 1: Update your drivers

In most cases, the issues with the Surface Pen can appear if there is an issue with your drivers. Certain components might not work as they should if one of the drivers is out of date, and it will cause this problem and many other ones.

If you want to make sure that everything is working well, you are recommended to keep all your drivers up to date.

Update your drivers

The latest drivers are able to be downloaded manually by using the Device Manager. Another way that you can try is to use the third party tools such as DriverFix to quickly and automatically update the drivers.

Firstly, download and install the tool called DriverFix. When you start the tool, it will automatically scan for driver updates but also for missing or malfunctioning ones. The scanning process will take longer but when it is complete, you only have to perform a formality.

Feel free to install only one or more drivers one by one by ticking the corresponding boxes or check the Select All box from the top and install all the drivers in a step.

Fix 2: Unpair your pen with the Surface and connect it again

If you want to unpair the pen with the Surface and connect it again, first of all, you will have to open the Settings app. Pressing the Windows Key and I at the same time is the fastest way to do it.

Once you have opened the Settings app, go to the Drivers section. Please choose Bluetooth in the left pane. Then, find your pen in the left pane and click the Remove button. Lastly, click on Yes to confirm.

Unpair your pen with the Surface and connect it again

Please take note that once the pairing process is done, the Surface Pen will start writing again. Remember that it is just a solution, so you might need to repeat the method if the issue reappears.

Fix 3: Check your battery

Check your battery

If the Surface Pen is not writing and the other buttons work properly, then the issue probably revolves around the battery. For your information, Surface Pen uses two batteries, one of the pen and one for the buttons.

It means if the pen is not working, there is a possibility that the battery is empty. If you want to solve the issue, you can just simply change the battery and check if that fixes the issue for you.

A lot of users reported that the battery was the culprit but after changing it, the issue was permanently fixed.

Fix 4: Restart your Surface device

Restart your Surface device

The first thing that you have to do to restart your Surface device is to press and hold the Power button on your Surface for 30 seconds. Do not forget to turn off the device completely.

Now, it is time for you to press and hold the Volume Up and the Power button at the same time for about 15 seconds. When you see the screen flashes the Surface logo, keep calm as it is totally normal.

Fix 5: Run the troubleshooter

If you want to run the troubleshooter, firstly, open the Settings app. When it opens, go to the Update & Security section. Then, choose Troubleshoot from the left pane and select Hardware and Devices form the list and click the Run the troubleshooter button. Please follow the guide on the screen to complete the troubleshooter.

Run the troubleshooter

In case the issue is still there, you might want to run the Bluetooth troubleshooter as well. Take a note that the troubleshooters are made to solve some common issues and glitches so they might not be able to fix your issue.

Fix 6: Disable and re-enable Intel® HD Graphics 520

The process of disabling and re-enabling Intel® Graphics 520 starts by pressing the Win + X menu and selecting the Driver Manager from the list. It can be done simply by right clicking the Start button.

Then, find the Intel® HD Graphics 520 on the list, right click it and select Disable device from the menu. When the confirmation dialog will show up, click Yes. The last thing that you will have to do is to wait for a few seconds after disabling the device, right click again, and select Enabled from the menu.

Keep in mind that you may need to repeat the method whenever the issue appears. A few users believe that disabling and enabling the Intel® Precise Touch Device and disabling and enabling the Surface Pen can solve the issue. Feel free to try them if you want.

Fix 7: Reboot the pen

If the Surface Pen is the only one that is not working while the other buttons work well, you might be able to solve the problem simply by rebooting the pen. This method is really easy to do. All that you just have to do is to press and hold the pen button for about 10 seconds and then the pen will reboot and the issue should be fixed.

Fix 8: Install the newest update

Install the newest update

If you want to install the newest updates, you should open the Settings app and go to the section named Update & Security. Please click the Check for updates button in the right pane.

Doing so will make Windows to check for the available updates and download all of them in the background. After the process of downloading is done, please restart your computer to install the updates. Once you have installed it, check if the issue is still there.

There are some different kinds of issues related to Surface Pen. Some of the common ones as reported by users include Surface Pro 3, 4 Pen not working; Surface Pro 4 Pen connected but not writing; Surface Pen not writing on screen, in Word, OneNote; and Surface Pen is paired by not writing.