8 Bit Dotted Games That Cause Eyes Sore

Many people call one of the popular games called Free Fire or FF an 8-bit dotted game that hurts eyes. Even though this game is really popular, it does not stop people from considering it a dotted game. This term is used to mock the players who play this game.

Fortunately, Free Fire has fun and interesting gameplay. It is well loved, especially by those who like shooting games against enemies. Not only that, it can also be downloaded on the Play Store and Apple Store because it is available on both Android and iOS. In addition, it also has a relatively small size, which is only around 500MB.

The game by Garena called Free Fire was once the most downloaded game worldwide in 2019 with millions of active players.

8 Bit Dotted Games That Cause Eyes Sore

What is the reason that makes Free Fire so popular and what is the reason this game is known as a dotted game by fans? Is it due to the game being not fun or is it due to other factors?

Apparently, the reason why Free Fire is called an “8-bit dotted game that hurts the eyes” is because it uses a pixelized display and there are a lot of white spots seen in this game. This game is considered as a dotted game because it looks like an old school game, even though this game was made in 2017. In fact, many think the graphics of this game are not suitable for games made in the 2000s. Usually, games with lots of white spots are found in old school games from the 90s.

Apart from that, Free Fire is also often compared to Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG because the graphic appearance of these two is very different. PUBG has good and attractive graphics and looks very detailed. For those who pay attention to graphics, they will surely choose PUBG over FF.

In addition to the graphical problems, there are some other reasons why FF is known as an 8-bit dotted game that can hurt eyes and there are also some other games that are considered as dotted games just like FF.

The Reasons Why Free Fire Is an 8-bit Dotted Game That Causes Eyes Sore

The main reason why Free Fire is known as a dotted game is because it has simple graphics. It makes the characters and items in the game look not very detailed and not very interesting. Not only that, it also has poor graphics with white spots. In fact, some people are bothered by that.

Thanks to the gameplay of Free Fire, which is known to be pretty fun, many people still play this game even though it has poor graphics. Aside from that, with sober graphics, this game is a light game.

There are actually several other reasons why Free Fire is known as a dotted game that can make eyes hurt. Some other reasons include:

There Are No Doors in FF

There Are No Doors in Free Fire

Some people may not pay attention to the doors in Free Fire because they don’t really affect the players when carrying out missions in this game. However, there are some others who feel strange when seeing there are no doors in this game. What makes it worse is that some even make jokes to mock FF as a dotted game.

With limited and makeshift graphics, Free Fire does not deliberately provide a door to save costs in developing the game. It is actually reasonable for this game as it is relatively light and there is no graphical display of opening and closing doors in this game.

Free Fire Can Be Played on “Potato Phones”

Free Fire Can Be Played on Potato Phones

With a simple graphic display, Free Fire can be played on various types of phones, including “potato phones”. For those who are not familiar with “potato phones”, they refer to the phones with low specs. Basically, Free Fire can even be played on phones that have 1 GB of RAM. There is no need to worry about lagging when playing this game, because this game is indeed an easy game to play.

As it is known as the game played by those with low specs, Free Fire is often mocked by people. In fact, it is something good and is a plus point because it allows many users to play this game, including the ones with low-specs phones.

There Are Many Young Children Who Play FF

One of the reasons why FF is known as the dotted game is because it is played by many children. Young children are known as the ones that cannot be asked to work together in playing this game. They tend to play this game carelessly without any strategy when fighting enemies. It is one of the things that make the gameplay of this game not so exciting. Compared to the adult players who usually don’t really like fuss and only focus on playing games, these young players are known to love making noise. In fact, they also often have a beef with PUBG players and they use various kinds of insults.

More Dotted 8 Bit Games

Free Fire is actually not the only game that is known as dotted game. Apart from that, there are also some other ones that you don’t have to try because they can make your eyes hurt due to the poor graphics. Not only the graphics, these games also have gameplay that is not interesting, so it is not surprising that there are many people who are not interested in playing these games.

Below are 3 offline dotted games that you don’t have to play but you have to know:

Cheetahmen II

Cheetahmen II

Cheetahmen II is a 8-bit dotted game that is not worth playing. The reason is because it has a graphic display that is so sober and can make your eyes hurt. This game has bugs. Basically, there are often defects or damage while playing this game. It is one of the reasons why this game is not worth trying.

Apparently, the genre of Cheetahman II, which is adventure, was released in the 90s. That’s why the graphic quality is still very sober.

Back to the Future II & III

Back to the Future II & III

Back to the Future is counted as one of the 8-bit games that can hurt the eyes. It not only has not-so-good graphics, but also has gameplay that is not that interesting. In this game, you will collect small clocks and then you can throw things at other people. Aside from that, you will also have to dodge some of the objects that get in your way.

Back to the Future is indeed made as simple as possible. However, it does not even challenge the players in the least.

Conan: The Mysteries of Time

Conan The Mysteries of Time

Conan: The Mysteries of Time was released in the 90s. While this game looks pretty interesting name wise, it turns out that the graphic display is not that good. Besides, it also has a slightly glitchy gameplay due to the game controls not working properly.

The genre of Conan: The Mysteries of Time is an adventure made by the NES. This game is known as one of the worst games made by NES.