Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Cheats for GameCube Dolphin Emulator

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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Cheats for GameCube

Here are Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Cheats for GameCube:

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Cheats for GameCube Dolphin Emulator

Master Code

    • KT8V-BY18-YP7EZ
    • 421J-CM7B-QZ6CH

Zero Saves

    • MC3P-P0E9-7X5TZ
    • EUMH-8MWK-4T66G

Low Game Time

    • 3ECM-ZRXM-P66UY
    • 29T1-TRPQ-NK6XK
    • 8UM0-V2JV-NYZUJ
    • DR15-UFZZ-0R853

Jill Has Infinite Health

    • EJ6K-2TFF-TKXR3
    • RXD2-U4XG-8F0Z2

Jill Has All Maps

    • F12E-1ZRJ-89ZV7
    • EWZA-J1BK-T2K6B
    • UYTW-BTHM-1Q0D2

Jill Has All Files

    • 0D0X-H3DG-J3BYR

Infinite Items/Ammo All Slots

    • V8GQ-0BK1-PMQBN
    • PP1J-QPA0-XU4RX
    • 5Z7B-4JUX-1JQAC
    • 19H3-RDGQ-UKJ7F
    • ZZ79-6H72-WP9RE
    • C3T3-GCY1-TYY8B
    • EAD2-78UP-CM3TJ
    • 1CPU-XKV9-8CBB2

Always Jill (Costume 1)

    • 74XM-AJPQ-0Q1U4
    • FFA3-AQ0U-90VCN

Always Jill (Costume 2)

    • 1E1M-NXCR-WV3G3
    • 8CHE-E6V4-2J50K

Always Jill (Costume 3)

    • 0JR1-3V4B-011KR

Always Jill (Costume 4)

    • 54DW-U416-D2FHM
    • MDJ2-Y619-YFBKK

Always Jill (Costume 5)

    • DEV3-B02N-DMHM0

Always Jill (Costume 6)

    • WA2F-8K2D-8ETAW

Always Regina

    • A3CE-ZQPJ-R4VX3
    • UUEQ-6G93-GZV0M

Always Carlos

    • P3CN-T58M-RJD4H
    • 7B1Z-GCBM-J41CX

Always Mikhail

    • X84P-RQV0-58Z8F
    • EP7T-9AZ2-X21HM

Always Nicholai

    • J2HJ-G8D8-JA0NY
    • ACY9-PDUB-F91YG

Always Steel Beam?

    • FJBD-E1PQ-GC60R
    • 9JMT-DQAN-7P95N

Merc’s Handgun

    • U0VZ-6W0C-F4UW9
    • J4YV-KR4N-1V2AF

Hand Gun

    • NUGV-3AM5-3WX09
    • B02W-HTNH-KA18A


    • 555Z-04BV-4AN0Z
    • Y04Q-P7W3-H734Q


    • 0XX3-R1RG-GTGF2
    • 12HZ-7XMJ-YKEG2

Grenade Launcher (Flame)

    • GPX2-CP86-B96X6

Grenade Launcher (Burst)

    • AH9X-7WBC-1REY7
    • 8N4C-MNYJ-9XAJ5

Grenade Launcher (Acid)

    • 653E-C9M1-ARUAZ
    • XBYG-4MY0-5N2X1

Grenade Launcher (Freeze)

    • VQN0-6YY9-4D2GB

Rocket Launcher

    • WW7A-0G4C-YYAUH
    • G8QF-V8RN-323J4

Gatling gun

    • P80B-VUNH-98Y53
    • E26V-2FK5-CWNQJ

Mine Thrower

    • ENGZ-A1AR-Y3TB7

Eagle 6.0

    • ZX95-HYJM-5T3N2

Assault Rifle (Manual)

    • WDV5-H3E0-DVK91
    • 177H-UAYP-3TVQ0

Assault Rifle (Auto)

    • W40Z-07PC-YZDHU
    • 3ZK0-FUT4-A5FUY

Western Custom

    • Q1X2-9PZ6-0FG3P

Sigpro E


M92F E

    • BZ11-KDAV-K29Z1
    • R19W-AAEC-95HT5

Benelli M3S E

    • 7CHE-9CWZ-MM8FN
    • KNK0-GJXG-H0Z28

Thrower E

    • K12Z-PM9W-Y90G7
    • VQ92-UW6Z-KZA8K

Mixed Herb

    • FZBY-96P3-R2JFM
    • K4Z4-BBEP-A46K3

First Aid Box

    • 8CDV-DE7A-W3X9R
    • BJQA-QY9C-V991J


    • 76W1-3BYZ-XHRCD

Jill’s STARS Card

    • VE9A-0034-KXHBV
    • 56Y2-QGWK-08G14


    • QBF3-A9V2-E6C1H
    • WK2B-KD18-MFZAD

Fire Hook

    • Z2GZ-QZ6X-VUA27
    • BDWV-ERT7-BR871

Power Cable

    • CA6Z-82JE-5DVEV


    • P1TW-AH7W-689HG

Ink Ribbon

    • 4BMH-0J9Z-G3ZZ9
    • FQPR-W50A-R35MR

Card Case

    • 389Y-2E3X-C0WB2
    • WAPD-15N3-KTTFQ

Brad’s STARS Card

    • D58W-4GP6-Q2RDM

Mixed Oil

    • ZRHE-D328-B2V7J
    • PQK9-9J2P-AJPFT


    • 464Q-GXPE-54783

Iron Pipe

    • YHCB-AC91-3F1MK
    • PHB6-58XD-6CV5J

Fire Hose

    • 8QBF-H2QP-1UKTX
    • 8B0A-02UD-PJBYD

Tape Recorder


Full Lighter

    • UEFF-0M1C-BDR91
    • FYG6-24A0-ERJ3Y

Green Gem

    • KZVG-4N11-2XV4D
    • V6K8-M7Q3-K4PCQ

Blue Gem

    • JKU3-JC5R-P4XHC
    • 64P3-H75B-NVH5N

Amber Ball

    • 771B-H5XW-X14JN
    • MKPP-RMRT-HP163

Obsidian Ball

    • 8Z8V-E3K3-0GUN6
    • KB4G-HAKE-F3WZ0

Crystal Ball

    • 5M8A-FNDQ-6P1B5
    • C3QE-44X0-KMFHY

Gold Gear

    • Z047-YTUZ-QN9N9
    • D03M-2XVH-ZKJG8

Silver Gear

    • X9P9-XQV0-054EE
    • 7QT3-2WH6-VZPHX

Chronos Gear

    • RC5B-6BPY-WAD2R

Bronze Book

    • 2Y7G-MR49-DBGYB
    • N5ZN-6PDN-QB3DY

Bronze Compass

    • UKX6-26FX-MFM8A


    • ZX2U-3M33-1RAXY
    • K6C3-G1VE-GWGUM

Chronos Chain

    • C7F7-9R47-V9VVY
    • FERR-WT5M-1UWP1

Rusted Crank

    • 9GJM-25MU-NWEAQ
    • 86TA-M6RK-1KXXE

Infinite Bullets

    • 9Z93-QXFW-KNQBW
    • JF15-2FJC-FV9N1

Water Sample

    • N4NW-MJ96-CG2M6
    • VP7G-F36E-UWPK0

System Disk

    • 6RCV-QK78-1NTPP

Dummy Key

    • Z2VN-Y2E8-1DGJD
    • NYPD-MMVY-437C8


    • 7HEE-P51F-XB0Y6
    • 9496-0GJ9-P1G79

Sickroom Key

    • WT0Z-UZT3-VN9K0

Emblem Key

    • GD3R-9MN6-TB2KW

Bezel Key

    • K5Y9-HHR2-0K6TH
    • 2WM8-6V43-KJRMD

Winder Key


Chronos Key

    • QT88-990B-B9DXM
    • A1QT-FA0J-CD4ET

Graveyard Key

    • 3448-J3K6-CDCRN
    • 91KJ-GT3M-Q15ZQ

Rear Gate Key

    • D5PT-8WG2-PFZKF

Facility Key

    • 5ABB-T4A7-V4YDD

Facility Key 2

    • 38UB-28AR-1A8JE

Boutique Key

    • JZ2A-UYE5-M2Z2G
    • 3MJQ-DMUC-PA9N3

Tips and other secrets for Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for GameCube

Here are tips and other secrets for Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for GameCube:

Unlock Mercenary Mode

To unlock Mercenary Mode, you have to beat the game once and then save the game. When you begin from that saved game, then the mini-game will be available from the main menu. In this mode, you are able to get the new features for the real game depending on how well you do.

Get Boutique Key

To get the Boutique Key, which unlocks the Boutique in Uptown (where all the extra outfits are), you need to finish the game in less than 7 hours using no more than 30 Ink Ribbons.

Nemesis Rewards

Each time Nemesis is defeated, he is going to drop a special item.

    • The first time you defeat him, you are going to unlock EAGLE Parts A.
    • The second time you defeat him, you are going to unlock EAGLE Parts B.
    • The third time you defeat him, you are going to unlock the First Aid Spray Box.
    • The fourth time you defeat him, you are going to unlock BENELLI M3S Parts A.
    • The fifth time you defeat him, you are going to unlock BENELLI M3S Parts B.
    • The sixth time you defeat him, you are going to unlock the First Aid Spray Box.
    • The seventh time you defeat him, you are going to unlock an unlimited ammunition Pack.

Unlock Additional Costumes

Once the Boutique Key has been acquired, 5 new outfits may be acquired by finishing the game at Hard difficulty. The costumes are: Police Uniform, Disco Outfit, Dino Crisis suit, Biker Uniform and STARS outfit. Remember that your final grade determines how many new outfits you will get from the boutique. <P> 5 costumes – A grade

    • 5 costumes – Beat the game with a grade of A
    • 4 costumes – Beat the game with a grade of B
    • 3 costumes – Beat the game with a grade of C
    • 2 costumes – Beat the game with a grade of D
    • 1 costume – Beat the game with a grade of E

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – Easy and Hard Mode  

First things first, there is an option between Easy and Hard gameplay on the startup screen. There are some basic differences between the modes. In Easy mode, the weapons come early and plentiful. You are going to get an infinite supply of Ink Ribbon, so saving progress is very simple (as long as you are able to make it to a Safe Room). The beasties are a bit easier to kill, and also easier to dodge.

In the Hard Mode, you are going to start with little more than a handgun and a smile. The items are not as plentiful, the baddies are tougher to kill. There are fewer Inventory slots at the beginning of the game (even though Carlos evens things up later, giving Jill a fanny pack as part of an event). Also, ammunition is harder to come by.

The advantage of the Hard mode is the ability to get special weapon pieces every time you fight and defeat the Nemesis. Those weapons cannot be obtained any other way, and cannot be discovered in Easy Mode. Also, you are going to receive a ranking at the end of the game, and be privy to some character epilogues. Winning in Hard mode will unlock anywhere from 0-5 costumes. In Easy mode, just two will be awarded.

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