FFXIV Goldsmith Leveling Guide

Goldsmith is one of the Disciples of Hand in FFXIV. Well, this page will inform you about the FFXIV Goldsmith leveling guide. If you want to get this great information, make sure you read this article until the end.

Goldsmith Leveling Guide

Level 1-15

At level 1, you will have to bring a Copper Ingot. Level 5 class quest needs 3 Copper Gorgets. Each one contains 1 Fire Shard, 2 Copper Ingots, 1 Wind Shard, and 1 Leather. For the next Goldsmith quest, you will have to turn in 12 Copper Rings. Recipe for one is 1 Copper Ingot and 1 Wind Shard. At level 15, you will need two items. Fang Earrings consist of 1 Fire Shard, 1 Wind Shard, 1 Bat Fang, 1 Hard Leather and 1 Brass Ingot. Meanwhile, Brass Gorget is created from 1 Wind Shard, 2 Brass Ingots, 1 Fire Shard, and 1 Hard Leather.

Level 15-20

Your next class quest needs bringing a Materia-enhanced Staghorn Staff. Probably, it is a good chance to start with completing another quest named Waking the Spirit. It will allow you to meld materia on items without having to visit any NPCs. Also, you have to get the Staghorn Staff. It consists of 1 Wind Shard, 1 Fire Shard, 1 Marbled Eye, and 2 Antelope Horns. Eventually, you are able to meld any material on it and complete the quest.

As for level quests in this tier, we suggest Forever 21K and Bad Guys Eat Brass. The first one needs a Brass Ring which is made of 1 Fire Shard, 1 Brass Ingot, 1 Winds Shard, and 1 Ragstone Whetstone. The second objective is Brass Ring of Crafting which also consists of 1 Fire Shard, 1 Brass Ingot, 1 Wind Shard, and 1 Ragstone Whetstone.

Level 20-25

At level 25, you will get the first-class quest which needs an HQ item. This is a great time to start paying closer attention to the Control stat on your crafting gear. Also, it can help with producing high-quality stuff for level quests. Now, you will need an HQ Silver Ingot which is made of 3 Silver Ores and 2 Wind Shards.

Levels in this tier are a bit disappointing, however they are still better than grinding. There are two worthwhile choices. Music to Their Ears needs Brass Ear Cuffs which are made of 1 Fire Shard, 2 Wind Shards, 2 Brass Ingots, and 1 Ragstone Whetstone. Meanwhile, Dog Tags Are for Dogs is a triple turn-in which asks for Brass Rings, the items which you crafted in the previous level tier.

Level 25-30

The objective of your next class quest is HQ Malachite Earrings. Their recipe is 3 Wind Shard, 3 Fire Shard, 1 Silver Ingot and 2 Malachite. There are two noteworthy levels in this tier. All Booked Up is a triple turn-in which asks for Silver Magnifiers. Each pair builds out of 2 Wind Shard, 2 Fire Shards, 1 Silver Spectacles, 1 Clear Glass Lens and 1 Silver Ingot. Love in the Time of Umbra is a tremendous single level which needs a Silver Ring that consists of 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Mudstone Whetstone, 2 Fire Shards, and 2 Wind Shards.

Level 30-35

At your next class quest, you will have to bring an HQ Fire Brand. The materials needed to craft it are 3 Fire Shards, 4 Wind Shards, 1 Silver Nugget, 1 Eye of Fire and 1 Aldgoat Horn. The best single level quest in this tier is “It’s Only Love.” It needs a Silver Choker which can be crafted out of 3 Wind Shards, 2 Silver Ingots, 3 Fire Shards, and 1 Aldgoat Leather. As for triple turn-ins, we suggest you get the Green Stuff which has Malachite Earrings as the objective.

Level 35-40

The level 40 class quest needs HQ Horn Staff. This weapon consists of 4 Fire Shards, 2 Wolf Fangs, 5 Wind Shards, 1 Aldgoat Horn, and 1 Eye of Fire. The tripe level quests are bad here, so you are left with the singles. For Wear Your Patriotic Pin, you will need to produce a Peridot Choker. It is made of 2 Mythril Ingots, 4 Wind Shards, 4 fire Shards, and 1 Peridot. For your information, Lode It Up is an equally good choice as its objective is Mythril Ring. You are able to craft it with 1 Mythril Ingot, 4 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, and 1 Siltstone Whetstone.

Level 40-45

For the next class quest, you will need 3 variants of the high-quality Electrum Circlet. They have nearly identical recipes. Each of them includes 3 Electrum Ingots, 6 Wind Shards, and 5 Fire Shards. The only difference is the utilized gemstone: Spinel, Amber, and Zircon. We highly recommend the If You’ve Got It. Its objective is Peridot Earrings. They consist of 1 Mythril Ingot, 5 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, and 2 Peridots. Their recipe is 2 Mythril Ingots, 5 Wind Shards, 4 Fire Shards, and 1 Basilisk Whetstone.

Level 45-50

The best ones here are two singles. Silver Ring is made of 1 Electrum Ingot, 6 Wind Shards, 5 Fire Shards, and 1 Amber. The other viable choice is the level called Sew Not Doing This. To complete it, you have to bring an Electrum Needle. It can be crafted with 1 Electrum Ingot, 6 Wind Shards, 5 Fire Shards, and 1 Basilisk Whetstone.

The next class quest used to be the final one several times ago. Its objective is an HQ Black Pearl Ring imbued with Piety Materia III. This ring can be crafted with 6 Fire Shards, 1 Electrum Ingot, 6 Wind Shards, and 1 Black Pearl. For completing this task, you have to receive Urcaguary, a helpful tool for Goldsmith.

Level 50-60

After you reach level 50 and complete the class quest, it is time to look at the additional leveling choices. As we explained, at this point, you are going to get more sources of experience, other than just level quests. We are talking about beast tribe dailies and custom deliveries. You were able to stick with level quests if you wanted to, however these two possibilities are efficient. We suggest you make use of them.

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