Can You Get Caught Buying Gil FFXIV?

In Final Fantasy XIV, buying gil is the forbidden way that every player should avoid. Why? If you get caught buying gil, you will be banned from the game. On March 4, 2021, Square Enix, FFXIV developer decided to ban tons of accounts caught buying gil or advertising gil for sale.

Even though Square Enix will ban the player’s accounts temporarily, if they’re continually buying and selling accounts, it will likely be their account deactivated permanently. When you try to buy gil, can you get caught automatically? To find this answer, let’s see our little research in our post below!

Can You Get Caught Buying Gil FFXIV

Can You Get Caught Buying Gil in FFXIV?

Square Enix, the Final Fantasy developer, commonly bans the large number of gil. If you try or already have purchased the gil, you will be warned and your account will be banned temporarily. Sure, you may wonder why they can easily catch the players who attempt buying and selling gil in the game.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you will find the Real Money Trading (RMT) option. However, this RMT is totally prohibited in Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix will likely catch you after buying gil, as there’s an RMT report button that is available in-game. So, they will receive the report of players who attempt buying gil in-game.

It is known that Square Enix actually displays clearly and regularly how many players were banned due to Real Money Trading (RMT). The developer of FFXIV is well-known for banning the players from using Real Money Trading.

Recently, Square Enix broke a new record with a massive wave of account termination. So now, with the massive wave of account termination, the players may begin to consider RMT more seriously. In fact, most of the time those advertising accounts are only bots that will spam messages in the main cities of the game. So, it’s so surprising to see a lot of accounts banned for RMT though.

Why Does the FFXIV Developer Ban You from Buying Gil?

Why Does the FFXIV Developer Ban You from Buying Gil

There’s only one reason why buying gil in FFXIV is prohibited, that’s because there are a number of gil available in the game that you can get easily without doing hard attempts. If you are a fan of FFXIV, you may already know if gil is not very much needed in the game, right?

If you do not want your account to be banned from that game, make sure to avoid it, as it is totally against the rules in all cases. Indeed, gil will easily lead you to having a house, but without buying gil, you will get a super easy way to earn gil in the game. In fact, gil is only used for housing, crafting and vanity.

Some fair players actually think that gil is not ultimately all that important, as you will earn it enough just from leveling up to cover all that you need for a while. In addition to the items SE providers from the mog station of course, exchanging gil or any in-game items for real money is totally against the TOS.

The point is, the developer of FFXIV does not sell currency in their cash shop. For years, they have been against pay to win mechanics, though Gil is for the most part useless as it comes to playing the game.

With gil, the biggest thing you can purchase is only a house. As a throwback, beast tribes used to have minions and mounts when gil sinks. However, the new ones introduced in Stormblood are purchased exclusively with beast tribe tokens. So now, gil is even more useless.

The only real purpose of gil in FFXIV is teleportation fees and vendor armor. The majority of gil that is passed around is on the market board, unless you need an expertise piece of glamor or the latest mission. So, you may not have to play this game a lot.

Earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, How to Do?

As we’ve mentioned, getting gil in Final Fantasy XIV is pretty easy. Of course, there are a number of ways that you can do to get gil in the game. Here are some ways to earn gil in Final Fantasy XIV:

Way 1; Completing the quests

Completing any regular quests, duties and other activities will help you to earn gil. In addition to earning gil, you will also level up your character and obtain the items through completing the quests.

To start completing a quest, you may need to find an NPC with the distinct Main Scenario Quest icon above your head or you can see it through the Recommendations list to see what Duties are in vicinity.

Way 2: Selling items for Gil

If you want to earn gil, you can try to sell all your unwanted items with other players. The transfer limit is 5 million gil per retainer and 10 million gil per character. However, there are two ways to make a deal including Face to Face delivery and Market Board.

Way 3: Level a gathering profession

If you are new to Final Fantasy XIV with a low level, you may need to gather material and sell it to obtain gil. You may be able to start collecting Miner, Botanist and last Fisher. However, it cannot guarantee you to be rich, but this is the best way for you to easily earn gil.

Way 4: Duty Roulettes

You will also earn gil and level up your account by leveling roulettes. However, that’s a slow way to earn consistent gil. You can run daily roulettes, get and sell red grade VI material and get a cracked cluster.

In addition to giving you gil, the Duty Roulette also offers a daily reward that can give you a combination of experience, Cracked Clusters, Grand Company Seals and Mhachi Matter, depending on the type of duty and the level of job when entering the queue. Additionally, the number and type of Tomestones that are available for each roulette frequently change with new patch content.

Okay, those are some ways to earn gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Sure, there are still other ways that you can obtain gil.

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