How to Open Nomedia Files with Windows for Free

When you want to play a music player or see any images on your Android device but it shows .nomedia file extension. Indeed, you will be confused why it happens to you. However, .nomedia file extension refers to no media stored on your Android even if you already have any media on.

How to Open Nomedia Files with Windows for Free

Even though nomedia is a file store on an Android-based system, you may want to open it on Windows. Certainly, it is not a simple way to do it. Somehow, you need to follow some steps or even use any tools to open it.

How to Open Nomedia Files with Windows for Free

On Windows, you can open Explorer and type the address in the navigation bar. From there, you can open a nomedia file,  create a new text file called .nomedia in any folder, or rename any file to have the file extension NOMEDIA (make sure to also delete the filename). This way also works to delete or rename NOMEDIA files to undo hidden effects.

Steps to open Nomedia files Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

To be able to open a Nomedia file on Windows, the first thing that you have to recognize is to ensure that you already have at least an app to open media files. Of course, there are a lot of media players or launchers that you can use to open any media on Windows. Here, we have an app named Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Somehow, this app is really capable of opening any media on Windows. Then, here are some steps that you can take to open nomedia file on Windows:

One of the sites that you can access

  • Once you download it, you can install it on your computer. Follow the installation process until it is completed.
  • Then, it is time to use it to open nomedia files.
  • On your file explorer, find the nomedia file and right-click on it.
  • Then, click on Open With and select “Choose another app”.
  • Now, you can choose Windows Live Photo Gallery which automatically appears on this option.
  • Checklist “Always use this app to open *.NOMEDIA files” box.
  • Now, a nomedia file can be opened using this app.

That’s it! Those are the steps that you can do to open Nomedia file extension by using Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Certainly, there are still many apps that can be used to open and operate Nomedia file extensions but in this chance, we just take one example which hopefully will help you to open a Nomedia file on your Windows.

What is a Nomedia file?

NOMEDIA files are files that are stored on an Android mobile device, or on an external storage card connected to an Android device. This marks the attached folder as having no multimedia data so the folder will not be scanned and indexed by the multimedia player. NOMEDIA files do not have a filename prefix and are just named. Nomedia.

The .nomedia file extensions can be found in empty placeholder files which change indexing behaviour of certain apps within an Android-based system. In fact, nomedia is not a file extension, it is just a filename. In Unix/Linux-based systems like Android, the filename with leading dots are considered hidden. Moreover, it is not generally shown in directory listings. To store settings and preferences often use nomedia files.

Nomedia files are specifically used in Android to exclude any directories from being indexed by the image and music gallery players. Then, a directory is excluded from indexing and does not display in the gallery if an empty .nomedia file is shown in that directory. A nomedia file will mark the directory as not containing any media on the system level.

What is the function of a Nomedia file?

The usage of NOMEDIA files helps improve performance by excluding folders that do not need to be scanned. For example, folders that have thousands of songs or pictures can be excluded. NOMEDIA files can also be used to hide advertisements displayed in free applications when placed in the same directory from advertisements. Many Android audio and video players and image browsers (Gallery, MP3 Player, Video Player, etc.) recognize NOMEDIA files.

Why can’t you open a Nomedia file on your computer?

Of course, if you really cannot open the Nomedia file on your computer, there are possible reasons that influence it. Well, the most influential reasons which generally happen on your computer is the lack of a suitable software that can support Nomedia among the apps installed on your computer.

As we have mentioned above, a very simple and easy way to solve your problem is to get and download the suitable app that can help you  to open a nomedia file.

The general problems with Nomedia files

The incapacity to open and use the Nomedia file does not mean that you do not have appropriate software or apps installed on your computer. Of course, there are other problems that can disable you to open and operate this file. Here is a list of possible problem that influence the nomedia file cannot be opened:

  • Corrupted Nomedia file which is being opened.
  • Incomplete installation of an app which supports the Nomedia format.
  • Inadvertent removal of the description of Nomedia from the Windows registry.
  • False or broken links to the Nomedia file in registry entries.
  • The computer you’re using does not have enough hardware resources to protect with an opening of the Nomedia  file.
  • Nomedia file opened is infected with an undesirable malware.
  • The equipment’s drivers used by your computer to open a Nomedia file are out of date.

Well, if you ensure that there is no problem above exists in your case, the Nomedia file should run with your Windows app without any problem. Here, if your problem with the Nomedia file has not been solved, it probably refers to the fact that there is also another rare problem with Nomedia files. In this case, the only way that you can take is to ask for a professional.