When Do Shooting Stars Happen ACNH

A meteor shower is an event which occurs in Animal Crossing, Wild World, Animal Forest e+, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons. As the name implies, meteors or shooting stars will shower the sky. The player is able to wish upon a one to accept a gift either the next day or during the event, depending on the game.

When Do Shooting Stars Happen in ACNH?

The Shooting Star is an event which occurs on your ACNH island between the hours of 7pm and 4am. During this event, you are able to look up to the star and make a wish.

Meteor Showers are entirely random. But, you are going to be told a Meteor Shower is coming during the daily morning announcements. So, you have to ensure to check every day. As explained previously, the Shooting Star itself comes between the hours of 7pm and 4am.

When Do Shooting Stars Happen ACNH

However, one hint that you need to keep in mind if you are looking for the shooting stars in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that they only occur on clear nights. If you see no clouds in the sky at night, you are able to keep an eye out for these falling stars. Also, you are able to wish upon the shooting stars which arrive in pairs.

    • Make sure you are not holding anything or sitting.
    • Please look to the night sky by pressing up on the right thumb stick.
    • You have to press “A” whenever you see a shooting star in the sky.

Remember that shooting stars in ACNH are only able to appear after 7pm, during hours where the sky is obvious or mostly clear of the clouds. A ding sound is going to cue if there is a shooting star present. The player is able to wish upon a shooting star by looking up at the sky with the right joystick and pressing A. Keep in mind that the wish cannot be made if the player has a tool in-hand. If the wish is created successfully, then a louder twinkling sound is going to play as the star flares. Aside from that, the wishes are also able to be made if there are the buildings or the trees blocking the sky.

Star Fragments

The next day on the beach, the star fragments are able to be discovered in random places like the seashells. There may be up to 20 star fragments washed up on the beach if the you wished on at least 20 stars. However, not all of the star fragments can appear at a time. Several may spawn later if the first star fragments have been picked up by the player. Up to an additional 20 star fragments will be able to spawn if the player had guests who are wishing on the stars, at a rate of one extra fragment per four wishes, up to 100. When a visitor creates a wish, a star fragment is going to appear on the beaches of their own island.

How Many Shooting Stars Which Can You Catch Per Night?

ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) has a feature which allows the players to enjoy meteor showers within the game. During these meteor showers, the players are able to spot a number of shooting stars in the sky. Even, the players are able to wish upon these shooting stars. But, not every Animal Crossing player is really understand about how shooting stars work in the game of Animal Crossing.

To catch the shooting stars in ACNH Animal Crossing: New Horizons), the players have to keep an eye out for Isabella’s morning announcements. If there is a meteor shower, she is going to announce it. Furthermore, on the day of the meteor shower, the villagers across the island discover ways to include it in their conversations, so the news is hard to miss. As we said before, Meteor showers happen between 7.00 pm and 4.00 am. While it is not possible to determine meteor showers, usually they take place on nights with clear skies.

So, How many shooting stars can you catch per night? You have to know that the frequency of shooting stars during the meteor shower is quite erratic. In fact, there is no definite number of shooting stars that the players can get in one night in Animal Crossing. But, usually shooting stars come in pairs, so the players have a dual chance of wishing upon the shooting stars.

For note: While the meteor showers are scheduled to happen between 7.00 pm and 4.00 am, it is going to unwise to expect the shooting stars constantly. The frequency of the shooting stars might be low on some occasions, but surely they are going to appear. Thus, the players only need to be patient if they want to witness and wish upon a shooting star in ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons).

Shooting Star Event Rewards

When you take part in this event, then you will be able to get some rare DIY materials the following day, including Star Fragments and Large Fragments. For your information, Star Fragments and Large Fragments are extremely rare and getting them is entirely random. On the day after wishing on the shooting stars, Star Fragments are going to appear all across the shore. Those star fragments are going to glow in the dark that make them the perfect nighttime island decorations. Also, you are able to use them craft Celeste’s DIY Recipes.

Here is a list of Star Fragments:

    • Aries Fragment
    • Taurus Fragment
    • Leo Fragment
    • Virgo Fragment
    • Sagittarius Fragment
    • Capricorn Fragment

Here is a list of large Star Fragments:

    • Gemini Fragment
    • Cancer Fragment
    • Libra Fragment
    • Scorpio Fragment
    • Aquarius Fragment
    • Pisces Fragment

After the shooting star passes over your ACNH island, then you are going to get DIY recipes by talking to Celeste. The recipe you get appears to be random, so you have to ensure to do this event over and over to get lots of recipes.

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