What is the Best Color in Among Us to be Imposter

Colors will change the appearance of the characters in the game of Among Us. Only one character will be able to have each color in the same lobby. The Impostor is one of the two main roles in Among Us. By the way, what is the best color in Among Us to be Impostor? Let us discuss that information here.

What is the Best Color in Among Us to be Impostor?  

In Among Us, red is the most noticeable color. It is the best color in Among Us to be Impostor. The players are able to customize it. Red color is considered to be the main mascot of the game because it appears on some promotional photos and app icons. Also, red color is utilized for the impostor in promotional posters for the game of Among Us.

What is the Best Color in Among Us to be Imposter

Usually, red will appear at the beginning of each game. For your information, red is in six promotional photos. The gamers frequently accuse red as being the Impostor, even when there is no reason.

So, we are able to say that the most common imposter color in Among Us is red. It is hard to argue, however all the mentioned colors, Red is frequently accused of being the Impostor. Also, red is a very significant color when it comes to Among Us. As we know that red is the logo on the app and appears before the start of each round. The new players who playing the tutorial also see themselves playing as Red as the impostor. This suggests that, red may be the real impostor. However, black is another color that may be suspicious in Among Us. When playing as impostor, the players are going to find that the sabotage button is presented by Black. This was able to mean that Red and Black are the true impostor duo.

Among Us Character Colors List

Among Us Character Colors List

Here is a list of Among Us character colors:


Red color is an assertive color. The players who select red are people who are influential, loud, and actively take part in every meeting and chat. The crewmates are more likely to suspect the characters wearing this red color, so tread lightly on the red. If a crewmate is red, then every imposter is going to accuse them, and they may go away with it.


Orange is neutral color. No one can be angry at an orange, usually they are totally oblivious, and the players are able to profit off of this. They are almost always people who do not care about what other people doing. Whether they are the imposter or not, they only do what has to be done. Also, they do not care with others’ opinions. In addition, they are also the ones calling emergency meetings all the time.


Yellow can be a crewmate’s nightmare or best friend. A yellow character is as good at stabbing people in the back because they are very great at getting things done and identifying the imposter. Thus, never trust a yellow. The imposters cannot use this color to their advantage.


Lime will not hesitate to throw cyan under the bus for anything. They are able to get away with everything. Also, they are very sneaky. Every player must have an eye on lime. The imposters who select this Lime color must be careful not to get too arrogant.


The Imposters who select this green color need to have foolproof alibis in every emergency meeting because they may get accused at least twice in every meeting. For the crewmates, green is sus.


Cyan is the best strategy for any imposter. If they are crewmates, they may be the first to call a meeting. And if they are the imposter, they will not be successful, because cyan is extremely suspicious in every game, even if they are only doing a task.


Blue color is passionate. If they are the imposter, they are going to be slashing throats in every corner. They are lucky if they do not get caught. And if they are crewmates, they are going to be on top of every task. And on top of it all, they are going to be oblivious in every meeting. Probably, they are as sus as red in every round.


People who select purple are usually mothers of 3 or 5-year-old children. However, no matter the age of the player, purple is unstoppable. No one accuses purple, unless they are seen killing someone or using a vent. They are masters of manipulation. Also, they thrive as both parties every time. Having a purple on the imposter team is a highly recommendation.


Pink is a child. People cannot take them seriously as anything. Usually, they are stuck in the background. Thus, if a pink gets accused of anything, then everyone will agree. Pink players must tread lightly because if they slip up once, they are out of there.


Usually, Brown is the first to get thrown out. Their stories do not hold up even if they are innocent. People who select brown better have their stories straight. They are going to be ejected if they were only doing a task as they should.


People who select this color are the MVPs. The players never know with black. Because the crewmates cannot decide, they are going to end up keeping black around, thinking that it was the best choice. They are the best detectives and sneakiest killers. For some reason, everyone trusts every word of a black character.


White are a lot like black, because they also are able to get away with anything. If they are the imposter, they are like sly foxes, doing the job very perfectly, and aiming the blame on red or blue or throwing poor cyan out to dry. White is a master manipulator, even better than purple. In addition, they are always able to their name.

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