Cheat Among Us Always Impostor

Since there’s no sure way to always get a role of being Impostor in every round of the game, Among Us players finally attempt to use the cheat, glitch or mod to increase the chance of being impostor in each game. Some players say that cheat or glitch actually makes them always become an impostor in every round.

You may also wonder whether it’s a real fact or not, as mods, hacks and cheats are the bad way to use them in the game. If you are really stressed and want to get a role of impostor but you always fail, it’s not wrong for you to learn about cheat, hacks or mods that claim to allow you to always become an Impostor. Let’s find out about the Cheat Among Us Always Impostor below!

Cheat Among Us Always Impostor

Is There a Cheat/ Mod to Always Become an Impostor Among Us?

We can say ‘Yes’, there are a few mods or cheats allowing you to always become an impostor in Among Us. However, using the mods or cheats will definitely ruin the fun for everyone and are not the intended way to play Among Us.

Even though you are really desperate in attempting to always become an impostor, we advise you not to use the cheat/ mod. Using the cheat/ mod will not only ruin the game for everyone, but it also runs the risk of installing a virus or other harmful program if you really do not know how to install and use it.

It is known that most mod applications are commonly illegal including Impostor Cheat, as it does not come from an official developer of Among US. In other words, cheating to become an impostor can be considered a form of violation.

In fact, a few players who were proven to use mods or cheats finally got banned by the official developer. Using the impostor cheat in Among Us means you ruin the game. How not, other players will not get the role of being an impostor, as it has been taken over by you.

Many players eventually use the Among Us cheat/ mod to make it a hacking tool, as this is a modification of someone who is not responsible. Finally, the hackers take advantage of this mod to such and take the security of personal data.

It’s no doubt the viruses that are speared in it can cause the device which is used to download applications and automatically infected with malware. As a result, your device storage is reduced.

That’s why you should be careful when using mod or cheat, as it can also take advantage of your personal data for unwanted things like tracking or something else. Well, it is pretty vulnerable to data security when using the mod app including Among Us Impostor Cheat.

We won’t inform you how to install and use the Among Us Impostor Cheat, but we’ll show you where to download the cheat, as a proof that the Among Us Impostor Cheat is available. Link to download Among Us Impostor Cheat:

Is There a Legal Way to Always Become an Impostor Among Us

Is There a Legal Way to Always Become an Impostor Among Us?

Because it’s called a legal way, of course, it really talks about your luck and your patience. Why? InnerSloth has recently revealed that they really want to increase the size of the lobbies to allow 12 to 15 players to join in the future. It means there’s no sure way to allow you to be an impostor in each round, because the size of lobbies has been determined by a full group of 10 players.

If the size of the lobbies has been increased, you may be able to increase the number of impostors and you will have a bigger chance of being an impostor than 3 players in a round. Aside from that, you can also adjust the role of impostor to 1 or 2, so it will increase your chances of being one.

Another alternative, you can try to start playing Among Us with fewer players. This method is believed to be able to increase the chances of getting the role as an impostor. However, we cannot guarantee that this method will successfully allow you to become an Impostor.

Some sources also inform that changing hats and pets can be one of alternative ways to get the chance of being an Impostor, though some people think that it is a placebo effect or only superstition.

This way actually involves rapidly changing hats where you need to go to the customization station and continually swap hats until the game loads, when a lobby is full and you see the ‘Starting in 5’ countdown start.

Here, you need to choose new hats constantly until you see the ‘Shhhh!’ screen. This way supposedly boosts your chance of becoming the impostor, though there is nothing that confirms this way really works. But some people get lucky this way as well.

A Popular Way People Use to Get Chance of Being Impostor in Among Us

It’s important to note again, there is no official way to be an impostor in every round. However, some of the players have found a technique to boost the chance of being an impostor in each round. To make it easier for you to do this technique, we’ll show step-by-step below!

    • First, you need to open Among Us on your device either PC or mobile devices
    • Then, enter your character name.
    • Here, you need to choose the number of impostors in the game.
    • After that, you may need to create the game with those settings and make sure to wait for the players to join this room.
    • You can then go to the computer and select your character color.
    • Go back to your computer, just before the waiting time ends.
    • In this step, keep on changing your character color until the match begins.

That’s it! Some players believe that this method will be able to increase your chance of being an impostor in each round in Among Us.

Why do people really want to be an impostor? Of course, impostor is the most inviting role that every player really wants to play. As an impostor, you will have a bigger chance to win the game, as you can disguise and steal the perfect time to kill the crewmates. You can kill them either through a combination of eliminating them during gameplay and manipulating or confusing them into ejecting innocent players.

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