Bing Basketball Quiz

Bing Quiz is such a fun one to take when you have free time. Everyone is allowed to take this quiz anytime they want. The topics featured vary, including sports. For the sports, basketball becomes one of the sports that mostly appear.

The Bing Quiz related to basketball is such a good thing to test you how much you know about this popular sport. For those who are familiar with basketball who probably considered themselves a basketball champion and you know everything about it, it is your time to prove that you are right. Below are some of the similar questions about basketball that might appear on Bing:

Bing Basketball Quiz1

1. Who is the inventor of basketball?

a. George Mikan
b. James Naismith
c. Bill Sharman
d. Maurice Podoloff

2. What is the term to call when a player grabs a missed shot?

a. Take away
b. Hold
c. Steal
d. Rebound

3. How many times is each team allowed to put many players on the court?

a. 3
b. 5
c. 7
d. 11

4. Who takes the responsibility for orchestrating an offense?

a. Point guard
b. Shooting guard
c. Power forward
d. Center

5. Where should a player go when they want to substitute into the game?

a. Scorer’s table
b. Entrance box
c. Substitution line
d. Entrance table

6. How many points the best players can get when they can get inside for an easy layup?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

7. Where should a player go if they want to shoot foul shots?

a. Penalty box
b. Foul line
c. Baseline
d. Foul arc

8. What kind of defense needs each defender to play a single offensive player one on one?

a. Zone defense
b. Trap defense
c. Press defense
d. Man defense

9. Where does an offensive player need to progress the ball not to get a backcourt violation after an inbound pass?

a. Quarter court
b. Half-court
c. Opposing the free throw line
d. Three point line

10. What will be earned by a player if they pass the ball to a teammate who immediately scores?

a. Assist
b. Help
c. Completion
d. And one

11. What is the thing that has been accomplished by a player if they trust the ball downward through the basket?

a. High fly
b. Dunk
c. Linedrive
d. Alley-oop

12. What is the thing to call when an offensive player without the ball sets a screen then moves towards the basket?

a. Dive
b. Power screen
c. Pick and roll
d. Heavy roll

13. What is the name of the personal foul that is given out when neither player is in possession of the ball?

a. Double foul
b. Loose ball foul
c. Offender foul
d. Possession foul

14. How many seconds does an offense have to get shot off before the play clock runs out?

a. 24 seconds
b. 30 seconds
c. 35 seconds
d. 40 seconds

15. What is the name of the foul when a coach requesting a timeout that their team does not have?

a. Bench foul
b. Flagrant foul
c. Personal foul
d. Technical foul

16. What is the name of the foul when an offensive player with the ball runs into a defensive player in a stationary position?

a. Stop
b. Charge
c. Flop
d. Interface

17. When is the NBA overtime end?

a. After the first team scores
b. After the clock runs out
c. After one team gets 10 points
d. After both teams have a chance to score

18. Who is the one that scores 1000 points in a single NBA game?

a. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
b. Magic Johnson
c. Wilt Chamberlain
d. Michael Jordan

19. In the basketball world, what is the term to call when the referee puts the ball into play by tossing it up between two opponents who try to tap in to a teammate?

a. Dribble
b. Scrum
c. Turnover
d. Jump ball

20. What was originally used to separate players from hostile fans at the games of the first professional basketball league in the United States?

a. Rope
b. Police officers
c. Glass
d. Chicken wire

21. In the sport called basketball, which is the thing to call throwing, batting, or rolling the ball to another player?

a. Dunk
b. Pass
c. Pivot
d. Dribble

22. Who is credited with the introduction of the one-handed shot?

a. Hank Luisetti
b. Nathaniel Clifton
c. George Mikan
d. Earl Lloyd

23. Who is the name of the basketball player that retired from the NBA with the highest career scoring average?

a. Oscar Robertson
b. Michael Jordan
c. Wilt Chamberlain
d. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

24. What is the nickname of the coach who took UCLA’s men’s team to 10 national championships between 1964 and 1975 named John R. Wooden?

a. Baron of the Beach
b. Napoleon of the Hardwood
c. Big House
d. Wizard of Westwood

25. Who was Dr. J referred to?

a. Julius Erving
b. John Havlicek
c. Earvin Johnson
d. Connie Hawkins

So, how many rights do you manage to get? By seeing the result of the questions that you answer, you can grade yourself. If you manage to get mostly right, then you are sure an expert and if not, then it is not too late to learn and read more. Learning about the thing that puts an interest in like basketball is surely fun and useful. When you are confident with yourself, you can test your knowledge by taking the Bing Quiz. Bing Quiz is free and fun so you have no excuse to not take it if you have free time. For anyone who is also interested in the other topics, you can also take the ones related to the other topics. In addition to the quizzes, Bing also offers some puzzles and games. quizzes, puzzles, and games are all able to be found in Bing Fun. Go visit everything you want to get something fun.