ACNH Bridge and Incline Dimensions

In Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH), the players have full control over the layout and design of their own island. When it comes to the structures, the bridge construction is an important step of island terraforming. In this page, we are going to focus on the ACNH bridges and inclines sizes (width and length), types, prices, limit, and also the guide to building a diagonal bridge.

ACNH Bridge Dimensions – Width and Length of Bridge

Need to know that an anchor point is where the bridge connects to land through the invisible grid. The anchor point for a bridge will need four tiles, the space which the bridge spans over the river is four tiles wide, so the total area grid space for a bridge inclusive of the anchor points, and the river is six tiles by four tiles, this will be the same for both vertical and diagonal setups.

ACNH Bridge and Incline Dimensions

By the way, how wide are bridges in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH)? All bridges are four spaces wide, two for rail and two for workspace. The bridges are able to vary only through the width of the water, they are able to be placed over 3 – 5 wide rivers. It means that you cannot build a bridge on a river which is less than three spaces and more than five spaces wide.

Then, how long are bridges in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH)? The length of the bridge in ACNH can be 3, 4, or 5 tiles. For note: Vertical or horizontal bridges always occupy a width of four units and can span across water which is 3-5 of length. Diagonal bridges have to be three wide on the convex side and four wide on the concave side. The width of water can be either three or four.

ACNH Incline Dimensions – Width and Length of Incline

The width of ACNH Incline is 2, and the length of ACNH Incline is 4, one on top and three in front of the cliff. It means that you need 2×1 spaces on the cliff, and 2×3 spaces on the land, a total of 8 spaces.

ACNH Incline Rules and Requirements

Here are some important things to note when selecting a place to build your incline:

    • You need 8 spaces of land in total
      You need 8 spaces of land in total
      You must have 2×1 spaces on the cliff, and 2×3 spaces on the land. If you have the Island Designer app unlocked, easily you are able to manipulate the land to your liking.
    • You cannot build Inclines diagonally
      You cannot build Inclines diagonally
      It is not possible to build inclines diagonally in ACNH, unlike bridges. You are only able to build inclines horizontally and vertically.
    • You cannot build Inclines directly next to each other
      You cannot build Inclines directly next to each other
      Also, you cannot build slopes next to each other, if you want to make a wider ramp. Each incline must be at least one space apart.
    • You cannot build Inclines facing water
      You cannot build Inclines facing water
      Even if you have adequate spacing, you do not have the ability to build an incline when the entry or exit is facing the water. There must be at least one space free around the incline.

ACNH Bridge Types and Prices

Apparently, there are a total of 8 types of bridges available in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH). They come at different prices in Bells.

    • Log bridge: 98,000 Bells
    • Suspension bridge: 129,800 Bells
    • Stone bridge: 168,000 Bells
    • Wooden bridge: 168,000 Bells
    • Brick bridge: 198,000 Bells
    • Zen bridge: 228,000 Bells
    • Red Zen bridge: 228,000 Bells
    • Iron bridge: 228,000 Bells

ACNH Incline Types and Prices

    • Natural ramp: 98,000 Bells
    • Blue-plank ramp: 128,000 Bells
    • White-plank ramp: 128,000 Bells
    • Stone staircase: 168,000 Bells
    • Log staircase: 168,000 Bells
    • Brick staircase: 198,000 Bells
    • Red steel staircase: 228,000 Bells
    • Blue steel staircase: 228,000 Bells

ACNH Bridge and Incline Limit – How Many Bridges Can You Have in ACNH?

Keep in mind that there is a limit to the building of both bridges and inclines. In ACNH, the maximum deployment you can have are 8 bridges and 8 inclines. Thus, you need to plan out exactly where to build them and avoid wasting time and money. For note: After the ACNH 2.0 Update, the maximum number of bridges and inclines would be changed to 10.

How to Build a Diagonal Bridge in ACNH?

How to make the correct layout for building diagonally placed bridges? All you need to do is to learn how to make a diagonal grid space. The bridge will follow the same construction rules, in terms of the area covered which is four tiles wide and six tiles long.

Here are some steps to do:

    • Starting a bridge project
      Starting a bridge project
      At the first step, you have to talk to Tom Nook and select “Let’s build a bridge”, then choose one from the list of bridges and pay for it, you are going to get a construction kit.
    • Planning out the anchor points
      Start on one by making the diagonal tiles which are four tiles wide follow the grid alignment and terraform a single hole in the ground diagonally. Half a tile emerges in the form of corner tiles protruding from the grid edge for finalizing the diagonal anchor point, just cut off the corners of the tile creating a seamless diagonal anchor point.
    • Make diagonally placed tiles
      Instead of it being four tiles long, now it will be six, simply cut off the corners from the grid space and then remove the excess material in between the two anchor points, your focus is on making two established anchor points so that you are able to start construction on the bridge.
    • Complete another anchor point
      Repeating step one to make the last anchor point on the other side of your bridge. If you have followed the steps correctly, then your bridge will be able to be built. If you can’t, just figure out through the silhouette of the bridge area where you require to add or remove land and try to deploy it again.