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Bing provides quiz to make the users engage on the platform. When the quiz is about Aurora Borealis, it means that you have to know everything about it so that you are able to answer the quiz questions well and get higher score.

Aurora Borealiz Quiz Questions

There are a lot of possibility of questions that will appear when it comes to Aurora Borealis. Below, we have some examples of quiz questions about Aurora Borealis. You are able to learn the quiz questions below.

1. What are the primary colors of Aurora Borealis?

a. Red
b. Gold
c. Orange
d. Green

2. The plasma particles bump with what and make Aurora Borealis?

a. Meteoroid
b. Bob’s Head
c. Earth’s Atmosphere
d. Sun’s Light

3. Where can we see Aurora Borealis on the Earth from the options below?

a. Australia
b. Cuba
c. Taiwan
d. Japan

4. What is the meaning or Aurora in Roman mythology?

a. God of Light
b. Goddess of Money
c. Goddess of Dawn
d. God of Spirits

5. Another name of Aurora Borealis is…

a. Branta canadensis
b. Aplysia california
c. Northern Lights

6. From the following options, where can the Nothern Lights be seen?

a. Alaska
b. New Jersey
c. Zimbabwe

7. The lights of Aurora Borealis are caused by …. electrically charged particles which interact with the Earth magnetic field.

a. Lighting
b. Solar Winds
c. Thunder
d. Sun

8. The wide can be up to … miles

a. 3,000
b. 2,000
c. 10,000

9. Borealis is named after the Greek God of the…

a. Northern Sun
b. Northern Lightning
c. Northern Wind

10. What color is not a typical color of the Northern Lights?

a. Yellow
b. Purple
c. Red
d. Blue
e. Green

11. Aurora Borealis are usually most visible to people who live where?

a. Far north
b. Deep south
c. Wild west
d. Middle east

12. Who had a though that Aurora Borealis were the shining weaponry of immortal warriors?

a. Menominee
b. Celts
c. Inuit
d. Vikings

13. The causes of Aurora Borealis are…

a. Light which passes through pollution in the atmosphere
b. The refraction of light through the constant mists in the north
c. Electrons which come from solar winds
d. Reflection of lights off the arc of the polar ice

14. Who thought that Aurora Borealis is the spirit of animals?

a. Menominee
b. Celts
c. Vikings
d. Inuit

15. Who thought that Aurora Borealis is the torch of giants who live in the north?

a. Inuit
b. Celts
c. Menominee
d. Vikings

Now, let’s see the information about Aurora Borealis according to Northern Lights Centre below.

What is Aurora Borealis?

Bing Aurora Borealis Quiz

Aurora Borealis is collisions which happens between electrically charged particles from the sun that get into the atmosphere of the earth. The lights are able to be seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. In the north, it is known as Aurora Borealis, while in the south, it is known as Aurora Australis.

They come up in a lot of colors. However, the most common colors include pale green and pink. There is a report which reported that there are also shades of yellow, red, green, blue and violet. The lights can be seen in a lot of forms ranging from patches, scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays which can light up the sky with an eerie glow.

The Causes of Aurora Borealis or The Nothern Lights

Actually, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the atmosphere of earth with charged particles which are released from the atmosphere of the sun. There are variations in color and it happens because of the type of gas particles which are colliding. The most common color of Aurora Borealis is a pale yellowish-green which is produced by oxygen molecules and it is located about 60 miles above the earth. There is also all-red auroras, but it is rare. This color is produced by high-altitude oxygen at height of up to 200 miles. The blue color or purplish-red aurora is produced by nitrogen.

Since about 1880, the connection between the Northern Lights and sunspot activity has been suspected. Then, there was a research which was conducted since the 1950s. The temperature above the surface of the sun is millions of degrees Celsius so that collisions between gas molecules are often and explosive. From the atmosphere of the sun, there are free electrons and protons which are thrown by the rotation of the sun and escape through holes in the magnetic field. The charged particles are blown to the earth by the solar wind and they are largely deflected by the magnetic field of the earth. However, the magnetic field of the earth is weaker at pole and so some particles get into the atmosphere of the earth and collide with particles of gas. The light of the Aurora Borealis usually can extend from 80 kilometers to as high as 640 kilometers above the surface of the earth.

The Best Place to See Aurora Borealis

You are able to see Aurora Borealis in the northern or southern hemisphere. You will see it in an irregularly shaped oval centred over each magnetic pole. In the north, this is known as Aurora Borealis, but in the south, it is known as Aurora australis. Since the phenomenon happens near the magnetic poles, it has been seen as far south as New Orleans in the western hemisphere, meanwhile the same locations in the east never go through the mysterious lights. If you want to see this phenomenon, the best places is in the northwestern parts of Canada, especially in Nunavut, Yukon, Alaska and Northwest Territories. This phenomenon is not often seen because they are concentrated in a ring around Antartica and the southern Indian Ocean.

The areas without light pollution can be a good place to watch Aurora Borealis. So, the best areas can be in the north, in smaller communities. To be able to see Aurora Borealis, researcher have found that the activity of it is cyclic. It peaks roughly every 11 years. The next peak period is 2013. A good season to see this light can be in Winter in the north.

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