FFXIV Best Solo Class Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 patch arrived only a couple weeks ago. Since then, the players have been enjoying some class and job changes. The 5.4 patch has really shaken up some of the classes because there was a major overhaul of a class as well as some minor but crucial to other DPS classes. Due to these changes, now we are going to look at solo classes in FFXIV and determine which are the best Solo Class Shadowbringers so far.

Final Fantasy XIV Best Solo Class Shadowbringers

Here are the best Solo Class Shadowbringers:

Black Mage

black mage FFXIVShadowbringers

Black Mage is one of the heaviest hitting DPS classes currently in Final Fantasy XIV, alongside Samurai. Utilizing a mix of ice and fire magic to balance, Black Mage can unleash horrible amounts of damage with flashy explosions and powerful spells. An added bonus is only the amount of fun that you will have with this class.

Reasons Black Mage become one of the best Solo Class Shadowbringers:

  • Several of the best damage output.
  • Defeat the enemies easily.
  • Balancing ice and fire spells which are can be a fun challenge.
  • Some actions allow for quick movement.
  • Solo Rating: 91/100


From four melee DPS classes, Samurai is the only one that did not get any updates. Although not a team player in any sense, Samurai still remains one of the hardest hitting DPS in the game, which makes it an excellent choice for solo content. Also, Samurai enjoys one of the simplest to master rotations, making it easier to defeat the foes with little effort.

Reasons Samurai become one of the best Solo Class Shadowbringers:

  • Insane damage output.
  • An extremely easy and simple rotation.
  • Damage buffs improve already high damage.
  • A powerful and beneficial class.
  • Solo Rating: 89/100.


monki FFXIV Shadowbringers

Apparently, Monk is the real winner of the 5.4 patch. With total overhaul of the class, now Monk is able to compete with other high ranking DPS classes. As a good support DPS with a clunky rotation, Monk lacked the firepower of other melee DPS classes. But, with the tricky Greased Lightning action now allocated as a trait, Monk will be able to keep its support buffs and also enjoy a smoother rotation and far more impressive damage output.

Reasons Monk become one of the best Solo Class Shadowbringers:

  • The Buffs like Brotherhood boost damage.
  • Overall damage output for nearly every action was buffed significantly.
  • Greased Lightning is a trait right now.
  • Easier to master rotation.
  • More fun to play and less frustration.
  • Solo Rating: 83/100.


paladin FFXIV Shadowbringers

With no alteration to any of the tanking classes in the 5.4 patch, Paladin remains the best tank in FFXIV, although Dark Knight gives it a run for its money. Insane defense buffs are going to keep a Paladin thriving whether they are solo in a Fate for EXP or fighting through the challenging Palace of the Dead alone. When you add in a mix of damage-over-time actions and several standard damage dealing moves, Paladin becomes an amazing choice if you are adding a boost of defense in your solo FFXIV experience.

Reasons Paladin become one of the best Solo Class Shadowbringers:

  • Best of the four tanking classes.
  • Excellent defense buffs.
  • A healing spell to keep up HP.
  • Decent damage output.
  • Solo Rating: 79/100.

White Mage

White Mage1

White Mage kept its spot among the top 5 as the best healer class in the game of Final Fantasy XIV. While Scholar get some minor updates with the 5.4 patch. Scholar need a lot more love if the class hopes to compete with White Mage and Astrologian. Overall, White Mage remains an excellent class in the game because of its raw healing power, decent damage, and straight-forward rotation.

Reasons White Mage become one of the best Solo Class Shadowbringers:

  • Best of the three healing classes
  • Raw healing power
  • Damaging spells like Holy
  • Easy class to learn
  • Overall, fun to play
  • Solo Rating: 74/100

Well, the text above is a list of the best solo class Shadowbringers. In addition, here we also want to explain about Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Some of you may not know about Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.

About Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

About Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is the 3rd expansion pack in Final Fantasy XIV. It is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing) game developed and published by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and macOS. Based on the research, it was released on July 2, 2019, two years after Stormblood, the previous expansion. Like its predecessors, Naoki Yoshida served as a director and producer. Masayoshi Soken composed the soundtrack. Need to know that the expansion pack was released as a standalone product for the new players. The Complete Edition originally launched with Heavensward was updated to include all expansions including Shadowbringers.

Shadowbringers takes place on the first. The players are transported to this world and begin on a quest to restore vitality to the ruined land. They are joined by old comrades who have been trapped on the First, as well as Emet-Selch (Immortal villain) who aims to utilize the First’s desolation to trigger a mirrored calamity on the player’s home world. Besides adding new areas, the expansion pack increases the level cap, displays two character classes and two playable races, and also introduces the ability to explore dungeons with non-playable Trust companions.

Upon release, Shadowbringers was well received and earned nominations for Expansion of the Year. Lots of critics praised the story and the game’s accessibility to new players. We get information that in December 2019, Square Enix announced that the title had reached a cumulative total of 18 million player accounts. The contents were scheduled for every three months. Those updates added new features, expanded the main story, and premiered secondary storylines including a crossover written by Yoko Taro which features characters and elements from Nier: Automata and the Restoration of Ishgard.

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