What Are the Dotted Games?

Most people love to use their spare time playing games, whether on PlayStation, smartphones, or PCs. Some of them pay attention to graphics, gameplay, and so on while playing a game. On the other hand, there are also some who don’t really pay attention to these things because, for them, what is more important is that the game is easy to play.

For gamers who pay attention to details in games, they usually tend to be more picky when playing games due to various factors. The first one is the graphics and gameplay that is provided. Both of them are very closely related. If a game has good graphics but poor gameplay, the interest in this game will be reduced.

What Are the Dotted Games

However, most people don’t care much about the graphics in a game. They will enjoy playing the game as long as the gameplay is good. One example is The Sims. This franchise has had many series. Even though The Sims 1 series has graphics that are known to be stiff, many people play this game because its gameplay is pretty good and interesting for those who like the concept of everyday life.

Apparently, games with poor graphic quality are called dotted games. The term dotted game is used to mock a game. Then, what are the games that are known to be dotted games? Check out the following information until the end.

Some Games That Are Known To Be Dotted Games

Dotted game is a term used to call a game that has poor graphic quality and tends to look less realistic. However, the term dotted game is not always negative. Here are some games that are considered dotted games but have many active players:

  • Free Fire

Free Fire game

While it is true that Free Fire has many active players and is named as the most downloaded game in the Play Store, it is known as the dotted game. The reason why it is known that way is because of its graphic quality, which is often compared to Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG). If you look at it in terms of graphics, PUBG does have good graphics and is more realistic compared to FF. However, these two games have similar gameplay and are loved by many people.

Once again, even though FF is known as a dotted game, there are many people who love playing this game because it is interesting and fun to play. Besides, it also has a file size that is not too large, making it possible for all types of phones to play this game comfortably without any lag.

Apparently, FF is often mocked due to the non-existence of doors in this game. As the creator of the game, Garena stated that this was indeed done to make it easier for the players to stay focused while fighting. In addition, the players also don’t need to have trouble opening and closing doors while being chased by enemies.

  • Minecraft

Minecraft game

Minecraft once had a lot of active players in 2019, reaching 180 million. Even now, this game is still popular among gamers. This game has an appearance that looks checkered and it also uses pixel image elements that show unrealistic shapes in terms of graphics. It makes this game look like a crappy game due to its poor and unrealistic graphics. In fact, it uses the concept of pixels and boxes, so it doesn’t really show a realistic side to its appearance.

  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Harvest Moon Back to Nature game

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is very famous and had many active players in the 90s. This one is an old game that is still in great demand even today. This game has pretty easy and interesting gameplay. Apart from that, it also practices patience for the players. On the other hand, this game is known as one of the dotted games because its graphic quality is not that good. As an old game, it is actually not surprising this game does not have great graphics like most games today.

  • Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII game

Final Fantasy VII is an old school game from the 90s. This is why it has poor graphic quality. The characters in the game look asymmetrical in their body parts and are less attractive to look at. However, it has interesting and fun gameplay to play. In addition, it also has an interesting background story to watch while playing the game. Despite the unattractive graphics, Final Fantasy VII is still named as a popular game.

  • Pepsiman

Pepsiman game

Almost everyone knows Pepsiman. This game is known as one of the games that have been popular since the 90s. It is a simple game. In this game, your job is to collect as many Pepsi as possible. However, there are many obstacles as you collect the Pepsi. This is why you should focus while playing the game.

As you probably know, the purpose of Pepsiman is to promote a soft drink called Pepsi. Even though this game has a not so good graphic quality, it has quite interesting gameplay.

  • Terraria

Terraria game

The game called Terraria is almost similar to Minecraft. Just like Minecraft, this game has a grid image with a pixel image element display. While it is true that this game is not very good, it is pretty interesting to play. In the game, you are required to survive by building a shelter.

  • Age of Empires II

Age of Empires II

One of the games that has poor graphic quality but has attracted many people to play is called Age of Empires II. Even though it has graphics that don’t look real, it has fun gameplay. In this game, you will have to build a country and then you will fight against other countries. You will have to manage the conditions of the country as well as possible to be able to survive. You should do that even though the graphics that are displayed are very simple.

  • Metal Slug

Metal Slug

Metal Snug is known as a legendary game from the 90s. This one has interesting gameplay. In the game, you will have to shoot enemies as a form of self-defense. To proceed to the next round, you must win by playing this game. Not only that, you will also see a grandfather who is seen being held hostage by the enemy and your job is to save him.

Even though Metal Slug has a graphic display that is not so good, many people love playing this game because it has interesting gameplay.

  • Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a graphical display and gameplay that is similar to Harvest Moon. In this game, you will garden, interact with other people, and do other things that are done every day. Even though it is known as one of the dotted games, Stardew Valley has a lot of fans and receives a rating of 4.7/5 on the Play Store.