Warzone Season 6 Best Guns

In Call of Duty Warzone Season 6, there are lots of weapons to choose from. Using the best weapons is key to reaching victories in the famous battle royale. Well, here we are going to share some best guns In Call of Duty Warzone Season 6.

Best guns in Warzone Season 6

Here are the best guns in Call of Duty Warzone Season 6:

    1. Kar98k


Weapon Stats

    • ADS Time: 292ms
    • Fire Rate: 44 rpm
    • Reload Time: 3.58s
    • Sprint to Fire Time: 263ms
    • Bullet Velocity: 642 m/s
    • ADS Movement: 1.95 m/s
    • Headshot Damage (0 – 62m): 250
    • Headshot Damage (62m+): 250

If you want a Sniper Rifle which is accurate and quick, the Kar98k is the strongest choice. Equipping the Kar with a Sniper Scope is going to make it the most aggressive sniper build in Call of Duty Warzone. Starting a battle with several easy headshots is going to put your team at a different advantage. With its one-shot headshot and minimal bullet drop, you are able to snipe at long-range effectively. Sniper Rifles are dominating the most famous weapons of Call of Duty Season 6, so we highly recommend this Kar98k.

    1. AK-47


Weapon Stats

    • ADS Time: 267 ms
    • Fire Rate: 600 rpm
    • Reload Time: 2.24 s
    • Sprint to Fire Time: 263 ms
    • Bullet Velocity: 617 m/s
    • ADS Movement: 2.3 m/s
    • Headshot Damage (0 – 26m): 54
    • Headshot Damage (26m +): 48

AK-47 has been a powerful choice in Call of Duty Warzone, particularly when used as a medium-range Sniper Support weapon. However, when built for long-range, there are some weapons which can outgun it. Nerfs to the Krig 6 and EM2 have already brought it to the number one Assault Rifle spot in Call of Duty Season 6. Its slower fire rate creates it not as easy to use as the FARA 83, for instance, but will absolutely rip through opponents. This AK-47 is mainly useful if you are a fan of Iron Trials, where it has one of the best TTKs while hitting body shots.

    1. XM4


Weapon Stats

    • ADS Time: 238 ms
    • Fire Rate: 721 rpm
    • Reload Time: 2.36 s
    • Sprint to Fire Time: 263 ms
    • Bullet Velocity: 615 m/s
    • ADS Movement: 2.52 m/s
    • Headshot Damage (0 – 22m): 45
    • Headshot Damage (22m +): 40

XM4 has long been a powerful choice in Call of Duty Warzone. In the open Meta of Season 6, it is among the best. There will be a place for a low-recoil Assault Rifle in Warzone’s Meta the XM4 takes which spot in Season 6. Whether you use it at medium or long-range, you will not have any trouble to land shots and stay on target. While it does not hit as hard as the AK-47, you may discover its lower recoil and mobility are worth the sacrifice.

    1. Swiss K31

Swiss K31

Weapon Stats

    • ADS Time: 454ms
    • Fire Rate: 42 rpm
    • Reload Time: 2.95s
    • Sprint to Fire Time: 263ms
    • Bullet Velocity: 543 m/s
    • ADS Movement: 1.33 m/s
    • Headshot Damage (0 – 50m): 250
    • Headshot Damage (50m +): 250

Actually, the Swiss K31 was not a strong Sniper Rifle when it was first released, however some powerful buffs to Cold War snipers have made it a really strong option for those who favor picking off opponents. It has one of the best ADS times in its class, making it a perfect choice for quick scopers who like to get into their enemies’ faces. We have ranked it below the Kar98k simply because it has less aim assist, but if you are a mouse and keyboard player, the Swiss K31 could be the weapon for you.

    1. PPSH-41


Weapon stats

    • ADS Time: 172 ms
    • Fire Rate: 904 rpm
    • Reload Time: 1.98 s
    • Sprint to Fire Time: 117 ms
    • Bullet Velocity: 350 m/s
    • ADS Movement: 3.33 m/s
    • Headshot Damage (0 – 17m): 33
    • Headshot Damage (17m +): 31

In Season 6, we believe PPSH-41 to be one of the best SMG. Similar to the Bullfrog, it is strong in every category which matters. However, the PPSH-41 edges the Bullfrog out with its faster ADS time, mobility and fire rate. Also, this was the reason why TrueGameData believes it is better than the MAC-10. Although very strong at close range, it is also very useful at medium range, so feel free to pair it with some of the best Sniper Rifles.

    1. Bullfrog


Weapon Stats

    • ADS Time: 238 ms
    • Fire Rate: 751 rpm
    • Reload Time: 2.34 s
    • Sprint to Fire Time: 100 ms
    • Bullet Velocity: 350 m/s
    • ADS Movement: 2.81 m/s
    • Headshot Damage (0 – 13m): 46
    • Headshot Damage (13m +): 37

Quickly, Bullfrog became popular in Season 5, and has remained in the top ten in Call of Duty Season 6. It is a weapon which has everything. What makes it great is the large magazine size, where you are able to afford to miss several shots or thirst a downed enemy. If you do not have a set playstyle or want to try something new, you cannot go wrong with the Bullfrog in Call of Duty Season 6.

    1. Grau 5.56

Grau 5.56

Weapon Stats

    • ADS Time: 221ms
    • Fire Rate: 730 rpm
    • Reload Time: 2.15s
    • Sprint to Fire Time: 263ms
    • Bullet Velocity: 720 m/s
    • ADS Movement: 2.61 m/s
    • Headshot Damage (0 – 31m): 42
    • Headshot Damage (31m +): 36

Call of Duty Warzone players are going to know this Grau 5.56 well. While it has already received a big nerf since then, the Grau is still a dominant power on Verdansk. Also, this Grau 5.56 is becoming increasingly famous in Call of Duty Warzone Season 6. The main reason why the players of Warzone flock to this gun is its accuracy. You will be able to beam the opponents across the map if you are using this best Grau 5.56 Warzone loadout. Another thing which makes the Grau 5.56 amazing is that it is a perfect Fully Loaded weapon, so you are able to add the Fully Loaded Perk to it. And then get full ammo from your loadouts.

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