11 Legendary Old School Nokia Cell Phone Games

In the past, Nokia was a very popular brand for cell phones. At that time, there were no touch screen cell phones like now.

Nokia was chosen by many people as their cell phone because it had a good quality. Did you have this cell phone in the past?

Well, if we talk about this cell phone, you may remember that this simple cell phone had a number of games. What were they? Here are 11 legendary old Nokia cell phone games.

11 Legendary Old School Nokia Cell Phone Games

11 Legendary Old School Mobile Games for 90s People from Nokia Cell Phones

If you were born in the 90s, you probably had a Nokia cell phone. If so, you surely remember the games that you were able to play on that device at that time. Even though the games were simple, they could entertain the users at that time.

1. Snakes


I am sure that you liked playing this game. This game was also known as Snakes Xenzia. This game was a game that required players to control a snake to move and eat the available bait.

The size of the snake would be longer and longer and you would get a high score. This game also had several versions which had different modes such as eating bait and collecting certain scores to be able to move to higher level.

There was also a snake game that had obstacles such as pipes and if players bumped it, their snake would die.

2. Bounce


Another game that you were able to find on an old Nokia cell phone is Bounce. In this game, you had to move a balloon or a ball to walk and jump the obstacles. Some of the obstacles were robots with sharp thorns, spiked mines, walls and stairs that blocked the way and many more.

Many people liked this game because the appearance of this game was not boring. Besides, the obstacles also varied.

3. Tetris


Tetris had actually been played by people since a long time ago before the Nokia cell phone appeared because it could be found on the other platforms as well.

In this game, players had to arrange different blocks to make a symmetric arrangement in a horizontal position and then the blocks would be destroyed. As a result, players would get points.

The game would game over if the blocks were not destroyed and only piled up until touching the ceiling.

4. Chess


This game was like playing chess in your real world. The rules were also the same as in real life. This game was probably not interesting, but this is still a legend.

5. Sudoku


This game required players to think hard. It is because in this game, you had to fill the empty boxes with the right numbers.

You had to be able to guess the right numbers quickly to fill the empty boxes. If you could get the right numbers quickly, you would be able to complete the game quickly as well. As a result, if you could complete the game faster, you could get a higher score.

6. Cricket


Even though this game was only available on certain types of Nokia cell phones, this game was popular enough. In this game, you just needed to be a bat in a cricket game and if you were able to get many scores, you could complete the game and move to another round.

7. Pocket Carrom

Pocket Carrom

In this game, players needed to enter the small pieces first. And then, players had to enter the main pieces.

8. Football/ League Soccer

Football League Soccer

This game was a soccer game like the one that you can find on PS1. In this game, you had to score as many goals as you could. This game also had a match mode so that this game was fun to be played.

9. Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush

This was a treasure game with some puzzles that you had to guess. In this game, you had to get diamonds by moving the character to avoid the obstacles. In some puzzles, you were also required to move stones or certain things to complete the quest.

10. Space Impact

Space Impact

In the Space Impact game, players were required to move or drive a plane while shooting at the opponent’s plane.

When you played this game, you felt like fighting in outer space.

11. Bantumi


The last one in this list is Bantumi. Even though this game was not as popular as other games in Nokia, this game is also a legend. The concept of this game was from a traditional game from Indonesia called Congklak.