5+ Best and Strategic Landing Spots in Free Fire (Full of Loot)

Landing in a good and strategic spot is one important aspect you have to notice in Free Fire. The term “strategic landing spot” refers to a place that has lots of loot, such as weapons, armor, and even bags that have a high level. Having a good amount of loot will help you equip your weapon against your opponents.

Although many players are aware of Bermuda’s locations, there are some other strategic landing spots you can choose in Free Fire. Of course, you need to form a decent strategy and apply it in a match so that it really works for you and your team.

5+ Best and Strategic Landing Spots in Free Fire (Full of Loot)

If you’re a beginner and are confused about what places you should choose for landing, you can see some of the best and most strategic landing spots in Free Fire. Let’s check them out below!

1. Shipyard

Shipyard Free Fire

For those of you who pass through the Shipyard zones, you may have to immediately jump from the plane and then go down diving to land faster. Never decide to land in the Plantation or Pochinok zone since more than half of the players usually get off in this area.

You shouldn’t also choose the Power Plant Zone for landing since this is where the first battles often occur. Many players will die in this zone in a matter of minutes, so make sure to avoid these areas for your landing spot.

2. Cape Town

Cape Town

Since the Power Plant zone is a crowded place for landing, you can instead land in a quiet place like Cape Town. It is known that Cape Town is located at the extreme east of the map. Cape Town is considered a rather safe location, especially for beginners. If you land here, you may find a decent amount of loot, including weapons.

To get there, open the parachutes as soon as you jump from the location. By doing this, you can point to the area that you’ve targeted in the Cape Town area. If you do not immediately open the parachutes, it is likely that you will not get to the Cape Town area. Instead, you could end up in a place as heinous as the Power Plant.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t land in Cape Town if you cannot use a parachute for landing. It’d be better for you to get off at a place that is safer. Or you can immediately dive so that you can get a decent supply of weapons faster. Afterwards, you can go straight to a crowded area using a vehicle or run to battle.

3. The Mill Area

The Mill Area

You may already know that the Mill area is the highest place on the island and has some tall buildings, but only a few. The mill area usually contains a number of weapons, such as snipers, long guns, etc., that you can easily find.

If you’re lucky, you may get a scope or an X8 crane in that building. The main advantage of landing high is that you can use the AWP and scope to take control of the surrounding zone. So, before your enemies have the chance to shoot at you, you can shoot them quickly from a distance.

It’s highly recommended for you not to stay longer in the high building since your enemies will easily find you there. So, make sure to change locations while strategizing for landing.

4. Nameless Island

Nameless Island

Nameless Island is a perfect landing spot for those of you who really want to obtain complete weapons such as scopes, armor, long barrels or sniper rifles, and bags at the beginning of the game. So, you can take advantage of landing on Nameless Island while strategizing for a map.

After obtaining a decent amount of weapons in Nameless Island, you should immediately move to another, safer place to prevent your enemies from taking over the loot you’ve obtained. In addition, there will be some other players who will drop around this area.

5. Outpost


For those of you who really love to use shotguns, the Outpost area can be a great spot for landing. However, you can find a variety of heavy weapons and the best armor around the Outpost area. Since Outpost is close to the Power Plant zone, you should be aware of other players that may often appear in this area. If you want to use a shotgun in the outpost area, it will be better for you to play in a tight area.

6. Mars Electric

Mars Electric

At Mars Electric, you have a better chance of finding a decent amount of loot while encountering fewer skilled enemies. You can find Mars Electric in the extreme south of the map, which can contain a relatively low number of players.

Even though beginners can confront some enemies, there will be good chances of escape. So, you may have to go for Mars Electric for landing, as long as the location is approachable from the flight’s trajectory.

7. Sentosa


It is known that there are limited safe places in Bermuda. Due to its placement on the map, Sentosa is among them. You can find Sentosa in the south-eastern part of Bermuda on a separate small island that is connected to the mainland through bridges.

So far, players in Sentosa have rarely encountered skilled opponents, making it an excellent starting point, especially for beginners. Thus, you can really take your time to get enough loot and then move on to another location in the safe zone.

So, these are the 5+ best and most strategic landing spots in Free Fire.

It’s important to note that the safety of landing spots commonly depends on the flight’s trajectory, which will change with every match. Reportedly, some players may prefer hot drops, while others play it safe. Whatever method you choose, remember to keep safety in mind at all times. Good Luck!!!

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