Fix Your Computer or Network May Be Sending Automated Queries Tor

The Your computer or network on my counter may be sending automated queries issue can be caused by two reasons. The first one is due to the program on your computer running an automated process searching and the second one is due to someone on your network doing it. Luckily, there are some ways to fix the issue.

Fix 1: Try different browser

The first method that you can try when you are facing this issue is to try a different browser. There are a lot of great browsers to choose from. However, you can try Opera if you want a reliable and secure one. You would like it as it has the ability to make everyone feel at home. Once you have installed Opera, importing all the Chrome bookmarks can be done easily.

Feel free to enjoy all the great things offered by Opera. This one has a built-in antivirus, anti-tracking features, and even has its own VPN so it is the perfect choice for those who want to surf the web without any security or privacy concerns.

Try different browser

Pros of Opera:

  • No ads: Built-in ad blocks are useful to speed up the loading of pages and protect against data mining.
  • Gaming friendly: Opera has Opera GX, the first ad the best browser for gaming.
  • Easy migration: The Opera assistant can be used to transfer the existing data, including passwords, bookmarks, and many more.
  • Enhanced privacy: It is free and unlimited VPN integrated.
  • Optimize resource usage: The RAM memory can be used more efficiently compared to the other browsers.

The VPN can be really useful since it will change the IP address detected by Google and will not consider your device or network to be sending automated queries no more.

Fix 2: Scan the PC for malware

You are suggested to scan your computer with the antivirus software. If any malware is detected, make sure to remove it as soon as possible. After the process of scanning is complete, please check if the issue is still there. If you are searching for a secure and reliable antivirus with the ability to detect all kinds of malware, BullGuard might be your choice. It can be used easily and is powerful enough to detect viruses or malware using traditional virus signatures and machine learning algorithms.


Fix 3: Connect to a different network

You will need to connect to a different network if possible. If the error does not appear when you are on a different network, it means there is a possibility that the issue has something to do with the ISP. You can try to wait for a few minutes or for an hour and check if the issue is still there.

Connect to a different network

Fix 4: Delete cookies

  • The first thing that should be done if you want to delete the cookies is to open the browser and navigate to the three dots located at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Then, choose Settings.

choose Settings

  • In the next step, you should scroll down and click on Advanced.

scroll down and click on Advanced

  • After that, navigate down and click on Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Browsing Data.

  • Please tick the box on the Cookies and other site data option.
  • Lastly, click on Clear data.

click on Clear data

Fix 5: Solve the ReCaptcha

Solve the ReCaptcha

The reCAPTCHA should be shown on the screen. Fixing that and showing that you are not a robot might help you to bypass the issue and you will get back to using Google normally again.

The Your computer or network on my counter may be sending automated queries issue, which is also known as Google Sorry message, is one of the common ones encountered by users online. On certain sites, it gets triggered. For those who have no idea of what it is and where it all comes from, it could be really frustrating.

This warning might stop you from searching online and keeps trip accessing certain sites, using the computer as normal. When this error happens, the Google search gets labeled as an automated search, IP is banned, and captcha forms show up a few times. The sad news is that there is a question of multiple answering sessions until the thing called Google is restored back. However, it is just temporary.

Even though they are different sentences, these error messages and warnings are all the same, stating the same issue. According to Google, this issue occurs because of the suspicious automated search queries that might be related to spyware, malware, PUPs, and the other things.

The fix of the error might be related to anti-malware tools. Aside from that, you can also use antivirus to find any suspicious program. In addition, deleting cookies and looking for some system or software bugs might also work.

Once again, the error message might show up when Google detects the automated queries from the IP address and bans the specific address, which causes the traffic on You can remove the IP address ban and restore these Google search results by going through some settings, changing them, and the other preferences, and fixing the issue when it pops up. As an early action, you might want to run Reimage and clear some possible PUPs or fix the issue automatically. For those who have no idea of what the Reimage is, it can be described as a collection of tools with the purpose to clean malware from the computer, fix any errors, improve the speed, the performance, and the stability of your computer, and so on. Basically, it does God’s work of making your computer like new. When you use this program for the first time on your computer, it will show you a complete report that will allow you which programs are potentially harmful or unstable. On top of that, it also will give you the details about the processor and RAM memory performance and the temperature of the computer. This one is really perfect as the answer to your question.