Underground Pass OSRS Quick Guide

Underground Pass is the third quest as part of the Elf quest series. In completing this quest, you should explore an extensive and perilous dungeon to the west of Ardougne. Here, you have to venture through the pass at the request of King Lathas to help him destroying damaged brother, Tyras.

Quick Guide: Underground Pass Quest

To successfully complete the Underground Pass quest, of course, you should do this step-by-step based on the guide that you will give to you below!

Step 1: Talking to King Lathas

Talking to King Lathas

To begin this quest, you should firstly start conversation with the King Lathas. He is the king of Each Ardougne, the capital of Kandarin. Once you talk to him, he will require you to explore the underground pass to Ardougne where his brother is located. It means that the goal of the Underground Pass quest is helping him to find Tyras, the King Lathas’ brother.

Step 2: Discover the Underground Path

Discover the Underground Path1

To explore the Underground path, you should teleport yourself to the west Ardougne. There, you will find Koftik located near the dungeon entrance. Then, he will tell you about those dungeons. What you should do is to enter the dungeon and then cross the rocks until you find Koftik in the dungeon.

He will equip you with some clothes which are coated with oily substance. With these clothes, you will then make a fire arrow and finally you can light it with fire. Then, hit the ropes of the bridge with your fire arrows to break them and cross the bridge.

Step 3: Pass the Grid

Pass the Grid

Once you cross the bridge, you should collect the plank there. To get them, move towards the hanging rocks by uisng your rope and then climb over to the other side. Afterwards, you will finally reach a grid. Make sure to pass the grid carefully and pull the lever to open the gate.

Step 4: Look For the Orbs of Light

Look For the Orbs of Light

After successfully passing the grid with your thieving skills, you should then look for the orbs by using your plank. Once picking up the orbs, please follow the same path and then go back and use those orbs on the furnace.

Then, you have to move back to the location where the orbs were located. Climb down the well at the center and enter in the first cell. To move on the other sides, it’s better for you to use the spade on the loose mud. Then, cross the stone bridge which is considered to be an agility obstacle.

Step 5: Kill Paladins to Get Badges

Kill Paladins to Get Badges

Once you’re crossing the bridge, you need to squeeze through the pipe and then enter into the cage. You will then find a railing and pick it up. Go up on the hill and use the railing on the boulder which will fall onto the unicorn. Here, you should go back to the cage and take the unicorn’s horn.

Afterwards, you have to move into the tuner on the north side of the cage. There, you will find Sir Jerro. What you should do is to talk to him and he will give you prayer potion and also food. Then, kill all paladins one by one in order to obtain the paladin badges.

Then, you can use  your plank on the flat rock that you already find. Then, throw the badges and unicorn horn into the walls. By doing this, it’ll unlock the door.

Step 6: Go to Iban’s Cavern

Go to Iban’s Cavern

After unlocking the door, you have to go through the gate to meet Koftik on the other side. He will ask you to kill the dwarves now. To kill them, start running towards the east seater corner and then enter into the cave. There, you will find Nilloof located near the fence which will tell you about the witch who knows the secrets of Iban.

To reach the witch’s house, you should move up the stairs and cross the bridge. Look for the witch there. You can also move back to the north on the bridge to collect the witch’s hat. Once you successfully collect the hat, you have to return back to the witch’s house. To open the house, you can use the hat. In the witch’s house, you should collect the doll from the chest and exit the house.

Step 7: Go to Iban’s Grave

Go to Iban’s Grave

After exit from the witch’s house, you can move towards the southern side of the bridge and eliminate three monsters to obtain the amulets. You can then the chest and collect the item number 1. Then, move back to the occasion where you can find Nilloof.

Then, you should speak to another dwarf named Klank which gives you gauntlets. Enter the building and begin to gather the bucket. After that, you should move out and enter the next building. With a bucket on the barrel you can make the dwarf brew and pick up the tinderbox behind the door.

What you should do now is go toward the Iban’s grave. To burn Iban’s grave, you can use the Dwarf drink on it and burn it with Tinderbox. Then, pick the ashes and use it on the doll.

Step 8: Kill Iban’s Disciple

Kill Iban’s Disciple

You can start running towards the north until you find a giant spider named Kalrag. Then, you have to kill it and use its blood on the Iban’s doll. Then, you should go through the bridge on the eastern side to kill Iban’s disciple to get their rope. Enter the big door to throw the Iban’s doll into the well. Then, the temple will be destroyed as the goal of this quest.

Last, you have to teleport yourself to return back to King Lathas and tell him that Iban is dead now.

Congratulations! The Underground Pass quest is successfully completed.

Rewards for Underground Pass Quest

Rewards for Underground Pass Quest

After completing this quest, you will be awarded by some gorgeous rewards, they are:

    • 3,000 attack XP.
    • 3,000 agility XP.
    • 5 Quest points.
    • Iban Staff.
    • Access to the underground pass.

In order to obtain the amazing rewards above, make sure you complete the Underground Pass quest step-by-step as we’ve explained above. Good Luck!