Resident Evil 2 Biohazard Cheats for GameCube Dolphin Emulator

This page contains a list of Resident Evil 2 Biohazard cheats for GameCube. If you want to know this crucial information, you have to read this entire article. Also, here we will share tips and secrets for Biohazard 2 for GameCube.

Resident Evil 2 Biohazard Cheats for GameCube 

Here are Resident Evil 2 Biohazard Cheats for GameCube:

Resident Evil 2 Biohazard Cheats for GameCube

Master Code – Must Be On

    • X2F0-MYQ0-6XAP3
    • QMAU-8XEW-5GBV3

Infinite Health

    • 6NUT-2APN-7J3HW
    • WGGD-86BA-UTT8F

All Files

    • 30EY-UUR6-0MT9V
    • QFAF-N03T-C94E5
    • GQV1-5B3H-077V1
    • GB3E-18FN-H85UF
    • 01VW-ATT2-C8KFN

Zero Saves

    • KYM3-0BAR-7E3VX
    • 5ZM1-4WCG-P0J3R

Infinite Items All Slots

    • 4T5G-BV45-MMD93
    • PFC5-7TA9-B5EWF
    • V6E1-4Z76-JWC2W
    • Q3PJ-GH5B-81PTB
    • 9DXK-VZKZ-7QPJ8
    • AAGA-Y9ME-P1J3C
    • B75W-65TE-M9XC8

Custom Hand Gun

    • CX2J-FGKB-3MC0J
    • 9CB2-BUJD-QC0X4

Custom Magnum

    • 791E-ZK6E-CZ8Z2
    • 0QGP-7QFM-MG6EU

Custom Shotgun

    • QRQ9-P70D-ZDQAT
    • H58R-9493-D7NME

Grenade Launcher

    • Q1NB-22NG-86RFQ
    • 9CVD-3J7J-P4AW4

Grenade Launcher (Flame)

    • QAQ5-JC5P-HJ5AD

Grenade Launcher (Yellow)

    • 8200-XQW6-FXXVW
    • 30Z0-FWF8-QRBF6

Bow Gun

    • ZBN2-T90V-UF3D4
    • PFG9-MFA2-8PZ9R

Colt S.A.A.

    • P0A6-F3FV-9GN7V
    • TBJ0-RVJ7-N6A42

Spark Shot

    • C98P-51F8-JGU4E
    • CT47-5T76-Y2ZA2

Sub-Machine Gun

    • 2PJV-NKVC-JM834
    • AJDX-W31U-XH84Y


    • KBN0-P40P-XEGJ0
    • BX06-9U80-4TTRH

Rocket Launcher

    • 99D3-RM8H-PCR6W
    • 1BK0-J19F-PXEXR

Gatling Gun

    • VTGV-8H7F-Q28J6
    • BDUG-HJA7-952CR

Ink Ribbons

    • J2WG-H4Q2-F52QC
    • GBNY-6A43-2TTZV

Anti-Virus Bomb

    • 546T-ECKK-E8ZGD
    • XQ7C-R5P7-UA8D5

Full Lighter

    • KNJF-MH89-DVZX1
    • 4EQP-WKDT-YYK18


    • Q382-5BH0-5M86Y

Valve Handle

    • QP5J-CNRP-58GPR
    • 3WE0-JG3A-ENH8X

Red Jewel

    • 8Y7P-PQ5F-NFYE9
    • AQUQ-UR8M-T0AW2

Red Card Key

    • 76XD-6DP3-3ACDP
    • KP5M-2Y2C-X1BRA

Blue Card Key  

    • 6PAP-TYV6-2MVQF
    • ATR8-0B45-EX3RK

Serpent Stone

    • BGAM-1MXE-WX0W0

Jaguar Stone

    • FQE9-KXVJ-KX60E
    • HV48-RKR3-Y4Q50

Blue Stone (1)

    • MH0C-G2M9-R9P8Y
    • 1QAC-MDD9-QVQ6N

Blue Stone (2)

    • UM8N-GAX3-JM6MQ

Eagle Stone

    • WH4P-GR9U-8M189

Bishop Plug

    • 8WNR-U96C-PZH5F
    • B0PN-82WP-G3EUY

Rook Plug

    • 59N3-U6CA-AW54H
    • G19Q-ANFF-EM1DJ

Knight Plug

    • 2JH0-Y4BW-F1D7U
    • K6CW-RAWV-A8Y8N

King Plug

    • 2HK0-J9MX-X6F77
    • 4A2D-AEEH-AQM2X

W. Box Key

    • NZE0-R0XD-5X43Z

Bomb & Detonator

    • F499-1P0Y-UYW34
    • YD5P-4K2W-CWY8M


    • 4Y87-9UZB-MC0KN
    • 182D-09ZM-ZKN1E

Unicorn Medal

    • 2NP9-GR15-HJ9YZ

Eagle Medal

    • 5QBE-W8ZQ-D64NR
    • MN9M-C25D-ATV4G

Wolf Medal

    • FP6V-5BF8-VD3WZ

G. Cogwheel

    • 585C-2MJZ-NBNVR

Manhole Opener

    • 413X-YX3E-DF2TQ

Main Fuse

    • KQR1-8XB5-EZ1DM
    • VFPC-23V8-7KAFK

Fuse Case

    • M4EF-68QY-ETHKQ

Base Vaccine

    • XM3P-7F7Y-YKTEX
    • C06C-0WU9-VTZEZ


    • YQV9-E1G3-5J91F
    • H0TD-FN0Y-QRHX7

Special Key

    • 7UTC-E97T-8N596
    • NEHD-U6AF-R594T

Joint S Plug

    • 1270-51GV-H6Q6U
    • 5JDX-WFEV-7AN3D

Joint N Plug

    • KNA3-5QDK-TT7H8
    • 22CD-PWVJ-BP58H


    • TWRD-TEG7-UN37F
    • 2F4V-XGW2-FY9EQ

Cabin Key

    • 03U8-TD4E-FVN97

Precinct Key (Spade)

    • Y790-3GGX-8N7ZZ

Precinct Key (Diamond)

    • 1RPK-K3X4-HQH0P
    • 3M42-WRQ1-AAXUU

Precinct Key (Heart)

    • T51C-K1DT-VQEWX

Precinct Key (Clover)

    • J35P-GQTW-6T6D6

C. Panel Key (1)

    • 1Q1B-K1QG-E6MXG
    • MB46-HNTG-G7QQ8

C. Panel Key (2)

    • J0DB-2DGQ-3QFNV

P. Room Key

    • 69Y0-JYK0-Q4FET
    • JKZX-CNKU-A7666

M.O. Disk

    • WY99-J0VB-H6BXN

Leb Card Key


Master Key

    • C2N0-V66E-Z3EJE
    • T9K3-KUV7-E75J2

Platform Key

    • 7DKD-QB74-KZW6Q
    • 4QCK-2PZX-7FYUK

Tips and Secrets for Resident Evil 2 Biohazard

Here are tips and secrets for Resident Evil 2 Biohazard:

Alternate Scenario with Claire

You have to finish the entire game with Leon on any difficulty and any rank.

Unlock Ada Wong

You have to clear extreme battle mode level 1.

Unlock Battle Mode

You have to clear either scenario with an A rank or better. Do not forget to save the game after the ending.

Unlock Chris Redfield

You have to clear extreme battle mode level 2.

Unlimited Ammo

You have to go to the Key Config menu in options. Please highlight the AIM function, hold R-HARD, and press Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z.

Alternate Costumes

To get the special costumes, you have to do the following. Please start a new game on normal difficulty. You do not pick up anything. When you get to the gate which leads to the police station, you are able to go down the stairs. Down there is going to be Brad Vickers, the pilot from Resident Evil. Just head past him and go up the stairs. You are able to get the herb from the bushes closest to the stairs. Please go in the R.P.D. and then get the bullets at the desk in the back of the room. Afterwards, you are able to go back to Brad and fill the damn zombie full of bullets. Do not forget to inspect him and take the special key.

When you get to the dark room, there are several lockers, you are able to use the key to unlock one and get the costumes. With Claire you are going to get a cool denim jacket and the Colt S.A.A. gun. With Leon you are able to select a leather jacket with a skull on the back or a tank top and a baseball hat.

Bonus Weapons

For those who finish the game in 2 1/2 hours or less on mission A and acquire a rank of A or B, you are going to get the rocket launcher with infinite rounds. On Mission B you will have two choices: If you finish the game with an A or B ranking and under 3 hours, you are going to get an infinite submachine gun. If you finish the game with an A or B ranking in under 2 1/2 hours, then you are going to get an infinite rocket launcher sub-machine gun and the almighty gatling gun.

Unlock Hunk Game

To play as Hunk, you have to beat the A and B games of either Leon or Claire character with an A rating on both. For your information, Hunk is one of the SWAT members from Umbrella who has a mission to get to the roof-top from the sewers.

Unlock Tofu Game

To play as Tofu, you have to beat 6 scenarios with an A ranking. Need to know that Tofu’s mission is the same as Hunk’s; get to the rooftop from the sewers. But it is much harder this time because Tofu is just armed with a knife and cannot use the guns.

Ranking System

To get an A ranking, you have to beat the game in under three hours. Remember that you do not use any First Aid sprays. In this case, you are able to use herbs. To get a B ranking, you only need to beat the game in under three hours. To get a C ranking, you have to finish the game in five to seven hours. To get a D rating, you have to finish the game in seven hours or more. Keep in mind that your rank is going to be lowered by one grade if you use any special weapons or if you saved more than 12 times.

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