Bing Exercise Quiz

When you are having your time on Bing Fun, you might come across the quiz related to exercise. Answering this kind of quiz might be easy for those who love to exercise. However, it can be hard for the ones who know nothing about it.

In order to successfully answer all the things related to exercise on Bing, it is better for you to take some practice. Below are some examples of the questions related to exercise that you want to try to answer. If you manage to get lots of rights, the chance of slaying the questions related to exercise on Bing is high.

Bing Exercise Quiz

1. Which of these followings is cardiovascular exercise?

a. Sit ups
b. Heavy weight lifting
c. Brisk walking
d. Full body stretching

2. How many cardio workouts per week do you have to improve in general health?

a. 2
b. 3
c. 6
d. 7

3. Which one is not the important step in weight loss?

a. Healthy eating
b. Strength training
c. Hypnosis
d. Cardiovascular exercise

4. Which one of these followings is the best morning routine to lose weight?

a. Drink coffee, eat biscuit, watch Netflix, go back to sleep
b. Eat a small snack, warm up, get fresh air for 40 minutes, stretch, eat an egg and toast
c. Run two miles, take a shower, skip breakfast and go to work
d. Stretch, eat cereal and milk, lunge one mile

5. What is the thing that determines your body composition?

a. Body type
b. Genetics
c. Nutrition and exercise habits
d. All of the things mentioned above

6. What should be done if you strain muscle exercising?

a. Move on to another exercise
b. Push yourself to complete the exercise
c. Stop and put an ice pack on the muscle with injury
d. Exercise is not for you so you need to join a low fat cooking class

7. Which one of these following nutrients can help to build lean muscle?

a. Protein
b. Fat
c. Vitamins
d. Carbohydrate

8. Which one is the most important meal of the day?

a. Dinner
b. Lunch
c. Breakfast
d. Midnight snack

9. Which one is the most important purchase when starting an exercise program?

a. An alarm clock
b. A stopwatch
c. Stylish workout clothes
d. Top quality weightlifting shoes

10. Which of these following drinks provides the most complete nourishment?

a. Water
b. Orange juice
c. Apple juice
d. 1% milk

11. What is the name of the vitamin that is needed by the retina of the eye?

a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin B6
c. Vitamin C
d. Vitamin D

12. What is the thing to call the muscle in the back that looks like a diamond that is worked when rowing?

a. Biceps
b. Hamstrings
c. Abdominals
d. Trapezius

13. What is the meaning of hypertrophy?

a. Increasing fat
b. Increasing calorie intake
c. Increasing your workout
d. Increasing muscle fiber

14. What is the term to use when your body converts fat into energy?

a. Ketosis
b. Overtraining
c. Flexibility
d. Hypertrophy

15. What is the meaning of anaerobic?

a. Wit oxygen
b. Without oxygen
c. Maximize tissue oxidation
d. Minimize tissue oxidation

16. What is the term to call eating frequent small amounts of food?

a. Gorging
b. Grazing
c. Starving
d. Binging

17. Which part of the body you are working if you are working your obliques?

a. Your arms
b. Your legs
c. Your stomach
d. Your thighs

18. When is the right time to do warm ups?

a. After you wake up
b. Before you go to the bed
c. Right after your exercise
d. Right before you exercise

19. What is the name of the vitamin that can be toxic if it is taken orally in large doses?

a. B1
b. B3
c. B5
d. B7

20. Who is the author of the book called South Beach Diet?

a. Phil McGraw
b. Arthur Agatston
c. Azar Nafisi
d. Richard Simmons

21. Which one weights more?

a. Fat
b. Muscle

22. What is the thing that should be applied if you think you have strained a muscle?

a. Heat
b. Ice
c. Pressure

23. When is the right time to do stretching exercises?

a. In the car on your way to the fitness center
b. In the car on your way to your home from the fitness center
c. After warming up your body
d. As a way to warm up your body for an aerobic or weight training exercise session

24. When you lift weights, how should you take a breath?

a. Exhaling as you are lifting
b. Inhale as you are lifting
c. Hold your breath as you are lifting
d. There is no need to pay attention to your breathing

25. Which of these followings is considered as a physical activity?

a. Sports
b. Walking
c. Chores
d. All of them

26. No pain, no gain is just a myth.

a. True
b. False

27. How many servings of vegetables should you have every day according to the Food Good Pyramid?

a. 2-4
b. 7-9
c. 1-4
d. 3-5

28. What is the best thing to start off before doing muscular strength and endurance training?

a. Light weights
b. Pull ups
c. Weight resistance machines
d. The resistance of your own body

29. What is the thing to call converting fat into energy?

a. Ketosis
b. Flexibility
c. Overtraining
d. Hypertrophy

30. Which target heart rate that you should aim for during cardio?

a. 50%-80% of your maximum heart rate
b. 3 times your resting heart rate
c. Twice your resting heart rate

So, how many questions do you get it right? If you get a lot of rights and you are confident with yourself, it is your time to go to the Bing Fun and start to hunt for the Bing exercise quiz. It is free so do not hesitate to start hunting and to take the challenge.

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