How to Fix (Convert) CRDOWNLOAD to Exe File

CRDOWNLOAD is a temporary file extension that is used by the Chrome web browser. Files with this extension are named Chrome Partial Download files, so seeing one means that the file is not downloaded completely.


CRDOWNLOAD files are not yet in their final form, so they cannot be converted to another format. It does not matter if you are downloading a video, document, music file, etc. If the whole file is not there, therefore the CRDOWNLOAD extension is added to the end, there is no use in trying to convert the incomplete file. This means that there is no method to convert a CRDOWNLOAD file to AVI, MP4, PDF, MP3, etc.


You may have learned about changing the file extension to that of the file you are downloading. When you have the file saved with the correct file extension, you may be able to utilize a free file converter to convert it to a different format. For example, if MP4 file that is only partially downloaded is usable in some form, so you are able to plug it into an audio file converter to save it to a new format. If this is to work, you have to rename the *.MP3.CRDOWNLOAD file to *.MP4 (if it is an MP4 file you are dealing with).

As we said before that Crdownload files have not lasted in their final form. That is why Crdownload files cannot be converted into any other file format. It does not matter whether you download  a music file, video, document, etc. When you see that the complete file is not there, so the crdownload extension is not to an end, there is no way to convert a crdownload file into any other format like PDF, MP4, MP3, AVI, etc. To convert it into one of those formats you will need to complete the download process of the incomplete file.

Now, you may want to utilize a free file converter to convert it to a different format. In the text below, we have some of the best free video converters (such as MP4 and AVI), audio converters (MP3, WAV, etc.), image converters (e.g. PSD, JPG, and PNG), and document converters (PDF, DOCX, etc.).

  1. Free Video Converters

Free Video Converters

The Video converter software converts one kind of video file into another. Most video converters support famous formats such as F4V, FLV, V4V, MKV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, DIVX, MP4, MPG, SWF, WMV, and much more. Also, many video converters convert DVD and BD movies into other video formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. Some of those output formats are ideal for utilize on mobile devices.

  1. Free Audio Converters

Free Audio Converters

The Audio converter software converts one kind of audio file into another. Most programs support common music formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG, M4A, and more. Also, some can extract audio information from video files. Among those high-quality, completely free audio converters, you are going to find many which are online. It means that you are able to use the software from right inside your web browser.

  1. Free Image Converters

Free Image Converters

The Image converter software converts one kind of photo or graphics file into another. The best image converters support common and rare image formats, however almost all of them are able to convert GIF, ICO, JPG, BMP, EMF, PCX, PDF, PNG, TIF, WMF, PSD, RAW, and others. Aside from that, lots of image converters feature batch operation, offering you to convert some files into a particular format all at once. Several of the best available are completely free, and some work entirely online so you do not need to download anything.

  1. Free Document Converters

Free Document Converters

The Document converter software converts one kind of document file such as spreadsheet, database, word processing, presentation, etc. into another of a similar type. Most document converters support common formats such as PDF, PPT, DOC, DOCX, PPTX, TIF, XLS, XLSX, TXT, WKS, and much more. Even, some free document converters are able to convert image formats with text information to actual text-based files, offering you to edit the information you could not before. This is called OCR or Optical Character Recognition.


You have to know that the CRDOWNLOAD files are not opened in a program as they are  really only a byproduct of Google’s Chrome web browser that is produced but not actually used by the browser. If a file download in Chrome has been interrupted and the download has stopped, it may be possible to still utilize a part of the file by renaming the download. This is able to be done by removing “CRDOWNLOAD” from the file name. For example, if a file has stopped downloading, say one called soundfile.mp4.crdownload, part of the audio file could still be playable if you only rename it to soundfile.mp4. Depending on how long the file can take to download, you are able to open the CRDOWNLOAD file in the program that will be used to open the file, even though the whole thing is not yet saved to your computer.


Partial downloads are due to the fact which either the file is still being downloaded by Chrome or that the download process was interrupted and so it is only a partial (incomplete file). A CRDOWNLOAD file is made in the format: ..crdownload, or <#>.crdownload. For instance, if you are downloading an MP4, it may read something like soundfile.mp4.crdownload.


There can be some conditions when a file is able to get unconfirmed or we are able to say that a file gets converted into a crdownload format. Here are those some conditions:

  • Internet connection failed.
  • Google Chrome Crashed.
  • The file displays an error after the download completion.
  • The user pauses or stops the download process.
  • The user canceled the download process.

For some cases, the steps are changed according to the need:

  1. Verify whether the file is properly associated with the selected software or not.
  2. Install the programs which support the CRDOWNLOAD file format.
  3. Check for all other possible causes of error:
  • Corrupted storage medium.
  • File data corruption.
  • Administrative policy.
  • Compatibility problems.
  1. Contacting an expert.