How to Play Valorant on Mac Without Bootcamp

The popular game called Valorant is described as the first shooter game. The developer and the publisher of the game called Riot Games makes it free. The game is about tactical shooting. Everything will be interesting once you start it. The sad news is that it is only available on Windows OS as of now. It is actually unfortunate for those with macOS. Actually, the macOS users have a chance to play Valorant with Apple’s Boot Camp.

The issue does not stop here. Boot Camp is believed to not be the best choice. Apparently, there should be a minimum of 64 GB of free disk space in order to install the Boot Camp. The problem arises due to the fact that most users with Mac bought a computer with only 128 GV or 256 GB disk. If you are one of these Mac users with limited disk space, you must be wondering if there is a way to play Valorant on Mac without taking too much disk space by installing Boot Camp.

How to Play Valorant on Mac Without Bootcamp

Today may be your lucky day as you find a way to play Valorant on Mac without using Boot Camp. Everything is possible with the thing called EaseUS OS2Go. What is EaseUS OS2Go? Keep going and do not stop reading the post.

EaseUS OS2Go is made for everyone to make a portable Windows USB drive. By using the configured Windows computer, it is possible for you to clone all the system drive files and disk layout of the system drive to an external storage medium to give a chance for you to boot on another computer through this external storage medium.

As stated before, one of the things offered by the EaseUS OS2Go is the ability to save the disk space of your Mac. Actually, it is not the only function of it. In addition of it, there are some other benefits, including:

    • Keeping the game process in sync on both a Windows PC and Mac.
    • There is no additional setup required. After starting your Mac from the bootable USB drive, you can just start everything immediately.
    • It does not matter whether it is a USB flash drive or an external HDD or SSD as each of them is applicable to keep a Windows OS and games.

In order to make a portable Windows USB drive for you to be able to play the game called Valorant, here is step by step to follow:

    1. First of all, you will have to make sure to prepare a Windows computer.
    2. The second thing that you need to make sure is to install Valorant on the system drive.
    3. Do not forget to also check the total used disk space on your system drive in advance as it is really important. Keep in mind that the USB drive that you have should be larger compared to the used space.
    4. When everything is ready, the next thing that you should do is to download and install the EaseUS OS2Go on the Windows computer.

After installing the thing known as EaseUS OS2Go on the Windows computer, it is time for you to follow this following guide:

    1. Firstly, open the EaseUS OS2Go on your computer and see the used space of your system drive.
    2. Then, plug in a USB drive that has a bigger space than the system drive used.
    3. In the next step, select the target USB drive and click Next to continue the process.
    4. By following the step, you will be notified by the EasyUS OS2Go that the following operation will delete all data on your drive. You will need to make sure that you have backed up all the data that are considered important. To proceed with everything, please click the Continue button.
    5. The fifth step is to adjust the disk layout. Apparently, the default disk layout on the target drive will be exactly the same as the resource drive. Actually, you are free to edit the layout as you need. For those who are currently using a Solid State Drive as the Windows bootable drive, you will have to tick the option there before clicking Proceed.
    6. By clicking the Proceed button, the EaseUS OS2Go will begin to start the portable USB drive. Depending on your OS and network condition, the time may take a while. When the process shows 100%, it means the USB drive is able to be booted.
    7. Afterwards, insert the portable Windows USB and start your Mac.
    8. Then, press the Option/Alt key.
    9. Next, select the yellow EFI Boot icon in order to boost from the USB drive.
    10. In the end, you can just follow the instructions to boot your Mac that are shown on the screen.

It should be easy for you to play Valorant on Mac even without installing the Boot Camp by following every step mentioned above. For your information, the function of a portable Windows USB drive is not only to play games on different Oss but is also known as a portable computer. It means you can just create a portable USB drive and “copy” your company computer if you need to work from home just like at the time like this when the pandemic is ongoing.

Actually, there are some other sources that say it is unlikely to play Valorant on Mac without Boot Camp. You can just try the guide above if you want to prove it. If your computer has a large disk space, the best thing is to play Valorant with Boot Camp. To do this, there is no need for you to purchase a Windows license to use it. You also do not have to worry about Boot Camp as it does not affect the performance of your Macs when running on OSX. Once the Windows 7 is installed into Boot Camp, your Mac turns into a Windows PC and earns full advantage of the hardware.

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