Best OOF Meme Sound for Roblox

As a Roblox player, you are going to be familiar with Roblox Death Sound. The Roblox Death Sound is well known as Oof. It is labeled as Uuhhh in the official sound file. Roblox Death Sound is the sound that plays when a Roblox character dies or resets in-game.

OOF Meme Sound for Roblox

According to the research, OOF sound for Roblox was uploaded on June 24, 2009 to the Library as uuhhh.wav. Roblox Death Sound or OOF is also a meme throughout and outside of the Roblox community. The Roblox Death Sound (OOF) became very popular around the year of 2016. Of course, there are lots of people who make music or remixes by using this audio file. Even, we get information that there are lots of Youtubers who use this OOF sound in their music remixes. This sound is also becoming a Meme Phenomenon. Usually, OOF sound or Roblox Death Sound is used as an expression (for death or something shocking).

Historically, the Roblox Death Sound first appeared in the 2005 beta release of Roblox. You are able to discover the earliest version inside the 2007 client (with a higher bitrate). This OOF sound effect triggers when a Humanoid, a character model controlled by the players, reaches zero from base maximum of 100. Thus, this is able to be reached by having the hit boxes that assigned to the body parts of a Humanoid struck by tools. It purposes to decrease health like spike traps or falling into the void of a map. Based on the speed of the humanoid, the sound effect will be altered. Then, the players are going to try to make their own characters move as fast as possible.

In the Roblox game, it will trigger the Roblox Death Sound (OOF) based on the volume which the player has set after adjusting the volume in the Roblox application game. This is utilized to indicate how loud or soft the volume for the player. Also, it is going to help the player in adjusting the volume based on the sound of the game. Need to know that the feature was added after its spread of the meme in late 2016. It is approximately in early 2017.

Best OOF Meme Sound for Roblox

Talking about Roblox Death Sound (OOF), we get information that there is also a group which is dedicated to the Roblox Death Sound. That group is owned by Lindive. Currently, the group has lots of members. If you want to join the group, simply you are able to join now. In this group, you will be able to share and ask anything related to the Roblox Death Sound (Oof Sound).

OOF Meme Sound Roblox IDs

Here is a list of OOF meme sound Roblox IDs:

    • Roblox Death Sound: Roblox ID 604650009
    • Mii Channel Music: Roblox ID 43666548
    • The Kitty Cat Dance: Roblox ID 224845627
    • Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Dat: Roblox ID 130776739
    • Baka Meme: Roblox ID 1136862424
    • Cringey Recorder Song: Roblox ID 454451340
    • Deja Oof: Roblox ID 1444622447
    • A Barrel Roll: Roblox ID 130791919
    • Fitnessgram Pacer Test: Roblox ID 413089817
    • Hey There Buddy Copypasta: Roblox ID 402345841
    • JoJo Meme: Roblox ID 4576134065
    • LazyTown – We Are Number One: Roblox ID 610086544
    • Old Man Laughing: Roblox ID 621995483
    • Soviet Anthem, English: Roblox ID 1195628611
    • Jingle Oof: Roblox ID 1243143051
    • The Slender Man Song: Roblox ID 142776228
    • Ear Exploder 9001: Roblox ID 180736564
    • Darude – Sandstorm: Roblox ID 166562385
    • You’ve Been Trolled: Roblox ID 154664102
    • OOF Lasagna: Roblox ID 2866646141
    • OOF: Roblox ID 1474367957
    • Police Siren: Roblox ID 156721873
    • Sound of Da Police (Loop): Roblox ID 893103157
    • Illuminati: Roblox ID 145616154
    • cats cats cats: Roblox ID 911525091
    • Send Me Trades Song: Roblox ID 426449407
    • Old Town Road OOFED: Roblox ID 3180460921
    • Mining – Minecraft Parody of Drowning: Roblox ID 958013786
    • Sonic.exe: Roblox ID 142390240
    • Just Do It: Roblox ID 256575709
    • The Meme Song: Roblox ID 433214378
    • Undertale Stronger Than You: Roblox ID 693163614
    • Fireflies Oofed: Roblox ID 2576727651
    • MLG Audio: Roblox ID 362846090

Roblox Death Sound (OOF) – Copyright Disputes

In the year of 2019, Roblox became involved in a copyright dispute with the death sound’s original creator named Tommy Tallarico. Roblox said that David Baszucki and Erik Cassel got the death sound from a stock licensed sound CD-ROM they bought when they were developing the platform, not an illegal site like Tallarico had suggested.

In late 2020, an agreement between Tommy Tallarico and Roblox was made, in which Roblox would remove the death sound after the Developer Marketplace comes out. Later, Roblox re-implement the sound as a purchasable sound asset for 100 Robux. Aside from that, Tommy Tallarico made a sound effects kit which Roblox developers can buy for their own use with prices ranging from 10 dollars to 250 dollars.

Best Roblox Music IDs (2022)

In addition, here we will also share some best Roblox music IDs in 2022.

    • Flo Rida – You Spin Me Right Round: Roblox ID 145799973
    • Whats Up Danger Movie Version Spider Verse: Roblox ID 3106151105
    • Doja Cat – Get Into it: Roblox ID 7066609753
    • Lalisa – Drop Some Money: Roblox ID 7551431783
    • Olivia Rodrigo – Brutal: Roblox ID 6937354391
    • Ckay – Love Nwantiti Slowed: Roblox ID 7453158420
    • Doja Cat – Need to Know: Roblox ID 6940413841
    • Everywhere I Go: Roblox ID 7156629013
    • Among Us Drip: Roblox ID 6486359635
    • Lil Nas X – Industry Baby: Roblox ID 7081437616
    • Kali Uchis – Telepatia: Roblox ID 6403599974
    • Nya! Arigato (TikTok Song): Roblox ID 6441347468
    • Doja Cat – Say So: Roblox ID 521116871
    • Tesher – Jalebi Baby: Roblox ID 6463211475
    • Billie Eilish – My Future: Roblox ID 5622020090
    • I´m An Albatraoz: Roblox ID 470274484
    • Shoot it: Roblox ID 142768285
    • Super Mario Scream: Roblox ID 442897621
    • Cyber/Steampunk Music: Roblox ID 146414661
    • Louis Vuitton – Original: Roblox ID 4935996782
    • Fishy On Me: Roblox ID 4908301571
    • Its everyday bro: Roblox ID 1033033034
    • I play Pokemon Go Everyday: Roblox ID 482886779
    • JoeyDaPlayer – You have no life: Roblox ID 1282209285
    • You gonna be sorry: Roblox ID 2733053836
    • Old Town Road: Roblox ID 2862170886
    • Lady Gaga – Applause: Roblox ID 130964099

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