15 Best Lightweight Android Emulators for PC 2022

What is an emulator? It is a tool which enables you to run Android OS on Windows, Mac or Linux. If you have it, you are able to enjoy all features available on Android on PC without having to use an android device.

According to the Telset site, here are 15 best lightweight android emulators for PCs. But first, let’s read about what emulators are according to the same site.

What Is an Emulator?

Emulator is a program that allows you to be able to use other systems in your computer. So, this android emulator allows you to use Android OS in your laptop or PC. By having an emulator in your PC, you are able to play games that you want. There are a lot of lightweight android emulators for PC and you are able to download them easily.

Not only android emulators for PC, there are also other emulators that allow you to run programs from one operating system to another operating system, for example PSP emulators for android that enable you to play PS games on your android smartphone.

The List of 15 Best Lightweight Android Emulators for PC

1. BlueStacks


BlueStacks is one of the best and lightweight android game emulators for PC. It can support camera and microphone integration to be able to call or video call through VoIP such as Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

This tool also has drag-and-drop features between desktop and emulator to share data, synchronize data between emulator and Android device, localizations, Android-on-TV, and many more.

What else? It can also allow you to play heavy games and can run some applications simultaneously like using android which has high specifications.

2. Andy


With this tool, you are able to synchronize desktop (which uses Andy) and android easily. Same as BlueStacks, this tool also supports camera and microphone for telephone and video calls.

Do you use Andy on Windows 8 or above? If so, it can support multi touch like a smartphone. With this tool, you can also play games with high graphics that cannot be run in your android.

3. Genymotion


This is another lightweight android emulator which offers premium access for Android developers. However, it can also be used by other users or gamers who want to run Android apps on PC or Mac. It supports webcam and microphone for making calls and video calls by using VoIP apps.

4. Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin Android Player

This emulator can run games which need high specifications. If you want to try new features from Android, this emulator can be your solution as well. This emulator also has a network or hardware simulation feature on Android. It is almost similar to the Android PC emulator, but it is able to run faster than that provided by Google.

5. Android Emulator

Android Emulator

Android Emulator is offered by Google and it allows you to run apps by using AVD. With Android Emulator, you are able to run multimedia, use some applications simultaneously, change the dashboard, connect to the network, and play Android games on PC, Mac or Linux.

6. NoxPlayer


NoxPlayer is quite light and it can be used to run various apps and Android games on PC. It can also allow you to connect keyboard and mouse devices and also additional joysticks so that you can have a more optimal gaming experience.

7. Bliss OS

Bliss OS

Bliss OS is a recommendation for an Android emulator on a PC and it can run Android OS well on PC or laptop. This tool cannot only be used on a laptop or PC which is Windows based, but it can also be used on Chromebook, Linux and tablet.

8. Droid4x


This tool can be your option if you are looking for another lightweight android emulator for PC. It can run smoothly on a PC or laptop which has 1 GB of RAM. This tool has complete basic Android settings and it has support for controlling games on PC by using smartphone and keyboard.

9. LDPlayer


This is one of the lightweight emulators for PCs and it is designed for gaming needs. If you use this tool, you are able to enjoy the best gaming experience on PC or laptop. This tool is also known for its stable performance and even it can run two games simultaneously.

10. MEmu


MEmu is also an Android emulator which is light and it has the ability to run various light games and apps quite well.

If you have problems with this emulator, the developer provides a forum for users to share solutions with each other. You are also able to check if there are OS updates or new features.

11. KoPlayer


KoPlayer can be used to run various applications and Android games on PC or laptop. Google Play Store is available so that you are able to download apps or games easily. This tool is also equipped with features that will support the performance for playing games.

12. Gameloop


As the name refers, this Android emulator is specifically for gaming purposes. This emulator can be used on PC or laptop with limited specifications. With it, you are able to play PUBG, and other popular Android games.



Another Android emulator is AMIDuOS which is a paid emulator. You are able to enjoy this emulator for free for 30 days. If you want to buy the full version of this emulator, you are able to spend around $9 for the Jelly Bean OS version or around $13 for the Lollipop OS.

14. Manymo


You are able to use this emulator on your PC or laptop. The interesting thing is that this emulator can be used online without having to download it. You just need to open your browser and connect to the internet. However, if you want to use the service of Manymo, you have to pay first.

15. Xe Player

Xe Player

The last one in this android emulator list is Xe Player. You are able to rely on this emulator as an Android emulator on your PC or laptop. This emulator can run various applications and Android games and also it can support the use of keyboard and mouse. This emulator can open android applications for PC or laptop which uses Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.

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