Tap Titans 2 Guide to 10,000

There is a Reddit user named Noomkwah that has just reached 10,000 for the first time. He shared the post 3 years ago and he wanted to share the requirements with the community. Here is the recap of what is informed.

Beta Diamond: 5.41it HP



    • Blue Wind

Level 165

+60% Critical Chance

    • Holiday Tree

Level 405

X13.33T Critical Damage

    • Santa

Level 385

X1.26T Sword Attack Damage


    • Critical Chance: 62.2%
    • Chesterson Chance: 13.2%
    • 10x Gold Chance: 52.1%
    • Multiple Spawn Chance: 12%
    • Multiple Fairy Chance: 25%


    • All Active Skill Cooldown: -80%
    • All Titan HP: -80%
    • All Upgrade Cost: -80%
    • Hero Upgrade Cost: -80%
    • Sword Master Upgrade Cost: -80%
    • Global Delay Per Spawn: -65%

Career Stats:

    • Highest Stage Reached: 10.00K
    • Total Pet Level: 3389
    • Gold Earned: 27.96ie
    • Taps: 6.41M
    • Titans Killed: 2.20M
    • Bosses Killed: 961.23K
    • Critical hits: 2.31M
    • Chestersons Killed: 263.99K
    • Prestiges: 896
    • Days Since Install: 369
    • Play Time: 55d 06:50:28
    • Relics Earned: 137.75T
    • Fairies Tapped: 27.15K
    • Daily Achievements: 248
    • Tournament Points: 7.67K


Current Stats:

    • Total Hero Level: 211480
    • Mana Capacity: 494
    • Mana Regeneration: 24.52

DPS Stats:

    • Base Tap DPS: 1.18hn
    • Average Tap DPS: 92.49hv
    • Hero DPS: 3.14ho
    • Pet DPS: 5.29hz
    • Clan Ship DPS: 2.61hz
    • Shadow Clone DPS: 23.95ij
    • Heavenly Strike DPS: 42.62ic
    • Inactive DPS: 599.12io

Active Skill Multipliers:

    • Heavenly Strike Damage: 888.02B
    • Deadly Strike Damage: 6.58T
    • Hand Of Midas Gold: 138.46T
    • Fire Sword Damage: 553.70B
    • War Cry Damage: 1.81T
    • Shadow Clone Damage: 528.44ad

Damage Multipliers:

    • All Damage: 67.46ai
    • Splash Damage: 74.43K%
    • Tap Damage: 13.90ab
    • Sword Attack Damage: 11.05aa
    • Clan Damage: 183.38B
    • Min Critical Damage: 6.74ac


    • Cyclops Body

Level 413

X7.13T Boss Gold

    • Bit Streaks

Level 391

X2.56T Shadow Clone Damage


    • Min Critical Damage: 6.74ac
    • Max Critical Damage: 10.00ad
    • All Hero Damage: 208.12ab
    • Melee Hero Damage: 526.37T
    • Ranged Hero Damage: 2.17aa
    • Spell Hero Damage: 46.09T
    • Ground Hero Damage: 52.88K
    • Flying Hero Damage: 5.03K
    • Clan Ship Damage: 3.35K
    • Pet Damage: 7.21M
    • Companion Damage: 25.04K
    • Non-Boss Damage: 20.97K
    • Boss Damage: 10.48K
    • Inactive Damage: 3.33T

Gold Multipliers:

    • All Gold: 90.34ac
    • Boss Gold: 4.01ac
    • Chesterson Gold: 238.53M
    • Basic Titan Gold: 161.82K
    • Inactive Gold: 446.22K
    • Fairy Gold: 55.19K
    • Splash Gold: 26.22K


    • Critical Chance: 62.2%
    • Chesterson Chance: 13.2%
    • 10x Gold Chance: 52.1%
    • Multiple Spawn Chance: 12%
    • Multiple Fairy Chance: 25%

For the complete information about the guide shared by Noomkwah, it is better for you to log in to Reddit. Even though you are not logged in, you can actually still access the shared information. Here is the link that will take you there: https://imgur.com/a/0PnGk. If you have any questions to ask, do not hesitate to sign in and join the discussion.

Tap Titans 2 Guide to 10,000

Advanced guide, tips and tricks of Tap Titans 2

    • Basic guide for the beginners:

As you can guess from the name, Tap Titans is about tapping. The titans are able to be killed by just tapping on them and for those who do not like tapping or cannot tap too fast, you will have a hard time and you will be left behind. You are recommended to invest a good amount of gold in your main hero named The Sword Master. However, it is not enough. If you want to get to the highest level possible, you will have to give your level best. Keep going until you reach a point where the progress starts to slow. It is your time to press the button and to restart the game from level 1. By doing so, your progression will be impacted and everything will be faster compared to the previous run. Please do not stop and keep going until you either reach the level infinity, the game server shuts down, or you die.

    • Fire sword:

Fire sword refers to Berserkers rage. In short, fire sword comes with the newest version of the game or Tap Titan 2 as the substitute of the Berserkers rage. Both of them are the same and perform the same function.

Fire sword is considered as the top skill with the ability to increase your tap damage by 10 times and you can acquire the second update of it in the advanced level increases your tap damage by 40 times (which is 4 times more).

    • Hand of Midas:

Aside from fire sword, Hand of Midas is another excellent skill. This one gives you a good amount of gold when it is activated on the boss or a chest resan. This one is highly recommended that you should take the advantage of when the wall becomes too hard to break.

    • Top abilities in Tap Titans 2:

There are several abilities in Tap Titans 2 and Hand of Midas and fire sword are not two of them. If you want to know, the top 5 on the list include Heavenly Strike, Critical Strike, Hand of Midas, War Cry, and Shadow Clone.

    • Prestiging:

For those who have no idea of what prestige is, the word prestige is used to call a noun but in the world of games, it is usually used as a verb. It is the case in which you reset your game and lost most of the items that you have collected with your sweat.

If you want prestige, the best time to do it for the first time is after you have finished 100 levels. For your information, it is able to be done at any time after level 100, such as level 105 or level 106 and so on.

    • Earning maximum gold:

Earning a good amount of gold is one of the most important parts in the game. It is needed for you to bring some changes in your device setting. Turning off the screen saver that normally shows up when you are performing no activity is also important. Please do not turn the game while doing so. Do not forget to keep your phone alive and make sure that it is fully charged. When everything is ready, quick boss battles and allow the automatic heroes to deal with the minions of the boss. It is effective to earn gold to the maximum level.

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