Signature Text Color in Free Fire: Color Codes, Function, and How to Use

Free Fire has been rapidly popular as one of the biggest battle royale games for mobile. Reportedly, Free Fire became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019. It’s known that Free Fire received the award for the “Best Popular Vote Game” in 2019 from the Google Play Store.

Apart from the challenging and interesting gameplay, what makes Free Fire in high demand, of course, is its features, including weapons, skins, chats, and many more. The Signature tab, which allows the player to put a colorful name—another addition to the player’s profile—is one of the appealing features used by many players.

To know what the signature text color is, what its function is, and how to use it, you can dive into our post to find the information. Let’s check them out!

Signature Text Color in Free Fire Color Codes, Function, and How to Use

What Does the Signature Text Color Do in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, the signature is a kind of personalized area where you can add a line, a phrase, or other text of your own. To include colorful text in your signature, you can use hex codes. The function of signature text color may depend on each player, both in chat and in the profile. The use of colored signature text on your profile aims to make it less boring.

On your profile, you can choose and set the colors you want. If you feel bored with the same color on your profile, you can change it yourself. Of course, the colors displayed on your profile will not look monotonous or the same.

If you use the text color in chat, you can easily change it to match the color you want to show when typing in the chat. Basically, the use of signature color text is intended to make player profiles more attractive to look at than just white.

Signature Text Color Codes in Free Fire

To get a colorful signature in Free Fire, you can use hex codes that should be enclosed in a square and put before the required text. Aside from default color codes, you can also use a variety of symbols you can find on the internet.

For more information, the colored signature is no longer visible to the user; just the codes are instead displayed. However, an altered signature may be visible to other users when they visit the profile.

Every time you want to use a certain color, you may have to know its code first. However, each color really has its own code. Thankfully! We will show you some signature text color codes you can use in Free Fire. They are as follows:

  • [482B10] = Dark brown
  • [808000] = Light brown
  • [000000] = Black
  • [FFFFFF] = White
  • [FFD3EF] = Light pink
  • [FF0000] = Red
  • [00FFFF] = Light blue
  • [0000FF] = Blue
  • [800080] = Purple
  • [FF1493] = Pink
  • [FFD700] = Gold
  • [FFFF00] = Yellow
  • [808080] = Gray
  • [00FF00] = Green
  • Etc.

If you want to change the font of your Free Fire profile to make it more diverse and interesting, you can try to use the following codes:

  • [i] = Italic
  • [b] = Bold
  • [u] = Underline

How to Use Text Color Codes in the Free Fire Signature?

To use these text color codes in your Free Fire signature, you can simply copy and paste the color code you want. Never remove the parentheses “[ ],” for example:

  • “[color code] text you want to include”
  • “[FFFF00] FF Universe”

If you use the color code, of course, the words “FF Universe” will turn yellow. How? Using the text color code in Free Fire Signature is pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

How to Change the Color of Your Signature Text in Your Free Fire Profile and Chat?

Changing your text color in both your Free Fire profile and chat is pretty easy. However, you always have to be careful when changing the text color code. To make it easier to include the text color code, it’s best for you to copy and paste the code, preventing you from entering the wrong code.

Here’s how to change the color of your signature text in your Free Fire profile!

change the color of your signature text in your Free Fire profile

  • First, launch Free Fire on your mobile device.
  • Once you’re at the game, you can go to your profile by clicking on the banner in the top-left corner.
  • You can now click on the “Edit” icon in the profile section.
  • After the “Player Info” dialog box appears, you can click on the “Signature” tab.
  • Here, you need to paste the color’s hex code that you copied in your Signature tab.
  • For example, if you want to change “Free Fire The Best” into yellow, green, or purple, you need to write it like this: “[FFFF00] Free [00FF00] Fire [800080] The Best” (without the quotation marks).
  • Last, click the OK button to confirm this action. You can now find your Free Fire profile changed to the color you’ve chosen.

Here’s how to change the color of your signature text in your Free Fire chat!

  • First, launch Free Fire on your mobile device.
  • Once you’re at the game, go to “Chat” at the bottom.
  • You can experiment with changing the color of signature text in both global and personal chat.
  • To greet another player, you can try to type “[i][000000] Hello [FFFF00] How are you? [FFD700] Let’s Play Together [i]”
  • The chat will respond with “Hello (in black), How are you (in yellow), and Let’s play together (in gold)” if you type it.

Congratulations! You successfully changed the color of your signature text in your Free Fire profile and chat.

How to Get More Color Codes for a Free Fire Signature?

If you don’t find the color you want, you can instead look for more desired colors at It is known that the color-hex website provides over 16 million color codes you can choose for your Free Fire signature.

If you want to find the color code you want from, you can do the following steps:

  • On your browser, go to
  • Once you’re at the homepage of the color-hex website, you can click the black box at the top of the page.
  • The black box will show you a variety of colors you can choose from.
  • Then, you can select the color you want.
  • After finding a color you love, you can click on it.
  • The color code will appear on the side of the box.
  • You can then copy the code and paste it in the Signature tab of your Free Fire profile. Make sure to include the “[]” parenthesis. For example, “[bf9000] is dark yellow.
  • In addition to using the color code on your Free Fire profile, you can also use it in Free Fire chat.

Okay, that’s how to get more color codes from for your signature profile and chat. Now is a good time for you to look for the color you want and change your Free Fire profile to look more interesting.

Are the Signature Color Codes Safe-to-Use in Free Fire?

Of course, yes! Signature color codes in Free Fire are really safe to use and will not harm your game. However, these color codes are only the ones that are used in general, not just for Free Fire. Of course, you can copy and paste it into your Free Fire signature tab.

Since these color codes are guaranteed to be safe, you shouldn’t worry about using them to make your Free Fire profile more attractive. For more information, these color codes are also not the ones that are haphazardly obtained.

If you’re still unsure about these color codes, try copying and pasting the color code into Google and seeing what comes up. We recommend that you obtain the color code for the Free Fire signature directly from the site that provides it, as this is safer and provides a wider range of colors.