How to Fix Error TWCU Something Wrong When Loading the DC_WFF.dll

DC_WWF.dll is counted as part of the TP-LINK Wireless Configuration Utility or TWCU, which seems to have become corrupted or missing. If you want to fix this error, you will have to refresh the DDL file and make sure it is not corrupted anymore. To do that, here are bunch of fixes that you can try.

Fix 1: Re-register the dll file

There is a possibility of the DDL file to be used by the third-party program or application on your Windows 10 computer and it somehow get corrupted or outdated. On the other words, you will have to re-register the DDL file which can be done by using the Command Prompt.

First of all, you will need to open the Start Menu and enter “cmd” in the search bar which will open Command Prompt. When you see it, right click on it from the results and then click on Run as administrator.

Doing so will prompt you to run the Command Prompt as admin and you are able to click on the Yes button. please carefully copy the commands below into the Command Prompt window and hit Enter one by one.

  • Regsvr32 /u dc_wff.dll – This one will remove the DC_WWF.dll fine from your system.
  • Regsvr32 /I dc_wff.dll – This one will add the DLL file back to your system.

After entering both commands and the Command Prompt has done its job, you will need to type exit in the Command Prompt windows and it will exit the Command Prompt session. Next step requires you to restart your computer and by that time the error should go away. In case you are still having the issue, then try the next method where you will go through the Startup programs.

Fix 2: Disable startup programs

Disable startup programs

Try to look at the startup programs that might the cause of the issue. For those who are not really familiar with the startup programs, they are the ones that launch when Windows boot and they usually start services that help the third-party programs starting up and running.

To look at the startup programs, the first thing that you have to do is to start the Windows Run program by using the Windows key and R shortcut and then enter “msconfig” and then hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

Then, switch to the Services tab and then on the lower left side of the window, look for the checkbox that says Hide all Microsoft services. Please check that option. After clicking on the options, you will only see the third-party services mentioned in the window.

After that, click on the Disable all button and then switch to the Startup tab. When you are in the Startup tab, click on Open Task Manager to open the Startup options in Windows Task Manager. When it is done, right click on every program displayed in the Task Manager window and disable them.

Once you have disabled everything, restart your computer and see if the issue is fixed. If the issue is still there, please try to perform a clean boot and see what is the main cause of the issue.

Fix 3: Clean boot Windows 10

Clean Boot means a mode of booting Windows when only Microsoft programs are booted and no third-party starts up with the program. The steps are essentially the same as the Fix 2, but it will use a more analytical approach to fix the issue.

Clean boot Windows 10

In order to clean boot Windows 10, please follow these instructions. First, open System Configuration using the same msconfig command mentioned in Fix 2 and then switch to the Services tab.

Second, when you are in the Services tab, click on Hide all Microsoft services and from the list that is displayed after that, keep going and disable the services that you know like from programs such as Dropbox, Google Updater, and so on.

Third, you will essentially use the trial and error method and it is 100% safe to di since you are not messing with any Microsoft services. Fourth, restart your computer and see if the issue is gone. If it does not, then repeat all the same steps for the other services mentioned in the listed.

After you boot up without any errors, you will have to go back and find out using the same steps about the program that causes the error. Once it is identified, you must uninstall the program and contact the developer so that they can fix the error for you.

Fix 4: Reset Windows 10

Reset Windows 10

The last option when all the methods mentioned above fail is to reset the Windows 10 and then use your PC as a fresh install machine. If you want to do it, you can use Windows Defender Security Center and to do that you will have to click your Start Menu and type Windows Defender and open the Windows Defender Security Center option from the results.

On the left side of the window, the next thing is to find the Device performance & health and click the option. Please scroll down to find the Fresh Start section and click on Additional Info. On the next screen, you should click on Get Started and Windows 100 will guide you through the process of resetting Windows.

Please take a note that the third-party programs will be uninstalled except the ones from Windows Store. By doing so, it will reset your Windows 10 and it is similar to factory resetting a phone which everyone already know about.

A lot of users upgrading from the older versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 may face the DC_WFF.dll is missing or not found error.

This one spoils the computer using experience and causes a lot of problems with the Windows startup process. This error appears every time there is an issue with the DLL file mentioned and they get corrupted due to being used by the third-party program.

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