How Long Does FFXIV World Transfer Take

Home World Transfer Service in Final Fantasy XIV allows you to move the characters on your service account from one Home World to another. You can transfer a single character from your service account. If you want to transfer multiple characters simultaneously, you have to meet some certain requirements.

If you’re allowed to transfer either a single character or multiple characters, you may be wondering how long Home World Transfer Service will process. Knowing the exact time of your character transfer is necessary, as you won’t wait for a longer time, right? To find out the real information about it, let’s see our post below!

How Long Does FFXIV World Transfer Take1


How Long Does Home World Transfer Service Take?

Your characters will be transferred immediately after the World Transfer process is complete. According to some sources, it may be possible to take up to 24 hours for FFXIV Home World Transfer Service to transfer your character.

Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of characters which you can transfer to a World. Depending on World population, it is possible that Final Fantasy XIV split or combine Worlds as necessary. You should know that the name of the World will appear beside the character’s handle name if a character that is on your friend list has been transferred to another World.

If you try to transfer multiple characters to multiple Worlds in one transfer, each individual character can be moved to the World of your option as you initiate a World transfer. It’s important to note, World Transfer can only be done once in a 72-hour period. So, if you want to move to a different World, you have to wait at least 72 hours before you submit another request.

Once the World Transfer has been completed, Final Fantasy XIV will not return your character to the previous world manually. If you want to return to the previous World, you have to submit another request after a 72 hours waiting period has passed.

Additionally, any linkshell a character currently possesses will be removed and replaced with an unused linkshell during the World transfer process. Once the transfer process, it will be needed for you to create a new linkshell. As long as it is not currently in use on the destination World, it may be possible to use the same linkshell name.

For more information, your character has not been transferred after 24 hours, you can contact the Square Enix Support Center by clicking the ‘Additional Assistance’ button that you can find here.

How to Apply for the World Transfer Service?

The World Transfer Service has a number of conditions which may affect your experience. If you want to apply for the World Transfer Service, you can do the following ways:

    • First, you need to visit the Square Enix Account Management site here.
    • Then, you need to choose the ‘Play Online/ Final Fantasy XIV Service Accounts’ button.
    • After that, you have to select the ‘Option List’ for the Play Online ID that is associated with the intended characters.
    • Last, you can choose the ‘World Transfer Service’ option. Then, you need to follow on-screen instructions to complete the World Transfer process.

Well, those are all the steps to apply for the World Transfer Service in Final Fantasy XIV. If you really want to transfer your character to another world, you may need to follow the instructions that we’ve given to you above.

When taking a World Transfer service, all items and equipment will also be transferred with their inscriptions intact, as long as your characters’ items and equipment are not in the Delivery Box or Auction House. It’s important to note, all items available in the Delivery Box or Auction House will be lost at the time of World Transfer, regarding whether they have inscriptions or not.

What Are the World Classifications?

Worlds in Final Fantasy XIV are categorized in one of four ways, depending on the circumstances. You should know that the Home World Transfer Service will change depending on the World’s classification.

Let’s see the World classifications below!

    1. New World

New World is currently added to the game. You will receive special bonuses if you transfer or create new characters on a designed New World.

    1. Congested World

This is a crowded, highly populated World in Final Fantasy XIV. This world cannot be chosen for new character creation or Home World Transfer destinations.

    1. Standard World

This world is inhabited by a manageable number of player characters.

    1. Preferred World

This is a relatively populated World with room to spare. You will receive special bonuses if you transfer or create a new character on a designed New World.

Depending on the population of each server, World Classifications will actually change over time. Additionally, Home World Transfer bonus incentives will also be subject to change in the future.

It’s important to note, the characters in any of the following cannot utilize the Home World Transfer Service until 90 days have elapsed, here they are:

    • Characters transferred to a New World
    • Characters created on a New World
    • Characters transferred to a Preferred World from a Congested World
    • Characters created on a Preferred World

What Are the Requirements to Apply for World Transfer?

Before you apply for the World Transfer Service, you have to meet some following requirements:

    • You must have a Square Enix account with an active Final Fantasy XIV service account. However, accounts participating in a Free Login Campaign, Free Trial accounts, or accounts that are currently suspended are not eligible.
    • You must be logged out of the game.
    • You must have elapsed since the Home World Transfer Service was last used.
    • Your characters in the game cannot have items for sale on the market.
    • Your characters in the game cannot have items that are entrusted to the Calamity Salvager NPC.
    • Your characters in the game cannot have made reservations for a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding.
    • Your character has to rehire any retainers carried over from Version 1.0.
    • Your character should be logged out while outside of any instanced areas.
    • Your character in the game cannot be currently undertaking the The Ties that Bind quest.
    • Your character should have own estate, land or apartment housing.
    • Etc.

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