How to Fix Whitelist Failure Call of Duty Error

Apparently, now, Call of Duty is in a bad place. This franchise which is currently supported by a crop of games is struggling with several technical, performance, and graphical problems. However, Call of Duty: Warzone is perhaps in the worst state of them all. Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific launched last month and introduced the tropical Caldera map. While it is widely agreed that Caldera is a good map, there is no question that its arrival brought many problems with it. At this time, a new error has arisen; Whitelist Failure. Probably, you are wondering what Whitelist Failure error is. Well, here is what we know about the Whitelist Failure error in Call of Duty: Warzone and how to fix Whitelist Failure error.

What is Whitelist Failure in Call of Duty?

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific just accepted its mid-season update. Thus, came several needed fixes, lots of weapon buffs and nerfs, a new SMG and operator, and more. Also, it seems to have triggered a new bug that causes an error on the screen called Whitelist Failure error. Based on @charlieINTEL on Twitter, all players have to be whitelisted so that they are able to join servers. It shows players’ IP addresses have been banned inadvertently so preventing them from joining games and triggering this error.

The Call of Duty Whitelist Failure Error occurred for the first time after the Season 1 Update,  and now again after the Season 1 Mid-Season Update. It prevents the players from starting Call of Duty: Warzone and thus ruins the day for a lot of players. The anti-cheat Ricochet was introduced for the first time in Season 1. It is why we believe that the bug is probably related to it. Due to the anti-cheat Ricochet is active, the players have to be whitelisted by the program to ensure that no cheaters enter the Call of Duty game. With the latest update, it seems that the players in various regions have been removed accidentally from these whitelists and thus can no longer join the servers. Due to this error, now lots of players are understandably worried that their accounts have been banned. Of course, this may occur, especially if you use the cheats. Fortunately, the Whitelist Failure Error is just a bug that prevents several players from being whitelisted.

How to Fix Whitelist Failure Call of Duty Error

How to Fix Call of Duty Whitelist Failure Error?

So, how to fix Call of Duty Whitelist Failure error? Fortunately, the new bug can be solved very easily. And hopefully the developers can solve the error soon.

Yeah, it is really simple to fix Call of Duty Whitelist Failure error. The only solution to the Whitelist Failure Error is to simply restart the game as many times as necessary until the error no longer appears. For several players a single restart is enough, but other players have reported having to restart the game 3 up to 4 times. If you still get the Call of Duty Whitelist Failure error, we highly suggest you contact Activision Support.

How to Fix Error Code 6 Diver in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Besides the Call of Duty Whitelist Failure error, of course there are still many other errors occurring in Call of Duty. Another one is Error Code 6 Diver Call of Duty.

Here are some methods to fix Error Code 6 Diver in Call of Duty Warzone:

Method 1: Reset your network devices

Here is how to restart your modem and router:

    • At the first step, you have to unplug your modem and router.
    • Please wait 60 seconds for your modem and router to cool off.
    • After that, you will need to plug the network devices, and wait until the indicator lights are back to the normal state.
    • Now, you can restart your device.
    • Next, connect your PS4/Xbox One/PC to the internet.
    • Lastly, you are able to try launching the game.

Method 2: Scan and repair your game files

The download failure Diver error could occur if certain game files are corrupt or missing. For this case, you are able to run a scan and repair in client.

Here is how to do that:

    • At the first step, open the client.
    • In the left menu, you have to select Call of Duty: Warzone.
    • Then, click Options.
    • Click Scan and Repair.
    • Now, you are able to click Begin Scan. Please wait a while as the tool scans and repairs your game installation.
    • Please launch Call of Duty: Warzone again and check to see if the error is fixed.

Method 3: Update your device drivers

    • Firstly, download and install Driver Easy.
    • You have to run Driver Easy, click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will start to scan your computer and detect any issue.
    • Click Update All to automatically download the correct version of all the drivers which are missing. You are going to be asked to upgrade when you click Update All).
    • Now, you are able to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
    • Launch Call of Duty: Warzone and check if the error has been fixed.

Method 4: Allow your game through Windows Firewall

Here is how you can do that:

    • On your keyboard, you have to press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke the Run box.
    • After that, you have to type control firewall.cpl into the box and press Enter.
    • In the window that pops up, you are able to click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.
    • The next step that you have to do is browse through the list of Allowed apps and features to see if Steam is included. If not, simply click Change settings, click Allow another app…, then you are able to follow the on-screen instructions to add Warzone .exe to the allowed apps list.
    • After completion, just click OK.
    • Now, launch the game once again and check if the error code has been solved.

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