Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Prizes

Wheel of Fortune seems to give plenty of prizes to contestants. It is known that there are 24 prizes available in this show. One of the Wheel of Fortune prizes is Round Prizes Bonus. If you won the previous rounds, you can also spin the prize wheel to determine the potential prize.

That said, the prizes in the bonus round vary, not only for cash. You may wonder what the prizes you will get in the bonus round. If you have a plan to apply to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant and want to know the bonus round prizes, you can dive into our post to find the real information about it.

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Prizes

What Are the Prizes in the Bonus Round?

According to some sources, there are a bunch of prizes that you will gain in the bonus round, including:

    • Various cash amounts (with the lowest being the season number multiplied by $1,000)
    • A vehicle (or two vehicles during weeks with two-contestant teams)
    • A top prize of $100,000

Those are the prizes that you may get in the bonus round.

In Home Sweet Home Week, there’s another top prize that was added in the form of a house. The prize of house is courtesy of Latitude Margaritaville, worth $375,000 for participants aged 55 or above. There is a smaller option for other contestants or a cash alternative that can be won by obtaining the special Latitude Margaritaville wedge, in the same vein as the million dollars wedge.

In Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, the prizes are all cash amounts for the celebrity’s charity that include $25,000, $50,000, $75,000, and $100,000.

If a contestant owns the Million Dollar Wedge, the $100,000 envelope or one of four in Celebrity Wheel of Fortune will be replaced with a $1,000,000 envelope.

For more information, the $1,000,000 prize has been awarded four times overall (one from Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and three from the regular version), including

    • Given to Melissa Joan Hart (Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (Youth Villages); October 17, 2021)
    • Given to Michelle Loewenstein (Regular version on October 14, 2008)
    • Given to Autumn Erhard (Regular version; May 30, 2013)
    • Given to Sarah Manchester (Regular version; September 17, 2014)

In the regular version, if you win the $1,000,000, you may receive it in installments more than 20 years or in a lump sum of that amount’s present value.

If the bonus round wheel’s spin did not land on the $1,000,000 envelope, the host will reveal the location of the $1,000.000 envelope once the bonus round.

How to Get a Bonus Round Prize?

Since 2017, before the round starts, the winning contestant can select one of three puzzle categories. Afterwards, the contestant needs to spin a smaller wheel with 24 envelopes to determine the prize.

Then, the puzzle will be revealed, as is every instance of the letters R, S, T, L, N, and E. From here, the contestants should provide three more consonants and one more vowel and also a fourth consonant if she or he has the Wild Card.

Once any instances of those letters are revealed, the contestant will be given 10 seconds to solve the puzzle. As long as the entire answer is started before time expires, the contestant may make some guesses. After that, the host will open the envelope at the end of the round to reveal the prize at stake, whether the contestant solves the puzzle or not.

In the envelope, there will be a number of prizes that you will get, as we’ve mentioned above.

What Are the Elements Available in Wheel of Fortune?

There are a bunch of elements available in Wheel of Fortune, including:

    1. Bankrupt

Bankrupt is a black wedge on the Wheel that was introduced on the first Edd Byrnes pilot. It takes away your score for that round when landing on it. It also costs you with your return. The wedge originally has white outlines that were removed sometime between January 6 and mid-October 1975.

    1. Cash Wedges (Active)

The puzzle will include a correct letter call credits that amount multiplied by how many times the called letter. The minimum amount was $0 in the Shopper’s Bazaar pilot and $25 in the 1974 pilots that was quickly increased to $100 sometime in 1975, followed by $150 and $200, $250, $300 and $500. The amount of $50 was the minimum from July to September 1989 on the daytime show.

    1. Crossword Round

The Wheel of Fortune introduced a new feature unofficially for the final week of Season 33 called the Crossword Round. In this round, the puzzle board will display four interlocking words, one or two of which will be displayed vertically and all of which are connected by a usually unique clue on the category strip.

    1. Express Wedges

Express Wedges was placed on the red $700 in Round 3 that offers a face value of $1,000. The contestant probably either takes another regular turn or risks their current earnings to ‘hop aboard the Express’ if a contestant lands on it and calls a correct letter by continuing to call correct letters, gaining $1,000 per consonant.

You may also purchase vowels that still cost $250. You do not forfeit his/her earnings to hop aboard the Express, unlike flipping the Mystery Wedge hiding a prize.

    1. Gift Tag

The Gift tag offers $1.000 towards a company’s products that works similarly to a Prize wedge. It is originally located on the red $900 and moved to $700 in Season 20. In Season 22, a second one was added on the pink $300 and in Season 23, an occasional third over the yellow $400 near Lose a Turn.

    1. Lose a Turn

Lose a Turn was available since the Shopper’s Bazaar pilot that simply makes the contestant lose his or her turn. But it is unlike Bankrupt that does not remove prizes or money. A second wedge was added in Round 3 when the show debuted and it was removed by November 3, 1975.

    1. Million-Dollar Wedge

This is a special wedge on the pink $500 that offers an opportunity at $1,000,000 in the Bonus Round. Million-Dollar Wedge has a shiny, one-peg-wide, green ‘One Million; in the middle with one-peg-wide Bankrupts on either side.