Which Among Us Character Are You Quiz? Gets Imposter the Most

When the players get random crew members, usually they keep track of their mates by the color they are. In the game Among Us, lots of color players are used. By the way, what Color gets Imposter the most in Among Us? Please check out the answer to what color is most likely to be an imposter in Among Us here.

Who is an Imposter in Among Us?

Among Us is a social deduction multiplayer game. The players attempt to complete various tasks which are assigned to them. But, one or more players are able to be an imposter in this game. Being an imposter is able to be difficult or stressful and also a lot of fun. In the game of Among Us, the imposter needs to pretend that they are a regular crewmate and kill off the other crewmates without drawing attention. The developers of Among Us have given the crew members with many colors. Once the dead body of a crew member is reported, or if someone calls an emergency meeting, the players are able to discuss and vote who they trust to be the imposter. The crewmember who gets the most votes is going to be ejected into space or any other place depending on the map.

Who is an Imposter in Among Us

What Color gets Imposter the most Among Us?

Based on the research, the most common imposter color is Red. Others colors which are on the map are White, Purple, Lime, Cyan. It is hard to argue, however of all the mentioned colors, Red is frequently accused of being the Impostor.

Red is the most noticeable color in the game of Among Us. The player is able to customize it. Red is considered to be the main mascot of Among Us game because it appears on some promotional photos and app icons. Also, red is used for the impostor in promotional posters for the game.

Aside from that, Red appears at the beginning of each game with the text “Shhhhhhh!”. Red is in 6 promotional photos. With this red color is in a tie with Orange and Pink color for the most appearances, the players often accuse Red as being the Impostor, even there is no reason.

The Imposters Will Attempt To Get People Alone

In most games of Among Us, the best method to neutralize any suspected imposter is to stick near them or to keep yourself in groups of three or more. You are going to notice soon that the imposters do not like being observed. If you are worried about someone following you, you are able to expose them by seeking out other people and getting close to them. If your tail leaves as soon as you are no longer a tasty target, you may have got your monster.

Generally, you want to stay within sight of other players however far sufficient away from them that they cannot easily murder you without approaching with intent. If anybody seems like they are chasing you, usually it is a good guess that they think they have an opportunity at killing you. If someone is pursuing you doggedly or another player ask yourself why, then you are able to call an emergency meeting.

Easily The Imposters Seem To Get Bored

Every crewmember character in the game of Among Us has a list of tasks to do to win the game. Those all require walking around the ship and interacting with different panels, where you are able to complete some mechanical action or resolve an easy puzzle to get the ship going again. Everyone has different tasks, so you are not going to see someone else completing your tasks. It means that you will see people frequently standing at panels as they use them.

If you watch a player roam into a room which is full of other people doing their tasks, you have to keep an eye on them. The Imposters do not have anything to do in those rooms, so you are going to see them frequently walk into one full of other players. By the way, why would they walk into one of those rooms if they did not have anything to do there? You have to know that they were hoping for murder targets and headed away to find someone more vulnerable. The Impatient imposters are going to give themselves away by not committing hard enough to their con. If it looks like someone is in a room for no reason, probably their reason is to try to murder someone. This is definitely not to fix the ship.

Anyone Who Moves Too Fast Is An Imposter

If you are trying to recognize an imposter in Among Us game, you will spend a lot of time following other players around. Sometimes, you might be following someone only to have them vanish around a corner, one minute they are just ahead of you, and the next they are gone. If it seems like someone suddenly discovered a method to outpace you as you pursue them, they are very likely an imposter.

You have already know that imposters are the only characters who can use the ship’s vents to get around, Alien-style. Find a person jumping into or coming out of a vent and you should report them immediately as they are evil. It means that it can be impossible for someone to straight-up lose you in most cases if you are following them. If someone suddenly vanishes while you are in pursuit, there is a good chance they slipped you by hopping into a vent just out of sight.

List of colors in Among Us game

The game Among Us is a colorful game. It allows the players to customize their characters. The list of colors that available for the crew members are mentioned below:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Lime