FFXIV Glamour Sets List

You may need the information about Glamour sets in Final Fantasy XIV. When I tried to find the information about it on some online sources, I found a glamour collection on the FFXIV Eorzea Collection site. Here are some of the FFXIV Glamour sets collection list according to that site.

    • Hotgo Merchant

Non La (Head) – Bone white
Yanxian Merchant’s Haori (Body) – Void Blue
Pagos Field Dressing (Hands) – Snow White
Ramie Skirt (Legs) – Ink Blue
Faire Zori (Feet) – Void Blue
Weathered Spear (Lancer’s Arm) – Undyed
Peach Blossoms (Earrings) – Undyed
Peach Blossom Choker (Necklace) – Undyed
Hotgo Merchant

    • Walmart Starbird

Deepgold Wings of Fending (Head) – Othard Blue
Songbird Jacket (Body) – Othard Blue
Miqo’te Gloves (Hands) – Othard Blue
Oracle Pantalettes (Legs) – Undyed
Oracle Leggings (Feet) – Undyed
Walmart Starbird

    • Nightwalker

Picaroon’s Mask of Scouting (Head) – Undyed
Iga Ningi (Body) – Dark Blue
Scion Traveler’s Gloves (Hands) – Ink Blue
Ruby Cotton Gaskins of Scouting (Legs) – Undyed
Iga Kyahan (Feet) – Ink Blue
Replica Sandungs Lux (Rogue’s Arm) – Dark Purple

    • Shadow Guard

Durium Hairpin of Fending (Head) – Soot Black
Gajaskin Coat of Fending (Body) – Wine Red
High Durium Armguards of Fending (Hands) – Wine Red
Scion Healer’s Halftights (Legs) – Undyed
Bonewicca Protector’s Sabatons (Feet) – Gunmetal Black
Weathered Shadowbringer (Dark Knight’s Arm) – Wine Red
Shadow Guard

    • The Plains Walker

Platinum Circlet of Healing (Head) – Iris Purple
Ravel Keeper’s Chestwrap of Healing (Body) – Iris Purple
Koppranickel Armlets of Healing (Hands) – Iris Purple
Bloodhempen Culottes of Healing (Legs) – Iris Purple
Summer’s Flame Sandals (Feet) – Undyed
Antiquated Aymur (Two-handed Conjurer’s Arm) – Undyed
The Plains Walker

    • Spanish General

Boulevardier’s Hat (Head) – Jet Black
Idealized Arbatel Cloak (Body) – Jet Black
Elemental Gloves of Healing +2 (Hands) – Dalamud Red
Far Eastern Officer’s Bottoms (Legs) – Jet Black
Steerhide Shoes (Feet) – Russet Brown
Spanish General

    • Gunbrute

Rebel Coat (Body) – Soot Black
Aurum Armguard (Hands) – Undyed
Aurum Brais (Legs) – Undyed
Aurum Leg Guards (Feet) – Undyed

    • Pirate Ninja

Tigerskin Tricorne of Scouting (Head) – Undyed
Augmented Crystarium Coat of Scouting (Body) – Undyed
Augmented Crystarium Gloved of Scouting (Hands) – Undyed
Augmented Crystarium Pantaloons of Scouting (Legs) – Undyed
Augmented Crystarium Boots of Scouting (Feet) – Undyed
Khanjars (Rogue’s Arm) – Undyed
Hardsilver Earrings of Aiming (Earrings) – Undyed
Redbill Scarf (Necklace) – Undyed
Pirate Ninja

    • The Discerning Confidante

Scion Rogue’s Bandana (Head) – Undyed
Hraesvelgr Jacket (Body) – Wine Red
Almasty Serge Gloves of Healing (Hands) – Wine Red
Hraesvelgr Trousers (Legs) – Wine Red
Luncheon Toadskin Thighboots of Healing (Feet) – Wine Red
Nabaath Pendulums (Sage’s Arm) – Undyed
The Discerning Confidante

    • Guns and Roses

High House Cloche (Head) – Undyed
Coat of the Lost Thief (Body) – Undyed
Prototype Alexandrian Gloves of Aiming ( Hands) – Undyed
Scion Adventurer’s Bottoms (Legs) – Undyed
Wyvernskin Boots of Aiming (Feet) – Snow White
Revolver of the Wanderer (Machinist’s Arm) – Snow White
Menphina’s Earring (Earrings) – Undyed
Panegyrist’s Scarf (Necklace) – Undyed
Guns and Roses

    • Pirate Red Mage

Storm Elite’s Cap (Head) – Undyed
Plague Bringer’s Coat (Body) – Undyed
Dinosaur Leather Gloves (Hands) – Undyed
Plague Bringer’s Trousers (Legs) – Undyed
Adept’s Thighboots (Feet) – Undyed
Schlaeger (Red Mage’s Arm) – Undyed
Sphene Earrings (Earrings) – Undyed
Pirate Red Mage

    • Blue Ribbon

Thavnairian Ribbon (Head) – Undyed
Frontier Dress (Body) – Abyssal Blue
Eastern Socialite’s Gloves (Hands) – Bone White
Black Summer Tanga (Legs) – Undyed
Bridesmaid’s Sandals (Feet) – Abyssal Blue
Blue Ribbon

    • Lady in Red

Eastern Lady’s Togi (Body) – Dark Red
Augmented Crystarium Shortgloves of Casting (Hands) – Undyed
Songbird Skirt (Legs) – Wine Red
Archaeoskin Boots (Feet) – Undyed
Talekeeper (Red Mage’s Arm) – Undyed
Lady in Red

    • Alexandrian Healer

Alexandrian Jacket of Healing (Body) – Ice Blue
Alexandrian Gloves of Healing (Hands) – Ice Blue
Spring Bottoms (Leg) – Ice Blue
Alexandrian Boots of Healing (Feet) – Ice Blue
Alexandrian Healer

    • Royal Sentinel

Saigaskin Coat of Maiming (Body) – Dragon Blue
Bluespirit Gauntlets of Maiming (Hands) – Gunmetal Black
Gyuki Leather Trousers of Maiming (Legs) – Undyed
Manusya Sabatons of Maiming (Feet) – Gunmetal Black
Royal Sentinel

    • Astrologian Limbo

Limbo Chiton of Healing (Body) – Undyed
Moonward Armlets of Healing (Hands) – Undyed
Weathered Soothsayer’s Skirt (Legs) – Undyed
Eastern Lady’s Crackows (Feet) – Pearl White
Astrologian Limbo

    • Flower Boy

Flower Crown (Head) – Honey Yellow
New World Jacket (Body) – Gloom Purple
The Emperor’s New Gloves (Hands) – Undyed
Bunny Chief Tights (Legs) – Undyed
Pagos Sandals (Feet) – Currant Purple
Darklight Earrings of Aiming (Earrings)
The Emperor’s New Bracelet (Bracelets)
Flower Boy

    • Silk and Steel

Heirloom Circlet of Maiming (Head) – Dark Green
High Steel Mail of Maiming (Body) – Undyed
Augmented Shire Pathfinder’s Gauntlets (Hands) – Soot Black
Ivalician Royal Knight’s Trousers (Legs) – Undyed
High Steel Sollerets of Maiming (Feet) – Undyed
Fae Spear (Lancer’s Arm) – Dark Green
Menphina’s Earring (Earrings)
Silk and Steel

    • White Nightshade

Head Bandage (Head) – Jet Black
Neo – Ishgardian Top of Maiming (Body) – Snow White
Reaper’s Armguards (Hands) – Snow White
Imperial Lingkilt of Maiming ( Legs) – Snow White
Demonic Thighboots (Feet) – Jet Black
Death Sickle (Reaper’s Arm) – Snow White
White Nightshade

    • Friend of Flowers

Shisui Mengu of Healing (Head) – Undyed
Oracle Top (Body) – Undyed
False Nails (Hands) – Undyed
Tights of Eternal Devotion (Legs) – Undyed
Theophany Thighboots (Feet) – Pure White
Matte Replica Blade’s Mercy (Two-handed Conjurer’s Arm) – Dalamud Red
Royal Volunteer’s Earrings of Healing (Earrings)
The Emperor’s New Necklace
The Emperor’s New Bracelet
Augmented Crystarium Ring of Healing
Augmented Crystarium Ring of Healing
Friend of Flowers

    • Eden Halberdier

Sharlayan Pathmaker’s Helm (Head) – Undyed
Edengate Mail of Maiming (Body) – Undyed
High Summoner’s Armlets (Hands) – Charcoal Grey
Far Eastern Maiden’s Bottoms (Legs) – Undyed
Republican Eques’s Calligae (Feet) – Gloom Purple
Ao Oni Halberd (Lancer’s Arm) – Snow White
Eden Halberdier

    • Twin Adder Healer

Contemporary Pince-nez (Head) – Undyed
Serpent Lieutenant’s Coat (Body) – Undyed
Nomad’s Armlets of Healing (Hands) – Undyed
Augmented Crystarium Pantaloons of Healing (Legs) – Pure White
Royal Seneschal’s Boots (Feet) – Undyed
Blade’s Mercy (Two-handed Conjurer’s Arm) – Coeurl Yellow
Twin Adder Healer

For more glamour sets, you are able to access the website of FFXIV Eorzea Collection site.

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