How to Get More Levequest Allowances in FFXIV

Levequest allowance is needed if you want to start a Levequest. Levequest itself is a repeatable quest that you are able to do to get rewards. Leve allowances do not have physical representation in your inventory and they appear as part of the Leve System. Now, the question is, how can we get more Levequest Allowances in Final Fantasy XIV?

Getting More Levequest Allowances

In Final Fantasy XIV, every 12 hours of real time, Leve Allowances are automatically given to you. Every 12 hours, three Leve Allowances will be given to you. At once, you are able to carry up to one hundred Leve Allowances.

According to the Fandom Spot site, Leves are available in a lot of different forms and usually they are used for crafters and gatherers who want to level up quickly. Let’s say that certain types of Leve could be repeated infinitely with no limit. If so, they would be basically the only activity that people would do.

For the majority of people, the current amount of Leve Allowances that you get every day is fairly reasonable as explained on the Fandom Spot site. However, if you are doing Battlecraft Leves that focus on combat activities, you will not really want to do more than a handful of those in a day.

Getting Levequests with Levequest Allowances

How to Get More Levequest Allowances in FFXIV

You are able to get Levequests from certain NPCs which are marked as <Levemete> under their name. Here, you will spend Leve Allowances to get the quests. Let’s say that you do not have Leve Allowances. If so, you are not able to get the Levequests.

Getting The Most Out of Leve Allowances

According to the Fandom Spot site, it is better for you not to spread yourself too thin. You have to choose an activity that you want to boost by completing Levequests and then you have to stick to it with laser focus.

You also have to make sure that you do not chase a mix of activities. It is because the rewards that you get in exchange for your Allowances will not add up too much.

For you who are completing Tradecraft Leves, you need to note that each quest does not require you to craft the item. You just have to hand it in.

If you are looking for a quick experience boost, you are able to buy the High-Quality version of the item from the Market Board and then hand it in. It can be expensive enough, but if you have cash, your experience levels can be boosted with it.

Types of Levequests

Levequests in Final Fantasy XIV are repeatable quests which can be performed by players to get various rewards. If you have unlocked the Levequest System, all Level 1 and 5 Levequests are automatically unlocked. For your information, the levequests in this game can be unlocked every 5 levels from level 1 to level 45 and every 2 levels from 50 onwards.

According to the FFXIV Console Games Wiki, there are 5 kinds of Levequests and those are explained below.

      • Battlecraft Leves
        Battlecraft are the most common types of levequest and you can be given EXP for combat. Battlecraft Leves are levequests for your Disciples of War or Magic classes and jobs and here you have to complete specific combat related objectives in a time limit where the objectives are kill missions, investigation missions and escort missions. When a Levequest is started, you have the ability to adjust the difficulty. Let’s say that the difficulty is greater. If so, the level of enemies will be higher and the rewards will be greater as well. After a Levequest is begun, the locations of the targets can be seen on your map. You will see silver card icons above the target monsters’ head. If you do these in groups, it is able to make even a +4 difficulty Levequest very easy and good for farming fast EXP.
      • Tradecraft Leves
        Tradecraft Leves are for your crafting classes and these are different from the other Leves. Here, you have to deliver specific crafted items to the client, with no time limit. After you deliver the items, you complete the mission. Let’s say that you have high quality versions of the items. If so, it will give you greater rewards. If you have completed a tradecraft level, you will get experience for that crafting class.

        • If you have High Quality items, you will get 100% additional experience.
        • If you have High Quality items, in the case of 3 items Leves, you will get 33% additional experience per item.

Note that from level 1 to 49, the locations of levequest givers are dependent on the class.

      • Fieldcraft Leves
        Fieldcraft Leves are levequests for your gathering classes and here you have to complete specific gathering related objectives in a time limit. The objectives range from visiting specific locations to collecting a specific number of items. Let’s say that you have completed a gathering leve. Then, you will get experience for that gathering class.
      • Grand Company Leves
        Grand Company Leves are combat quests and those are available only to the members of a specific Grand Company. To accept these quests, you need to talk to an officer of the Grand Company. Let’s say that you have completed these leves. Then, you will get Grand Company Seals and also experience. Grand Company Leves are able to be done by you for any of the 3 Grand Companies and you are able to get seals. Let’s say that you do Grand Company Leves of your own Company. If so, you will get bonus experience and seals.
      • Temple Leves
        Temple Leves are a new form of Leves and they can be found in Ishgard and other 3.0 areas. You have the ability to choose from Battlecraft Leves, Fieldcraft Leves and Tradecraft Leves same as normal Leves. However, in Temple Leves, you can undertake large-scale levequests and those need ten leve allowances. Even though these levequests are more difficult, you can get greater experience and also item rewards for completing them. For your information, 10 times the Leve allowance is needed for large-scale Temple Leves and these reward 5 times the EXP and are slightly harder.