ACNH Farm Ideas Update

You may need some ideas for your farms in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here, I have some information about it for you. The first one is the best farm ideas for ACNH for your island according to the akrpg site and Fandomspot site. And then, I also have some tips from The Gamer site.

Some Farm Ideas

Here are some best farm ideas according to the akrpg site and Fandomspot site.

    • Vivid Farm
      ACNH Farm Ideas Vivid Farm
      This farm looks summery and vivid. If you see this farm, you will agree that all of the greens are very cool. There is a gazebo which is surrounded by storefronts. The surrounded area for the farm spills into the residential area. You can also find a workshop sort of space.
    • Non-Traditional Farm For 2.1
      Non-Traditional Farm For 2.1
      This farm is a good example of a non-traditional farm. The surrounded area is pretty and on the island, there are unique colors which work into it. There is also the addition of cacti.
    • Farm Ideas for Your Island 2022
      Farm Ideas for Your Island 2022
      On the island, it has a cool ornament garden and the vibe is very Christmas. This farm is set in winter. There are small baby ornaments on the leaves which are nice. There are also watering cans, a silo.
    • Rooftop Energy Farm
      Rooftop Energy Farm
      It is a good idea to create a farm on your rooftop. The farm idea is on the ground, but it is like it is at the top of a skyscraper. The main aspect here is the solar panel setup and also the wind turbines. Every crop has its own separate section. On this farm, the pumpkins are one corner and mum cushions are in another corner. Pansies can be seen in another corner.
    • Tropical Pineapple Grove
      Tropical Pineapple Grove
      If you want to make the farm like this, you need to make sure that some palm trees are planted to surround the area. In the main farm area, there are bamboo shoots, yellow hibiscus, pineapple hats and barbed wire fencing to create the crop section. One thing that makes this farm beautiful is the careful placement and alternating pattern of all these items.
    • Vibrant Vineyard
      Vibrant Vineyard
      Do you have friends in ACNH? If so, you are able to visit their islands and they bring all the possible fruits to your island. Then, you are able to plant one of them in the background to create your fruit farm. If you cannot grow grape trees, you are able to do a trick. You can put some grape hats to display on the ground so that it will look as if you were growing grapes. In the farm, there is also alternating barbed wire fencing and hedges between the rows of grapes.
    • Enchanted Forest Farm
      Enchanted Forest Farm
      If you want to have a magical look for your farm, this theme is suitable for you. You can choose a nice wooded area to begin your forest farm and you may have to buy saplings and plan the trees yourself. You also need mushrooms to craft the mushroom lights that will be able to illuminate the forest with the mystic touch. What else? You need to plant some pumpkins in various colours.
    • Honeybee Harvest
      Honeybee Harvest
      We can say that Honeybee farm is the simplest design. If you want to make this farm, you need wasp nests to craft beekeeper hives. You also need a pot which people can assume that it is full of honey. In addition, you can also plant your favorite flowers since bees like nectar.
    • Melon Patch
      Melon Patch
      You are able to create your own melon patch on your island. The melons are not actual melons. You can use beach balls with a watermelon design.
    • Horse Stable
      Horse Stable
      You have to use custom designed simple panels to make the horses and stables. You can put apples on barrels so that it can warm your heart. There is also some country fencing which surrounds the area.
    • Chicken Coop
      Chicken Coop
      Do you love chickens and you want to make a chicken farm? You can do that on your island. You have some stalls, silos, and some corral fencing. You will have to make them, so you have to make sure to check the materials. You can also make rows of chickens resting in their coop.

Tips to Maximize Your Farm

According to The Gamer site, here are some tips to maximize your farm.

    • You can set up a community garden. If you plant a small community garden in areas where your villagers live, it may encourage them to water their surroundings more.
    • You can use Nook Miles to get Farm Furniture and DIYs. Besides bringing crops, the update 2.0 also brought an array of new farm-friendly furniture items. You can buy the windmill with Nook Miles at the Nook Stop terminal and also a Silo DIY recipe. If you want to have a more modern farm, you can buy the tractor.
    • You can plant a lot of wheat. Is cooking the goal of your game? If so, then you will need a lot of wheat. It is because wheat is the material of a lot of cooking recipes.
    • You have to water your crops daily. Same as flowers, crops will grow. So, you have to water them. If you water your crops, you will harvest two crops from that plant. Meanwhile, if you do not water them, you will harvest one. If you want to get a maximum of three crops, you can water them at least twice.
    • You can separate crops by type. It is done to make your farm aesthetic. You can separate crops into different rows or patches by their type.
    • You can use custom designs as dividers between plots. If you do that, it can create a more seamless look.
    • You can plant in rows of three. It is done to make watering easier. You are able to stand in the middle of one square to water one side and then you can turn around to cover the rest.
    • You are able to use dirt paths to create tilled soil. You may remember when you used mum cushions to mimic cabbages or watermelon beach balls for melons and put your crops down on any old floor tile. However, crops could not be planted on custom design paths. So, you are able to use dirt paths to have the look of tilled soil.