The Color Switch Fortnite Code Baller

For those who want to know a code of Color Switch: Baller Edition, now you are able to read this article until end. In this page we will share the code for Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition. Apparently, there are lots of Fortnite players who look for this code.

Actually, there are some sites that you can visit to find the code. One of sites is the site of Epic Games itself. Simply, you are able to look for and find the code for Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition. Of course, there are other maps including Hide and Seek, escape, puzzle, parkour, mazes, event submissions, races, fun maps, the block, adventure, and more.

Color Switch: Baller Edition Code

Color Switch: Baller Edition Code

You have to know that Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition code is 2984-9065-8370.

Color Switch: Baller Edition (Version 37):

  • Classic Colour Switch with ballers
  • 16 players
  • 1 huge map
  • 7 different colours
  • Game Gets Faster and Faster
  • Last alive wins

By the way, who is the creator of Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition? For your information, the creator of Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition map is TEAMUNITE. Of course, there are some others map made by TEAMUNITE.

How To Use Color Switch: Baller Edition Code

  • Step 1: Start Creative Server.

The first thing that you have to do to use Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition code is to start a Creative Server.

  • Step 2: Discover The Featured Island Rift.

The second step is to discover a featured island rift in the Creative Hub.

  • Step 3: Submit The Island Code.

The next step that you have to do is to open “Set Island Code” and then submit Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition code (2984-9065-8370).

Finally, now you have know the code of Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition and also know the way how to use Fortnite Color Switch: Baller Edition code.


As we said before that there are some others map made by TEAMUNITE. Now, you may want to know others map made by TEAMUNITE. Well, in this article we are also going to share some of them. Just continue reading this page.

Here are some others maps made by TEAMUNITE:


  • Map Code: 2108-2091-0547
  • Map Description: Welcome Ghost Hunter, please enter the Haunted House and figure out which 1 of 12 ghosts you are dealing with. The game is completely randomized and AI controlled, play with three other friends or alone, just pick the correct ghost by figuring out its traits to win.
  • Map Type: Scary Spooky, mini-game, challenge

Icons of Italy

  • Map Code: 3459-5861-4665
  • Map Description: Challenging duo-puzzles and also epic gladiator fights.
  • Map Type: Puzzle, Adventure, Deathrun

Gun Fight: Scarefest

  • Map code: 5151-1096-5070
  • Map Description: Please fight Solo, or you are able to grab a Teammate to beat. (2-16 Players)
  • Map Type: Scary Spooky, Team Deatchmatch

Cafe Capture

  • Map Code: 6177-5859-6749
  • Map Description: Welcome to this cafe Capture. You have to capture each of the 8 slurp Cafes. After captured it will close and another Cafe will begin serving. 2-8 Players
  • Map Type: Mini-game, free for all, capture point, challenge

Colour Switch

  • Map Code: 8255-8879-3055
  • Map Description: You are given a colour, stand on the matching floor colour to survive, harder as time goes on, and last alive wins. (FFA 2-16 Players)
  • Map Type: Parkour, Free for all, mini-game

Time Twist

  • Map code: 5918-7034-6151
  • Map Description: An usual barn with an unique ability. Please use the Rift to Go Item to switch between Earth and Space. (2-16 Players)
  • Map Type: Mini-game

Marvel vs Fortnite (Trappers vs Runners)

  • Map code: 6949-5540-9181
  • Map Description: The Facility is being broken into by Fortnite Players. You have to use different superhero to stop them. (2-16 Players)
  • Map Type: Mini-game, deathrun

Dartboard for your Loot!

  • Map code: 3205-5774-0218
  • Map Description: There are four different Bar events to determine your loot.
  • Map Type: Mini-game, free for all, capture point

Spoons for your Loot!

  • Map code: 1367-9600-6505
  • Map Description: Spoons card game to specify your Loot!
  • Map Type: Mini-game

Superhero Tycoon Wars!

  • Map code: 9316-0355-4202
  • Map Description: There are 4 Heroes, 1 Winner, just upgrade your base and survive until the end. Break opponents servers to shut their HQ down and last alive wins.
  • Map Type: Mini-game, free for all

Construction Royale

  • Map code: 6892-0082-5626
  • Map Description: A Mini BR which is being built daily. You are able to join daily to see new locations and areas.
  • Map Type: Mini-game, free for all

Lucky Blocks FFA

  • Map code: 1877-0341-1183
  • Map Description: Crush the Lucky Blocks to know your loot. But be careful, not all Lucky Blocks are as lucky as you may think.
  • Map Type: Mini-game, free for all

Colour Dive

  • Map code: 0237-4476-7608
  • Map Description: You will need to Dive into the colour given to survive. Wrong colour means elimination. Survive from all opponents to win.
  • Map Type: free for all, mini-game, challenge

Zone Wars: Storm Surge

  • Map code: 8458-4412-0815
  • Map Description: This is one of the popular Zone Wars with working storm, Battle Royale Loot, (2-16 Players)
  • Map Type: Zona wars, free for all, challenge

1v1 TU Build Fights

  • Map code: 5509-2232-2934
  • Map Description: The only Build Fight map that you will ever need.
  • Map Type: challenge, 1v1

Boxfight: Push The Line

  • Map code: 0784-4831-0194
  • Map Description: It is time to Push the Line in Boxfights. Winning or Losing is going to push you one step closer or further to victory. Team Based Boxfight 1v1 -> 5v5
  • Map Type: Box fight, challenge, Team deathmatch

Prop Hunt with Abilities

  • Map code: 9249-3264-0093
  • Map Description: Props and Hunters have abilities to help during the game.
  • Map Type: Prop hunt, mini-game, Team deathmatch