PS1 Hagrid Meme Explained

Even though it has been almost 22 years, the PS1 Hagrid meme called “Haggord” is still hotly discussed among Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone video game lovers. There is no doubt that the character of Hagrid initially had a bad appearance and was considered a scary one in the game.

Following their disappointment with the appearance of Hagrid’s character, many people ended up editing and sharing Hagrid’s memes as a joke in their communities. Then, what exactly underlies the rise of the PS1 Hagrid meme posted in gaming forums and various social media—Twitter is not an exception?

PS1 Hagrid Meme

Okay, here’s everything you need to know about the PS1 Hagrid meme!

Why Were PS1 Hagrid Memes Created?

The many edits to Hagrid’s character on PlayStation 1 that are turned into memes are not a dislike of the character. However, that’s more of a criticism and mockery from players of the game “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” for making Hagrid’s character so bad and scary.

Although there are thousands of Hagrid memes inspired by the appearance of Hagrid in PlayStation 1, the character of Hagrid has in fact become a figure that is remembered and favored to this day. Thus, PS1 Hagrid has been one of the most iconic characters released by EA Games—people are still talking about him today.

However, the character of Hagrid was not as evil as the image portrayed. As long as there are many people who enjoy playing the old video game, especially on the PlayStation 1, the character of Hagrid is likely to be one that is not soon forgotten.

Besides Hagrid’s character being so bad, this game also doesn’t have a face map that looks good on the PlayStation 1. In the film, actor Robbie Coltrane, who plays Hagrid, carries a charming, fatherly aura and creates a very strong and believable bond with Harry Potter. In the game, however, the resemblance is only dismal. That’s why many people criticized the game developer for creating the PS1 Hagrid meme.

Why Are the PS1 Hagrid Memes So Buzzing?

Actually, Hagrid’s PS1 images in the game started to get a lot of attention back in 2012. Hagrid memes started circulating with unflattering images of the game. As soon as it went viral, the PS1 Hagrid meme started appearing, became a joke on the forums, and was commented on by users wanting to share their iterations of the hilarious meme.

Some people even took the image of Hagrid from the PS1 game by adding creative edits to the characters. One that sparked the PS1 Hagrid meme is the Twitter account @AlphaOmegaSin, where he shared a Tweet showing the Hagrid meme with the caption “PSI Hagrid with ray tracing.”

In addition, a YouTube content creator named Benzaie also used Hagrid’s image, which he then made into a meme. He did not shy away from putting up a Hagrid meme during a Let’s Play Series.

In his video, the character of Hagrid was represented like a blobfish. Since it was shown in the video, the Hagrid meme has started to get more attention, though it is not yet mainstream. Many people were amused and responded to the Hagrid meme with jokes, but some criticized it as inappropriate since it looked like it made fun of the original Hagrid character in the Harry Potter series. Fortunately, it was just a stepping stone towards more serious graphics engines and incidents.

Starting in 2016, the PS1 Hagrid memes were really starting to be celebrated. One Twitter user, @Glock_Lesnar (whose account is now private), also caught the facial anguish in Hagrid’s character and started commenting on it. Anyway, this is a watershed moment because since this tweet was shared, the floodgates of Hagrid’s PS1 jokes, tributes, and overall appreciation have been opened.

The last person who also shared the PS1 Hagrid meme is the Twitter account @YassifyBot. He finally gave Hagrid a new look with AlphaOmegaSin’s glow-up image. He then gave the meme a full makeover with eyeliner, lipstick, and other bits of makeup. Well, that’s funny enough, but there’s something else to see in the drastic contrast of a clean-shaven. The funniest part was that the shade of the beard also became a chiseled chin.

Why Was Hagrid the Most Famous Character in PlayStation 1 Games?

With so many Hagrid memes on social media and gaming forums, many people also highlight Hagrid’s character as a classic character who is very bad but becomes extraordinary. Although described as a scary character in the game, Hagrid’s character finally won the hearts of fans with how the developers created his image.

The developer basically gave Hagrid’s character a long space between the eyes and made his appearance cute but scary to look at. Overall, the cute rendering is done on purpose to make the game more interesting. They thought that associating a character with some of the most disturbing aspects of his appearance could be a charming feature.

Finally, it really gives us a strong indication that the character of Hagrid may look like one of the most horrific characters around, but it does not look that bad at all, as in the Harry Potter series. Well, Hagrid is described as a half-giant and half-human hybrid who serves as Keeper of the Grounds and Keys at Hogwarts—which is the most loved character by many people both in film and in the real world.