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There are 3 maps in the Among Us game. The first map named The Skeld which was released in 2018. Then, in August 2019, another map was added which is the name Mira HQ. And then, it was followed by the release of the third map and the name of this map is Polus. Now, what about the names of the rooms of each map? We will explain it below.

The Rooms Names in The Skeld Map

As explained above that The Skeld is the first map in Among Us and even it is the main map. This map is set on a spaceship and there are 14 rooms in this map. What are they? You are able to see the names of the rooms in The Skels Map below.

The Rooms Names in The Skeld Map1

Cafeteria Admin
Weapons Electrical
Navigation Lower Engine
O2 Security
Shields Reactor
Communications Upper Engine
Storage MedBay

In this map, you are able to find four vent connections between the rooms on The Skeld. The vent connections are listed below.

  • Cafeteria, Admin and the hallway above Shields are bordered with vents.
  • MedBay, Electrical and Security are bordered with vents.
  • Weapons and Shields are interconnected with vents.
  • The Upper Engine and the Lower Engine are linked to the reaction with vents.

The textures and layout of the map were reversed on April 1st, 2020 by the developer. They make the ship appear as if it were flying backward.

In this map, there are three rooms which are the best for murder. The first one is Electrical. For killers, this room has a lot of advantages that can make any who wander in here easy targets. They can sabotage the door outside so that it can prevent any other players from entering and seeing the crime.

The second one is Navigation. In this room, you are able to find a few tasks including one of the wire fixes. It means that there is a high opportunity an unsuspecting victim will come here. However, you have to note that you do not run outside normally since the area is recorded on camera.

The third best room for murder in this map is Security. You are able to eliminate people who sit in security and monitor on the camera because they can be liability during discussions. In addition, there is a closable door and vent exit where it can make it a safe kill place.

The Rooms Names in Mira HQ Map

The Rooms Names in Mira HQ Map

Mira HQ is the second map which was introduced in Among Us. This map is set somewhere in the high altitude regions of the Earth’s atmosphere and the recurring company, MIRA. In Mira map, you are able to find 13 rooms and here are the names of the rooms.

Launchpad Storage
Reactor Cafeteria
Decontamination Balcony
Laboratory Office
Locker Room Admin
Communications Greenhouse

Different from The Skeld map, in Mira HQ map, all the vents are interconnected. It means that an imposter is able to perform more efficiently while using vents and appearing almost anywhere they want on the map.

In this map, there are also three best rooms for murder. The first one is Launch Pad. There is no reason for players to go back to this area. But, you can do that if you have to complete your timed task. You are able to pretend to work one of the tasks here and then you can take down anyone who stays there alone.

Balcony is another best room to murder in this map. In this room, you are able to wait behind while pretending to do tasks so that it can open up a chance to attack. The existence of the satellite on the left side can help you to cover up bodies so that the player who is killed here will be hidden easily.

The third best location to murder in this map is Reactor. However, whether or not this area is good for murder depends on the situation. It is a secluded area so an impostor can be here alone with their prey, but a player who sees them enter together will know easily who did it.

The Rooms Names in Polus Map

The Rooms Names in Polus Map

Polus is the last map in Among Us and it was released in the game on November 12th, 2019. In this map, the set is as a planetary base for crewmates on the planet Polus. This map is a spacious map because it has the lowest number of rooms in the game. So, this map has a bigger area than the previous maps. What are the names of the rooms in Polus map? Here is the list of rooms in Polus map.

Specimen Room

On Polus map, there are four vent connections that you can find. Here is the list.

  • Security, Electrical and O2 are linked via vents.
  • The North-West and North-East Corridors are linked via vents.
  • Laboratory is linked to Admin and the South Corridor via vents.
  • Communications, Storage and the South Corridor are linked via vents.

If you turn on Confirm Ejects, when voted out, a crewmate will try to reach out before sinking into the lava and an imposter would show a thumbs up sign before sinking into the lava which is referred  to the climax of the movie, Terminator 2.

In Polus map, the first best location to murder is Speciments. The room is connected by two hallways where each of them is with their decontamination section at the exit. These conditions which are isolated make it a good kill area.

The second best place to murder is Storage. In this map, there are closed-off areas which lack line of sight. So, there is no one outside who will know a murder has happened except if they get into it.

Admin is another best room that can be used to murder. This room has a few jagged corners which others have a hard time seeing behind. This situation makes it a great spot to escape from and hide bodies.

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