FFXIV Classes Tier List

The game named Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV has plenty of classes, which are also known as jobs. Each of them is able to be learned and to be unlocked by the players. For your information, each character is allowed to unlock and level all of them independently.

Final Fantasy XIV has been good at keeping all the jobs well-balanced, meaning the gap between the jobs is not that big. While they are well balanced, it does not mean they are equal. No one can deny that some jobs are ahead while some others are behind. If you are wondering about the rankings, here is the tier list of the classes in Final Fantasy XIV:

S tier:

FFXIV Classes Tier List S Tier

    • Samurai

As the one that was introduced as part of the Stormblood expansion, the Samurai begins at level 50 and there is no class that can be leveled up by the players beforehand. It is a melee DPS job with the focus of managing two separate gauges: Kenki and Sen.

    • Astrologian

Numerically, the strongest healer in Final Fantasy XIV right now is called the Astrologian. This one makes it possible to switch between both raw healing and barriers while at the same time significantly increases its party members. Due to the fact that the class was included with the Heavensward expansion, it will be needed for the players to level up a bit before they are able to get it and all of the flexibility that is offered by it.

    • Warrior

The Warrior is the one that focuses on dealing damage. This one is good at dealing big bursts of damage so that the enemies can be attracted to it before healing itself back to, preventing itself from dying. It can be a lot of fun and it is known to be really self sustaining in the current iteration. It is the reason why it is so powerful and is good at keeping itself standing even though it does not really offer big damage like the Paladin does.

    • Summoner

This one can be unlocked by leveling up the Arcanist class. Talking about this job, it offers a great magical DPS option. The focus of it is to summon minions with the addition of buffing their attacks with supernatural energy.

    • White Mage

White Mage is known as the best starting healer job in the game because it is good at dealing out a lot of damage and heals. Aside from being the best starting healer job, it is also the only pure healer job in the game.

    • Black Mage

Black Mage has a focus of having skills with a wide range of elemental types. With it, the job has a chance to reach any situation or encounter throughout the game. Besides, it also makes it deal more damage compared to any other ranged DPS that the game has.

    • Dancer

The Dancer is considered as a melee physical ranged DPS. The focus of this one is on performing a lot of different dances in order to buff themselves and party members while at the same time throwing chakrams to deal damage.

    • Paladin

Almost every job’s skill focuses on defense, which explains why it is useful. This job is so well rounded. Its specialties include being good at staying alive. There is no doubt that it is the perfect option for off-rank spots.

A tier:

FFXIV Classes A Tier List

    • Dragoon

There are a lot of polearm weapons that are used by Dragoon to jump into the air and land into their enemies. It is still one of the strongest one even though their DPS values have decreased.

    • Ninja

Some of the very strong abilities in the game are currently owned by the Ninja class. This one is blessed with some very strong abilities. With these abilities, it can strengthen its fellow party members and sneak attack and scout ahead for parties.

    • Gunbreaker

Gunbreaker came with the Shadowbringers expansion, which is known to be one of the best expansions in the game. This one is known as one of the most adaptable tanks in the game as it is good at dealing damage.

    • Scholar

The Scholar is known as an amazing healer. This one offers a few utility skills that can buff the other players while at the same time dishing out the solid healing and a lot of damage. What makes it lose to some others is that it compromises heavily on its damage output.

    • Monk

The thing called Monk is unlocked after the players have successfully leveled up the Pugilist class, the one that is available when making the characters for the first time. By this, the players are allowed to equip different kinds of weapons that can be used to face the enemies.

    • Dark Knight

After reaching level 30, the players can start Dark Knight. This one focuses on soaking up damage from the other players while it can put out solid damage.

    • Red Mage

When a player reaches level 50, they can pick Red Mage. It is named as a versatile ranged DPS. It brings some great flexibility to the battlefield.

B tier:

FFXIV Classes B Tier List

    • Bard

A physical ranged DPS called Bard allows the players to deal damage. Not only that, it also gives some defensive buffs and abilities.

    • Machinist

One of the ranged DPS classes named the Machinist is behind the other DPS jobs in raw damage output. What makes it behind the others is because it does not offer any support or defensive options. On the brighter side, it is fun to play and has the ability to hold its own due to the solid balancing of all jobs of the game.

Blue Mage:


Blue Mage is such a unique one. Every player is able to level it up completely independently from level 1 to level 70. Everyone would agree that it is such a fun class to play. However, it has a minus point, which is inability to perform in specific game activities, including Daily Roulettes and the main scenario of the game.

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