Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Solutions

Wheel of Fortune seems to always give easiness for the contestants with bonus puzzle solutions. Every contestant will be able to see the bonus puzzle solutions. With the bonus puzzle solutions, you will have a chance to win by using it to enter the week’s Wheel of Fortune giveaway.

There are a bunch of sites that frequently give you a list of Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle solutions. Well, you can explore several sites to find them. If you’re looking for the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle solutions, no worries, this post will show you some sites that provide them. Here you go!

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Solutions

What Is the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Solution?

We got the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Solution from Sweepstakesmag.com. This site actually shows you a list of bonus puzzle solutions for Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle solutions on April 12, 2022 is VERY HEAVY BAGGAGE (Things). In addition to today’s Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Solutions, Sweepstakesmag.com also shows you a list of Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Solutions for previous day, here it is:

Date Bonus Round Answer Of The Day
April 4, 2022 A VOIDED CHECK
April 5, 2022 PICK OF THE BUNCH
April 6, 2022 PIPING HOT CIDER
April 7, 2022 PUFFY CARDIGAN
April 8, 2022 THE FINAL BUZZER
April 11, 2022 ORGANIC YAMS

Here are all of the puzzles, clues and solutions for today 12nd April, 2022:

First Tossup

Food & Drink


Second Tossup



Wheel Spin Puzzle #1

Same Letter


Wheel Spin Puzzle #2

Show Biz


Wheel Spin Puzzle #3



Third Tossup

What Are You Doing?


Fourth Tossup

What Are You Doing?


Fifth Tossup

What Are You Doing?


Wheel Spin Puzzle #4

Rhyme Time


Bonus Puzzle



Okay, those are the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle Solution for today 12nd April 2022. If you want to know more clues for the next days, you can just visit the Wheel of Fortune Solutions website here. This site will always give you bonus puzzle solutions every day. So, make sure to keep visiting this site.

How to Win a Wheel of Fortune Game Show?

If you really want to be a Wheel of Fortune winner, there are some tips and tricks that you can take while playing the game show. We definitely got the following tips and tricks from some sources. The sources inform you of several strategies to win the show.

Keep in mind, strategizing for Wheel of Fortune is pretty easier than it is for Jeopardy. When you’re playing Jeopardy, you may worry about how others will wager their money, while on the Wheel of Fortune show, you can really ignore how your opponents act most of the time and instead focus on puzzle solving solely.

Therefore, there are some tips and tricks that may lead you to be a winner in Wheel of Fortune game show, here they are:

    1. Make sure to win the Tossup Rounds

As you know, there are three tossup puzzles in this game show, worth $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000. The board will automatically reveal letters one by one until you ring in with the correct solution.

In this section, you need to be careful, as Wheel of Fortune will require you to answer almost after calling by phone. It’s better for you to ring in immediately following a letter, but before you really know the answer.

    1. Stay in control of the Wheel

In this game show, you will have three options including spin the wheel and call a consonant, solve the puzzle or buy a vowel for $250. In this case, each consonant will be worth the cast value of the wedge the wheel lands on. Then, you need to continue spinning the wheel until they miss a letter or spin a Bankrupt or Lose a Turn.

    1. Make sure to know your categories

To be a winner in this game show, ensure you really know the categories. Keep in mind, some puzzle categories will have different letter configurations which should prioritize other letters.

The category ‘Things’ commonly has an S to pluralize the solution. Sure, it must be your first consonant. You must be careful when the puzzle contains a three-letter word between two others. The ‘Things’ may not be plural, but instead be something and something else.

Need to know, ‘Same Name’ will always have ‘AND’, like ‘ELEPHANT AND SWIMMING TRUNKS’. Well, the AND here is ampersand. It’s highly recommended for you to go with N and then D before buying the A.

For the category ‘Star & Role’ is uncommon, but it always features AS, like ‘DANIEL DAY_LEWIS AS ABRAHAM LINCOLN.’ You need to start with the S then buy the A. Last, category ‘Song & Artist’ and ‘Title & Author’ has BY in it, like ‘THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA BY ERNEST HEMMINGWAY.’ It actually gives you two consonants to take before dipping into the vowels.

    1. Know your letter strings

When you spot a string of letters, you may also deviate from the list either when you go down the list yourself or once you inherit the board from another player. Well, ‘THE’ may be the most common word found on ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Once you guess T with your first spin, you may have a three-letter word appearing as T_ _. Because you likely buy an E down the line, you may need to play it safe and take the E here before spinning for the H.

    1. Don’t solve without money

In fact, some Wheel of Fortune contestants will have a bizarre compulsion to solve puzzles regarding how much money they’ve accumulated for the round. You may be worried that spinning again will result in Bankrupt or Lose a turn, making them guaranteed money. Sure, make sure to always solve the puzzle with money.

Okay, those are some tips and tricks that you can take in an attempt to be a Wheel of Fortune winner.