Bing Garden Quiz

In the summer, spring, and autumn months, there are always many things to do in the garden. If you love being surrounded by the greens, we are sure that you have a garden in your backyard. Thus, let us test your knowledge with the Bing Garden quiz listed on this page.

Garden Quiz – Questions and Answers

Here are some examples of questions and answers that you can learn before you take a Garden quiz on Bing. Make sure that you learn them well.

1. Protect your plants from frost with:

A. Plastic
B. Cloche
C. Netting

The correct answer: B. Cloche

2. You can use ____ as natural soap:

A. Honeysuckle petals
B. Carrot greens
C. Yucca roots

The correct answer: C. Yucca roots

3. Slugs and snails are:

A. Arachnids
B. Mollusks
C. Insects

The correct answer: B. Mollusks

4. Shepherds Purse is a part of the ____ family.

A. Mustard
B. Figwort
C. Mallow

The correct answer: A. Mustard

5. Western Brassicas include Brussels Sprouts and

A. Radishes
B. Cauliflower
C. Romaine

The correct answer: B. Cauliflower

6. In the United States Appalachian mountains, yucca plants are named:

A. Sword plant
B. Century plant
C. Meat hanger

The correct answer: C. Meat hanger

7. Cactus are:

A. Always thorny
B. Sometimes succulents
C. Hard to grow

The correct answer: B. Sometimes succulents

8. Diatomaceous earth will be able to:

A. Kill insects
B. Repel slugs
C. Both

The correct answer: C. Both

9. Alpines are the good plants for a:

A. Rock garden
B. Topiary
C. Terrarium

The correct answer: A. Rock garden

10. Alliums are:

A. Nightshades
B. Onions and garlic
C. Potatoes and tubers

The correct answer: B. Onions and garlic

11. Kinds of true roses include:

A. Rose of Sharon
B. Hybrid Tea Rose
C. Moss Rose

The correct answer: B. Hybrid Tea Rose

12. When you prune a yucca, you have to:

A. Use a machete
B. Wear a swimsuit
C. Protect your eyes and hands

The correct answer: C. Protect your eyes and hands

13. Pelargoniums come from:

A. Turkey
B. South Africa
C. Cuba

The correct answer: B. South Africa

14. Plant Alliums in:

A. Midsummer
B. Early Spring
C. Late autumn

The correct answer: B. Early Spring

15. Which of these men is a popular organic gardener?

A. Anthony Bahargul
B. Bob Ross
C. Bob Flowerdew

The correct answer: C. Bob Flowerdew

16. Xeriscaping is:

A. Replacing your lawn with naturalized flowers
B. Utilizing little or no fertilizer in your garden
C. Gardening with drought resistant plants

The correct answer: C. Gardening with drought resistant plants

17. Protect your veggies from the birds with:

A. Netting
B. Diatomaceous earth
C. White vinegar

The correct answer: A. Netting

18. A seedling without branches are able to be called a:

A. Twig
B. Whip
C. Shrub

The correct answer: B. Whip

19. A ____ can be described as a hirsute flower.

A. Boutonniere
B. Bearded Iris
C. Helenium

The correct answer: B. Bearded Iris

20. A small Japanese orange is called a:

A. Tangerine
B. Naranja
C. Kumquat

The correct answer: C. Kumquat

21. Plant spring flowering bulbs in:

A. Spring
B. Early autumn
C. Summer

The correct answer: B. Early autumn

22. If you want smooth rhubarb, you have to use:

A. Lemon juice
B. Epsom salts
C. Rhubarb forcer

The correct answer: C. Rhubarb forcer

23. The kind of Periwinkle known as Vinca is utilized in the treatment of:

A. Anxiety
B. Leukemia
C. Acne

The correct answer: B. Leukemia

24. In the winter you have to:

A. Stop feeding birds
B. Reduce bird feeding
C. Feed wild birds more

The correct answer: C. Feed wild birds more

25. Uncontrolled Japanese Bamboo:

A. Is acceptable in the wild areas
B. Can make you in trouble with the law in the United States
C. Makes a nice hedge

The correct answer: B. Can make you in trouble with the law in the United States

26. A poisonous flowering tree is the:

A. Laburnum
B. Oleander
C. Both

The correct answer: B. Both

27. Well-pruned roses:

A. Do not bloom
B. Can become stunted
C. Resist wind damage

The correct answer: C. Resist wind damage

28. Godzilla weed spreads:

A. Only through seed distribution
B. A full yard daily
C. Extremely slowly

The correct answer: B. A full yard daily

29. Lancashire is known for:

A. Red roses
B. Beatles
C. Both

The correct answer: A. Red roses

30. Tree ____ is utilized in the manufacture of cork.

A. Root
B. Pulp
C. Bark

The correct answer: C. Bark

31. If soil pH is not neutral, it can be:

A. Acidic
B. Alkaline
C. Either

The correct answer: C. Either

32. Another name for Japanese Knotweed is:

A. Lucky Bamboo
B. Mexican Yucca
C. Fleece flower

The correct answer: C. Fleece flower

33. Impatiens Walleriana is called:

A. Impatient Mary
B. Busy Lizzie
C. Pouting Pansy

The correct answer: B. Busy Lizzie

34. The carp most often kept in the garden ponds is a:

A. Koi
B. Black Moor
C. Comet

The correct answer: A. Koi

35. A good natural weed killer is:

A. Iron sulfate and baking soda
B. White vinegar and dish soap
C. Epsom salts and lavender oil

The correct answer: B. White vinegar and dish soap

36. This evergreen creates a tall, dense hedge:

A. Leyland Cypress
B. Castor Bush
C. Yucca Nana

The correct answer: A. Leyland Cypress

37. A garden dibble or dibber is utilized to:

A. Discover water
B. Plant small plants and seedlings
C. Attach name tags to plants

The correct answer: B. Plant small plants and seedlings

38. Hummingbirds drink the ____ of the flowers.

A. Honey
B. Dew
C. Nectar

The correct answer: C. Nectar

39. Fuchsia is named after Leonhart Fuchs who was a:

A. Physician/Botanist
B. Artist/ Botanist
C. Musician/Botanist

The correct answer: A. Physician/Botanist

40. An old-fashioned name for tomato is:

A. Ackee fruit
B. Red ruby
C. Love apple

The correct answer: C. Love apple

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