FFXIV Dirndl Bodice

Dirndl Bodice in the game known as Final Fantasy XIV or FFXIV refers to the item level 1 body. This one is able to be used by any class. In order for it to be equipped, it requires at least level 1. Keep reading to find mode details about it.


    • Rarity: Basic
    • Type: Body
    • Defense: 10
    • Magic defense: 18
    • Repair level: Weaver Lv. 1
    • Materials: Grade 1 Dark Matter
    • Extractable: Yes
    • Projectable: Yes
    • Desynthesizable: No
    • Dyeable: Yes
    • Requires: All classes
    • Patch: 5.3

FFXIV Dirndl Bodice

When it comes to the appearance, Dirndl Bodice in the game looks the same as the dirndl bodice in real life. This one is tight to the body and has a deep neckline. This kind of thing is usually made in a single piece. There is also the join in the front centre that is secured by lacing, buttons, a hook-and-eye closure or a zip. As for the zip, it can be located either on the back or the side. In the past, the bodice was actually made from the dark heavy cotton so that it could last longer. In this modern era, it is usually made from the likes of cotton, linen, velvet, or silk. It is stated that the material is either colored or printed. In the traditional design, the neckline is round or rectangular. In this modern era, it is usually high and has a V or heart shape or extra deep. To make the appearance prettier, it is usually added with the embroidered decoration, especially for the ones that are intended to be worn in the public.

Dirndl Attire

Dirndl Bodice is part of the Dirndl Attire. Aside from the Dirndl Bodice, the set includes Dirndl’s Hat (head), Dirndl’s Wrist Torque (hands), Dirndl’s Long Skirt (legs), and Dirndle’s Pumps (feet). For these five items, you will just need to spend $18 USD. It is definitely worth it knowing that everything is well-modeled and are able to be dyed. Every item in the set is valuable for a complete glamour collection.

What makes the set interesting is a thing that has been wanted by everyone for a long time, which is the bodice. This one is separate from the associated skirt. Feel free to wear the Dirndl Bodice and Long Skirt at once if you want to create an appearance with a long dress. Aside from that, they will also good if they wear separately.

Just like most of the sets in the game, Dirndl Attire is able to be dyed. All the items are arranged in a single tone fashion. White color dominates the set with the ribbon that has a red color and some other accents. Not only white and red, there is also a green color.

If you find the Dirndl Bodice beautiful, you can just purchase the Dirndl Attire on the Lodestone’s Online Shop. It seems like a lot of people love this set as it makes it to the list of top 10 selling items in the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store in December 2021. Everyone loves it because it is exclusive for the female character in the game and it has different appearances depending on the race of the character that wears it. If you are wondering about the other nine, they include Phial of Fantasia, Emote: Pantomime, Mount: Cruise Chaser (Account wide), Ten Pots of Pure White Dye, Witch’s Attire, Vampire’s Vest, Dirndl’s Attire, Female Werewolf Set, Emote: Play Dead, and Ten Pots of Jet Black Dye.

Talking about the Dirndl Bodice, it is apparently included in the Level 1 – 10. Some other ones included in this level are Abes Jacket, Adventurer’s Hooded Vest, Adventuring Sweater, Aka Oni Hara-ate, Ala Mhigan Gown, Alpine Coat, Amatsu Togi, Anemos Gammbison, Anemos Jacket, Anemos Suspenders, Angelic Wings, Antecedent’s Attire, Ao Dai, Ao Oni Hara-ate, Astral silk robe, Augmented Rathalos Mail F, Augmented Rathalos Mail M, Barghest Armor, Bergsteiger’s Jacket, Best Man’s Jacket, Black Moonfire Happi, Black Summer Halter, Black Summer Top, Blackbosom Dress, Blue Summer Halter, Blue Summer Top, Boulevardier’s Ruffled Shirt, Brand-new Alphinaud’s Attire, Bridesmaid’s Dress, Bunny Bustier, Bunny Chief Bustier, Butler’s Jacket, Calfskin Rider’s Jacket, Cashmere Poncho, Casual Jacket, Chicken Suit, Chocobo Suit, Choir Robe, Coeurl Beach, Collegiate Blazer (Bow) Collegiate Blazer (Tie), Common Makai Manhandler’s Jerkin, Common Makai Marksman’s Battlegarb, Common Makai Markswoman’s Battledress, Common Makai Mauler’s Oilskin, Common Makai Moon Guide’s Gown, Common Makai Priest’s Doublet Robe, Common Makai Priestess’s Jerkin, Common Makai Sun Guide’s Oilskin, Company Tabard, Coronal Summer Halter, Craftsman’s Apron, Craftsman’s Coverall Top, Craftsman’s Singlet, Crescent Moon Nightgown, Crystarium Tabard, Dalmascan Draped Top, Dapper Rabbit Suit, Demonic Wings, Dhalmelskin Coat, Doman Leige’s Dogi, Dream Tunic, Eaglebeak Coat, Eaglewing Coat, Eastern Journey Jacket, Eastern  Lady Errant’s Coat, Eastern Lord Errant’s Jacket, Eastern Socialite’s Cheongsam, Eerie Robe, Emerald Carbuncle Jacket, Endless Summer Top, Exclusive Eastern Journey Jacket, Espeditioner’s Coat, Expeditioner’s Tabard, Extreme Survival Shirt, Faerie Tale Price’s Vest, Faerie Tale Princess’s Dress, Faire Joi, Falconer’s Shirt, Far Eastern Beauty’s Robe, Far Eastern Gentleman’s Robe, Far Eastern Maiden’s Tunic, Far Eastern Noble’s Robe, Far Eastern Officer’s Robe, Far Eastern Schoolboy’s Hakama, Far Eastern Shoolgirl’s Hakama, Far Eastern Smock, Flannel Suspenders, Frontier Dress, Frontier Jacket, Fuga Haori, Gaja Suit, Gambler’s Trenchcoat, Glacial Coat, Glade Tunic, Gnath Thorax, Gown of eternal Devotion, Gown of Eternal Innocence, Gown of Eternal Passion, Gown of Light, Green Summer Halter, Green Summer Top, Grey Hound Armor, Gryphonskin Breastguard, Gunro Oyoroi, Hakuko Dogi, Hannish Wool Autumn Shirt, Head Engineer’s Attire, Hellhound Armor, Hempen Camise, Hempen Dalmatica, Hempen DAlmatica of Gathering, Hempen Kurta, Hempen Tunic, Hempen Undershirt, High House Bustle, High House Justaucorps, High Summoner’s Dress, Highland Smock, Hooded Fireglass Leather Vest, Housemaid’s Apron Dress, Hraesvelgr Jacket, Ironworks Engineer’s Doublet, Ishgardian Gown, Karasu togi, Kokuko Dogi, Koro Oyoroi, Kupo Jacket, Lady’s Suikan, Lady’s Yukata (Black), Lady’s Yukata (Blue), Lady’s Yukata (Bluefly), Lady’s Yukata (Pinkfly), Lady’s Yukata (Red), Lady’s Yukata (Redfly), Late Allagan Armor of Aiming, Late Allagan Armor of Fending, Late Allagan Armor of Maiming, Late Allagan Armor of Souting, Late Allagan Armor of Striking, and so on.

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