10 Fun Final Fantasy Facts You Didn’t Know About

Final Fantasy is one of the games from Japan. This game is created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and it is developed by Square Enix. If you are one of the people who play this game, you may want to know about fun facts about this game. So, according to some online sources, here are 10 fun facts about Final Fantasy that you may have not known.

The Inspiration of One Winged Angel Was From Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze

There is a soundtrack called One-Winged Angel. However, do you know that Nobuo Uematsu composed the piece and as a lover of rock, got his inspiration from Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze? Yes, this mythical theme song was composed and written by Nubuo Uematsu and it was inspired by Purple Haze sung by Jimi Hendrix.

A Character Named Cid Is Present in Every Game Except The First One

A Character Named Cid Is Present in Every Game Except The First One

Cid can be found in almost all the Final Fantasy games, except in the first one. Cid can change which means that he becomes something different to each game and usually takes on an older, wise character. As explained on the Epic Stream site, Cid is probably a reference to historical figure El Cid which is a pun to the Japanese word which means discipline and it is also explained on that site that even though he always represents knowledge, science, and wisdom, he is not the same person in every title. And even though there is no Cid in the first game, but he was included in the remakes for PSP and GBA. There are also the other recurring FF characters in this series namely Biggs and Wedge where they are named after the Star Wars duo Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles. As explained on the Green Man Gaming site, these characters have become fundamental in forming the franchise.

There is ‘Thriller” Dance of Michael Jackson in Final Fantasy

In the Final Fantasy, there is Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ dance and as explained on the Green Man Gaming site, in the parade scene of Final Fantasy VIII, the bizarre thriller spoof appears. You may know that before Edea stabbed Squall with her ice harpoon where Edea and her figure appeared in a carriage with servants and dancers to support her danced in the parade. The inspiration of their dance was from Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. In a bonus scene in the film Final Fantasy Spirits Within, it is also dedicated to the song.

The Olympic Swimming Team Performed Using Final Fantasy Music

The Olympic Swimming Team Performed Using Final Fantasy Music

At the Athens 2004 Olympics, the US swimming team performed by using Final Fantasy VIII opening theme song entitled Liberi Fatali. This group went to the water and they showed a graceful Synchro Duet and they also got a bronze medal successfully.

The Name Origin of Final Fantasy

There is a fun fact related to the name of Final Fantasy. At first, the name of this game was “Fighting Fantasy”. When the condition of Squaresoft became worse at that time, their company reached its lowest point and this game became their very last resort. Since this game was their last project, they changed the name from “Fighting Fantasy” into “Final Fantasy”. In 1987, the first Final Fantasy entitled Final Fantasy Origin was released for the Nintendo console and it was successful by being sold for 400,000 copies in Japan.

Hidden Message in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Do you know the hidden message in Final Fantasy XIII-2? If you pay attention to a scene in Final Fantasy XIII-2, you will find that there is a message which says “Pray for Japan”. It is estimated that the message was created for a huge earthquake in Japan in 2011.

The Last Words That Yuna Said to Tidus in Final Fantasy X Ending

Every time international fans watch Final Fantasy X ending, their heart is broken, particularly in a scene where Yuna said to Tidus “I Love You”. On the Find Your Thing site, it is described that people’s hearts melted, their tears fell down, and they began to hope that Tidus did not go and stayed in Spira with Yuna. However, this sadness may not apply for Japanese fans because in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X ending, the words which was said by Yuna was “Arigatou” where if it is translated into English, the meaning is “Thank You”.

Final Fantasy Was Planned As A Standalone Title

Anthological nature is the most prominent feature of the Final Fantasy series where there are no major titles in the series which take place in the same time frame or universe. As a fan of this game, you may try to create theories to interweave each title together and then you may find that the only true commonality are the themes of friendship, overcoming a great evil and personal growth. As explained on the Gamerant site that it was accidental and the reason why the franchise chose to go in this direction was because at first Final Fantasy was planned as a standalone title. The team of the developers did not expect that the game would be a major success by using the title.

Influences to Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a game where the inspiration is from the growing trend of Japanese RPGs. The main influences to this game are Dragon Quest, The Legend of Zelda, and the Ultima series. In the franchise’s earlier titles, these influences can be felt by players. It is important for you to note that even though Final Fantasy was not the first title in the JRPG genre, it became the first one that managed to revolutionize it, and market outside of Japan successfully.

The Design Philosophy of Final Fantasy

As you know, the Final Fantasy franchise has been infamous because of its final releases which are different dramatically from their initial concepts. Even according to the Gamerant site, initial trailers and final products are like two completely different games. It happens because of the design process which has been followed in every series title after the second release. They write the story first, and then the game world and after that mechanics which are established around it.

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