Among Us Switch Crossplay Guide

Is Among Us cross-platform? If you are still in doubt with it, the answer is totally Yes. Among Us provides a cross-platform which allows you to cross-play between PC and mobile devices. At the end of this year, Among Us gives a surprise release for Nintendo Switch.

Of course, that’s good news for Switch users as the port will support crossplay with the PC and also the smartphone version of the game. Today, it’s possible for you to play with a wider friend from other platforms. In fact, it’s a very big year for Among Us which originally released on Steam in 2018 to vagueness.

Well, in 2020, Among US was rapidly and randomly adopted by very influential streamers has has culminated in some very high profile people which are playing this game. So are you interested to cross-play Among Us? If so, let’s see the guides for cross-play the game below!

Among Us Cross-Play, Here’s the Guides!

Among Us actually offers you to cross-play between platforms. This game is initially available on Mobile and PC. Right now, you can also play Among Us on Nintendo Switch. You absolutely can grab Among Us games from Nintendo Switch eShop for $5.00 / £3.89 which is either slightly cheaper or more expensive than the  $4.99 / £3.99 price on Steam depending on your region.

The Switch version has an additional cost in which you need to be subscribed to Nintendo’s online service to play through the internet. Well, the cross-platform here will be needed if there is someone in your friend  group who has no smartphone or a Steam account and they just have a Switch, you can really kill them, can’t you?

According to the leakers, Among Us will be continuing to expand to new venues, coming soon to Xbox Game Pass PC, too.

Guide 1 – How to CrossPlay in Among Us

How to CrossPlay in Among Us

You may wonder how to set crossplay between platforms in Among Us game. Whereas, setting up a cross-platform is absolutely easier than you think.

To set up a crossplay session of Among Us, you have to send the room code to your friend. Once you send them the code, they’re able to input the room code into their device either on PC or on mobile. After your friend input the correct code, you will join the room. That’s it! You can now join in a room with your friend from different platforms.

Moreover, the room code here can be found at the bottom of your screen when you host a room. Instead, you can get your friend to send their room code to you. To note, there are not any certain rules that you need to follow to play Among Us with your friends in cross-platforms feature. You just simply follow the steps that we have explained previously to make a session and then invite other players to join. Of course, the joining process here is the same regardless of the device.

Guide 2 – How to Play Among Us Online

Guide 2 – How to Play Among Us Online

Aside from setting the crossplay for Among Us, you must also know how to play Among Us online. Then, to play this game online, at the main menu, you can choose the Online option. After that, enter your name on the available field and then choose either  Host, Public, or Private.

If you choose Host, it will create a session. Choosing Public will let you to find random players to play with. While, choosing Private will allow you to join a private match hosted by a friend. If you want to play Among Us with your friends, you have to share the code at the bottom of the screen with your friends. Then, your friends will have to input the code in the Private option of the Online menu.

Guide 3 – How to Play Among Us Local Multiplayer

How to Play Among Us Local Multiplayer

If you want to play Among Us with your friends locally, you just simply choose Local from the title screen. After that, choose the Create Game option under the Host menu. Here, your friends have to connect to your session if their devices are on the same Network as you. Then, they definitely will see your name under Available Games in the Local menu.

Guide 4 – How to Play Among Us in Public Match

We guess that you may want to play Among Us game through Public match with your friends. That’s so simple to do. To play in a Public match, you can host an online game and then invite all of your friends to your session. After anyone joins, you can then click or tap the Private button at the bottom of the screen to make the lobby for Public match. Well, all online players have to start filling in and just start the game after you have enough people in a Public match.

Guide 5 – How if the Multiplayer is not Working?

Generally, the multiplayer match is not working as you or your friends input the wrong room code. So make sure to input the room code correctly if you want to try joining a friend’s session. You also need to ensure that you and your friends are on the same network to play in multiplayer mode.

What are the Benefits of CrossPlay Feature?

More recently, cross-platform, crossplay or cross-play has become a gorgeous feature as the player expects of their multiplayer games. With enough  time, this feature is bound to become an industry standard like how high resolutions and a 16:9 ratio are to be expected.

So as with the Among Us Cross-platform, the players are able to get back to enjoyable playing Among US cross-play with your friends on Mobile and also PC. Additionally, Among Us is very easy, but the goodness is based on your ability to get a big collection of friends together to play this game. Today, the process is even easier as this game hits Nintendo’s Hybrid portable machine. The developers of Among Us have also confirmed that the Switch port will feature cross-platforms or crossplay features with all the existing versions.

Well, one of Cross-platform advantages is definitely addressed for Mobile users in which they will have a blank name in Among Us. However, it makes other players on different platforms  harder to identify, making it difficult to be spotted as the Impostor and making it simpler to hide as a scared crewmate.

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