Valorant Highest Rank After Placement

In Valorant, you will have a chance to jump into competitive ranked mode. In this mode, you will be able to climb to the top of the regional leaderboard. However, you need to know how the Valorant ranking system works to place the players in their real position, based on their skills.

Just like other multi-player ranking systems with some key differences, the Valorant’s ranking system is also a bit confused. When you have a plan to jump into competitive ranked mode, you probably wonder what the Valorant highest ranking after placement that you may reach.

Considering there are a total of eight ranks that you should pass on the competitive ranked mode, you certainly should know what your goal is to reach a rank after placement. If you’re curious, let’s see our post below!

Valorant Highest Rank After Placement

Highest Rank After Placement

According to the official Valorant site at, the highest rank that the players can achieve with placement is now Platinum rank, tier 3. Platinum Rank is the fourth last rank before Diamonds rank, after Gold rank. Platinum Rank also has sub-tier including Platinum 1, Platinum 2 and Platinum 3.

Then, the highest rank after placement that you may get is Platinum 3. From Iron rank through Diamond have three sub-ranks that you have to get through to advance to the next rank. However, the Immortal rank and Radiant rank only have one tier each. The point is, there are a total of 20 ranks in Valorant, except for Unranked.

Even though the player’s performance during placement matches are able to place them in a higher ranking and also tier, the majority of Valorant players will begin at the Iron rank. For instance, professional players probably can skip four levels and get their starting rank at Bronze 2.

When you are competing in competitive ranked mode, it may be possible for you to skip ranks and tiers. However, it all will depend on your Matchmaking Rating (MMR), frags (kills) and performance in a match. Here, you may be able to advance through the ranks faster, get the large win streaks and also obtain some MVPs.

When you compete in competitive ranked mode, it surely will take a lot of patience and dedication. Otherwise, if you do well and win some matches, you eventually work your way to the top of the leaderboards.

In the Valorant’s ranking system, the top two ranks in the Valorant system are provided for the best of the best. You should know that only 500 players per region will be able to reach a Radiant rank. For the Immortal rank, it is only provided for the top 1% in each region.

How to Get Platinum Rank?

In order to get the Platinum rank, you should meet the initial requirements first. All you have to do is to play 20 unranked games. If you’re already in the beta, your past games will count toward this initial 20 games.

However, it may show the system data for what kind of the player you are and then how you have to start off in your ranked games. Certainly, if you want to get good in competitive ranked mode, you have to learn and understand how the Valorant works with other players before you dive into the competitive experience that may be a bit too hard for new players.

Once you’ve played 20 matches in unranked, you may be going to play 5 ranked games with either unranked players or players who have completed their placement matches. In this case, the competitive ranked system will count how you are playing against the upper and lower ranked players in your game to determine whether you will get rating or lose rating.

It’s important to note, as you can still get rating on a loss technically or lose rating on a win. Then, once completing your first 5 competitive ranked games, Valorant will give you a rank for your upcoming competitive ranked games.

Then, you will be put in matches with ranks 5 levels or two ranks above or below yours. Moreover, this represents how queuing with your friends will work. Need to know, you cannot play with your friends until you get rating to match their or they get or lose rating to match yours, if they are 6 levels above or below yours.

How to Rank Up in Valorant?

In order to rank up in Valorant, you should climb the ranks with skill, not grind. However, that is not how the Valorant ranking system works. In this case, Valorant emphasizes on ‘wins’ where they only look at how you win and skills you have shown during your matches. In other words, it’s all about quality, not quantity, especially if you desire to advance through Valorant’s ranking system.

The game of Valorant aims to win the game by doing your best. Well, winning the games is the primary factor in order to rank up. Regarding the match’s outcome, the Valorant’s ranking system also counts good individual performances which are not always associated with your K/D.

Valorant’s Rank Rating (RR) will go up on a win, or go down on a loss. In this case, the points distribution is going to differ game-to-game that really shows you if you’re definitely climbing.

    • On a win, you will have a chance to get between 10 and 50 Rank Rating (RR): Minimum 5 Rank Rating (RR) gain for Diamond+.
    • On a loss, you will have a chance to lose between 0 and 30 RR: Maximum drop of 50 RR on a loss for Diamond+.
    • On a draw, you will have a chance to get a maximum of 20 Rank Rating (performance-based): It only applies for Iron rank through Diamond rank, in which Riot Games take individual performance into account.
    • Demotion protection: You have to lose at 0 Rank Rating (RR) to demote. Every time you demote, you will not go below 80 Rank Rating (RR) at that rank.
    • Promotion will boost in which you begin at minimum 10 Rank Rating (RR) on a win.
    • Each rank up will need 100 Rank Rating (RR)