How to Sell Stuff / Items on Market Board FFXIV

In the game known as Final Fantasy VIX or FFVIX, the thing named Market board can be used if you want to make a lot of money. It is possible to do so as long as you know how to sell items or stuff. For those who are not familiar with the Market Boards, they refer to places that are usually located in major cities like Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, Gridannia, or Ishgard. However, it is also possible for you to find them somewhere like Residential Districts.

How often is the item sold?

For those who have some items for sale but you are wondering what is the best price to sell and how often is this one sold, the first thing that you will have to do is to go to the Market Board. When you are there, look for the item. There are several types of searches to choose from but it is better for you to use the partial match option for the easier research. After that, click on the item. You will be shown the items that are currently on sale. Upon seeing so, you can just press the icon located on the top of the window if you want to check how often the item has been sold and at what price.

How often is the item sold

The most popular thing to sell

If you want to sell something from farming, you are recommended to check out the most popular thing first. The most popular thing means the one that has the most demand. In order to check the most popular thing, you can go to the market board and click the kind of item or stuff that you are trying to sell. After that, you can order the list or items by demand.

The most popular thing to sell

Apparently, the sorting system can only be used for the current 100 items. It means if you want to do it again for the other ones, it can be done on the other pages. Feel free to check how often an item is sold. Remember that being high in demand does not always mean the item is sold very often.

The correct price for the item

Selling an item at half the price of the competition is known as undercutting. As you probably can guess, it is not a good idea. It is true that you might sell your item quicker but the weakness is that you will also lose a lot of profit and make chances for competition. It is also possible for one to but your item with low cost and in the end, sell it again at a higher price.

Then, what should you do? The best way to be on top of the market board is to simply cut the price of the item by one. It is the most recommended way to get most of your items while avoiding the competition. Take a note that you are encouraged to also check the price of the item in the high quality and then put a higher price in case no one is currently selling the HQ version of the item.

The items that you should sell

For your information, your item pool depends on the thing that is able to be farmed easily or the thing that is searched by the server the most. If you want to know the items that usually sell quite well, here is the list of a few of them.

Item name: Timeworn Zonureskin Map

Timeworn Zonureskin Map

  • Time to sell: Always and when new map exclusive gear is released
  • Note: You are able to farm one for free every day

Item name: Materia


  • Time to sell: Always and when new PVE Content or raids are released
  • Note: –

Item name: Dwarven Chromite

Dwarven Chromite

  • Time to sell: Very often or when new gear that needs it is released
  • Note: You are able to exchange it for TOmestones in Eulmore

Item name: Glamour Items

Glamour Items

  • Time to sell: Every week during the Fashion Report
  • Note: A lot of people simply buy the needed items in order to get 80/100 points

Item name: Quest Items for Gatherers & Crafters

Quest Items for Gatherers & Crafters

  • Time to sell: All the time
  • Note: A few people love to buy the required items more when leveling a crafter or gatherer as some quests are a bit difficult for fisher for example.

Tips and tricks when selling stuff or items

    • Sell crafted items

Selling crafted items or stuff is the best way to make money. It is the fastest way and is really effective. The good news is that almost every crafting class is able to make money easily, especially once you are able to make items with a higher level. On top of that, a few classes such as the weaver can even make special housing items that will be paid by the players at higher price. If you are interested in selling the crafted items, please remember the items costs.

    • Beware of unsellable items

Apparently, there are a dozen of items in the Market board that cannot be sold by the players for some different reasons. Some of the examples include the ones from a special quest line or event that will not be able to be traded. Another example are the items that have been used in a house or have spirit bonded. These types of items will also be stuck with their respective owners or players. If you find an item that cannot be sold, these are most likely the reasons.

    • Greed more

Doing dungeon runs and taking the unwanted items is one of the fastest ways to make money. You will be able to find the items that the other players do not want at the end of the dungeon. While it is true that not everything is able to be put on the Market Board, there are surely a few things that you can resell. It is a great way to earn benefits while still leveling up. If you want to increase the stock, please run through a dungeon with some friends or by using a strong tank.